IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2008-03-28

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jelknerth1a: good morning tom!15:11
th1aHi jelkner.15:11
jelkneri was hooking up skype to call you15:11
jelknerbut this will work as well15:12
jelkneri filed 2 bugs this morning on the gradebook15:12
th1aIs your brother alive?15:12
jelkneri called him yesterday15:12
jelknerhe didn't sound good15:12
th1aHe's still sick?15:12
jelknerhe is worse than he was in chicago15:12
jelknerhe's at home15:12
th1aaelkner is not constitutionally suited to sprinting.15:13
jelknerand he did answer his phone yesterday15:13
jelkneri do worry about my little brother15:13
jelknerhe gets sick a lot15:13
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jelknerth1a: anyhow, about those bug reports...15:15
jelknerone of them is a pretty serious layout issue in the gradebook15:16
jelkneri'm wondering about the impact that the new ui will have on such things15:16
jelknerand how to proceed with testing15:16
jelkneris the new ui ready for testing?15:17
th1aIt is in the trunk.15:17
jelknerso i should test it15:17
th1aOr at least the spring2008 buildout.15:17
jelknerand the gradebook as well?15:18
th1aI guess I don't think there is a tab for the gradebook.15:18
th1aThat would be the main thing you need.15:18
th1aPerhaps the current tabs could just be moved to action menu items.15:18
jelknerand how do i get that?15:19
th1aAnd borrow their layout.15:19
th1ajelkner: Basically, your brother.15:19
jelknerthat's cool15:19
jelkneri'll call him again today to see how he is doing15:19
jelknernow, the other bug...15:20
jelkneris not really a gradebook issue15:20
th1aThe permissions issue?15:20
jelknerwhen you add a person to a section, that person may not be a student15:20
th1aThat should be irrelevant.15:20
jelknerit is not irrelevant15:20
th1aIt is a gradebook issue.15:20
th1aWhether or not the member of a section is a student is irrelevant.15:21
jelkneryes, since you need to be a student to see your grades15:21
th1aShould be.15:21
jelknercan't be15:21
jelknerpeople see different things depending on who they are15:21
th1aThere is no reason to need to be a student to see your grades.15:21
th1aSee, this is what I've been saying all along.15:21
jelknerth1a: now you've got me confused15:21
th1aWhat you need to see in a section is not based on your role in the school, it is based on your role in the section.15:22
jelkneri'm going to call you...15:22
jelkneri see15:22
jelknerbut that doesn't work now15:22
th1aThat's what makes it a bug.15:22
jelknerso the way i reported that bug is totally wrong15:23
jelknercan you correct it?15:23
th1aI already added a comment.15:23
jelknerso my work is finished here...15:24
th1aThank YOU jelkner.15:24
jelknerthank *you*, th1a!15:24
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ACSpike[Work]mgedmin: and good afternoon to you. :-)15:52
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Lumierehi ACSpike[Work], mgedmin17:34
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