IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2008-03-26

wjohnstoI did a little of everything00:00
fsufitcheldar: and i know andrew did a lot of css00:00
eldaranyone really really good at testing?00:00
wjohnstoI worked with viewlets, did some page template stuff, and some views00:00
wjohnstoI'm terrible00:00
Lumiereeldar: that doesn't matter ;)00:00
Lumiereeldar: they all will be soon00:00
wjohnstoabsolutely horrid at testing00:00
eldarhahaha, yes indeed00:00
Lumierebecause anything they write00:00
LumiereWILL be tested00:00
LumiereNO commits without tests00:01
Lumiereperiod end of story00:01
wjohnstothat's fine00:01
wjohnstoI expected as much00:01
eldaralright, now that we've established that00:01
eldarnext item, is goals00:01
eldarultimate goal: integration of cando00:01
eldarthat comes in many steps00:01
Lumiere2) 100% unit coverage00:01
eldar1. get rid of the newskin00:01
fsufitchaww :(00:01
wjohnstosounds like a plan00:02
eldar2. make a cando tab under the new schooltool layout00:02
eldar3. integrate proper user views under that tab00:02
eldarfor #3 we need welsh to tell us what he wants it to look like as a user00:02
eldarbut before we get into that00:02
eldarthere is some cleaning to do00:02
* Lumiere hopes that 3 is just taking our current views and making them work in the new layout00:02
eldara lot of cando tests are broken under the new schooltool layout00:02
fsufitchdo we have a starting point for fixing them?00:03
eldarso first we fix all those tests00:03
eldarstarting point?00:03
ccareyeldar, ignas helped me work on a cando-integration branch, though i don't quite understand the scope of what we did00:03
eldaryeah that's the branch we're working on00:04
*** nitromaster has joined #schooltool00:04
eldarbasically run cando tests under that00:04
eldarand you'll see horror00:04
nitromastersorry i'm late00:04
eldarwe need to fix that horror00:04
ccareyhaha ok00:04
eldarnitromaster: hey andrew00:04
fsufitcheldar: starting point means like something we're fixing first / how are we going to manage the "horror"00:05
wjohnstosounds like hours of mind numbing work00:05
eldarwe probably shouldn't bother with the newskin tests for now00:05
eldarfix the tests for modules00:05
eldarthat stone cold set00:05
fsufitchdo the tests work for the un-integrated cando work though?00:05
fsufitchthat might be important00:06
wjohnstocando aint integrated00:06
fsufitchlike outside of the integration branch00:06
fsufitchi mean the version of the code we'll be integrating00:06
fsufitchdoes it test right before we touch it?00:06
fsufitchbecause if it's already broken we might hit some walls00:06
eldardoesn't really matter00:06
eldarcuz we have to fix it even if it doens't00:06
fsufitchi guess00:07
eldarone of our goals is refactoring as well00:07
eldarso if stuff doesn't work, it should be made to work00:07
eldaror if it's not needed, removed00:07
wjohnstooh man, 6:07, 7 minutes past my bedtime00:08
Lumierewjohnsto: oO00:08
eldarwjohnsto: you owe me 8 more minutes00:08
eldarok so yes00:08
wjohnstoI'll be working late tonight00:08
eldarlook at tests in that branch00:08
eldarsee what's broken00:08
eldarfamiliarize yourself with the code base00:08
LumiereI will setup a buildbot00:08
Lumiereon it00:08
Lumiereor I'll work with pov to do so00:09
jelknerbefore we go, i have a reading assignment for everyone:00:09
fsufitchlegacy code?00:09
fsufitchlike old code?00:09
wjohnsto12 pages!00:09
jelknerit is a classic on refactoring00:10
fsufitchwjohnsto: i've seen much worse. stop complaining00:10
eldarok, so everyone got that00:10
Lumiere12 is nothing00:10
Lumierewhen you get 500 pages00:10
Lumierecome talk to me00:10
fsufitchwhat, u had 499?00:10
LumiereI had like 50 pages of fortran to translate00:10
Lumiereand 500+ pages of fortran reference00:11
eldarso yeah, task #100:11
Lumiereto learn the language with00:11
wjohnstocalm down calm down only joking00:11
fsufitchLumiere: ouch00:11
eldarRead gpaci's writing on legacy code.00:11
eldar2. Checkout and build the cando-integration branch00:11
Lumiere*preempt* Task 0 is to finish any high bugs currently existing :)00:11
fsufitchthat's not gpaci00:11
jelknergpaci recommened00:11
eldaroh yeah he's recommended writing00:12
Lumiereif they can't be done let me know00:12
eldarw/e, read that junx00:12
eldar3. Run the tests on the branch and witness the horror00:12
eldarif you don't remember how to run cando tests go on to cando trac, there is documentation on the wiki00:12
eldarok, now we need to quickly plan the next meeting00:13
eldarin which we actually discuss the code base00:13
eldarand what we're gonna do with the code00:13
eldarccarey, fsufitch, nitromaster, wjohnsto how does this weekend sound to you?00:14
jelknercan we meet next monday at 8 pm?00:14
fsufitchsounds fine00:14
ccareyi can be there00:14
Lumiere(monday at 8pm is the current dev meeting)00:14
eldarwell since we are working during weekends, i thought maybe we should get some work done00:14
eldareven if minor00:14
nitromasterthis weekend might be tough. i'll be out00:14
Lumiereeldar: meeting to work is fine00:14
wjohnstolet's see00:15
Lumierebut I'd like to wrap actual meetings into our current weekly 30-45 minute meeting00:15
eldarok then i guess official meeting at monday 8PM00:15
wjohnstoI have a mandatory soccer practice saturday afternoon00:15
wjohnstobut other than that00:15
wjohnsto8PM monday is fine00:15
nitromastermonday works00:15
eldarok, but besides that00:15
LumiereThat doesn't change that you guys00:15
Lumiereshould plan a time00:15
eldarI'll be on all Saturday, and some of Sunday working on this00:15
Lumiereover the ewekend to work on bits of it00:15
eldarso if you wanna join me, just come to #schooltool00:15
wjohnstoI can setup a ventrilo server if anyone wants to use it00:17
wjohnstotalking is sometimes easier :\00:17
eldarwe can prolly skype00:17
eldarconference call00:17
wjohnstothat's good too00:17
eldardon't feel like installing vent >.<00:17
fsufitchi dont have any working mic00:17
Lumieresykpe is better00:17
eldarit's ok, irc works too00:17
eldarjust come to #schooltool, we'll work it out00:17
wjohnstowilliam_johnston on skype00:18
eldaralright gang00:19
eldarOfficial Meeting on Monday 8PM, and I'm gonna be working on Saturday/Sunday, so come on if you like.00:19
wjohnstosounds good00:19
eldaryou're free to go00:19
fsufitchwjohnsto: at the rate your schedule is going, it's wakey time for you00:19
wjohnstoseriously, I have class in 14 hours00:20
wjohnstothat's not too much time00:20
ccareyi'm gonna go grab dinner00:20
wjohnstoc ya all00:20
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ACSpike[Work]good morning!15:14
*** mgedmin has joined #schooltool15:46
th1aACSpike[Work]: *chirp* *chirp*15:47
* mgedmin chirps too16:31
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th1amgedmin: I have your extra stylus.19:49
*** ignas has quit IRC19:58
mgedminth1a: I'll try not to lose mine before we meet then ;)20:03
mgedminout of curiosity, was there a minisd card in the box too?20:04
th1amgedmin: ...oh didn't get it?20:07
th1aDid you check to see if I installed it?20:07
mgedminthe slot is empty20:08
mgedminbut the internal 2 gb are sufficient for me, for now20:08
mgedminI was just curious20:08
th1aOops.  Hm... I'll check to see if I can find it.20:08
mgedminmy n800 came with a 128 mb minisd card in a minisd -> sd adapter20:08
th1aI assume there is supposed to be one?20:08
mgedminth1a: that's what I don't know!20:08
mgedminmaybe not20:08
mgedminmaybe they replaced the laughingly small bundled cards with 2 gigs of built-in flash20:09
th1aWell, I certainly didn't keep one on purpose ;-)20:09
th1aI don't see it hiding in the original box.20:09
mgedminyup, no card20:11
mgedmingoogle found me the box contents20:11
mgedminI have everything except the extra stylus and the box itself20:12
mgedminnot that I'm short of boxes :-)20:12
mgedminthe car holder is interesting, but I'm not too keen in drilling holes in my dashboard20:12
Lumieremgedmin / th1a: who do I talk to about buildbot for schooltool?20:18
th1aignas, I'd imagine.20:18
mgedminignas, or perhaps jinty, maybe me20:18
mgedminI think jinty is the one who last touched the master's config20:18
LumiereI'm looking to add a buildbot20:18
mgedminI'm the one who has root on the slave20:18
Lumiereit'll be for cando's slave20:19
Lumiereactually, it looks like someone already set a bot for it somewhere20:21
Lumierebut it is failing to compile20:21
Lumiere seems to be it20:22
mgedminGetting distribution for 'schooltool'.20:43
mgedminError: Couldn't find a distribution for 'schooltool'.20:43
* mgedmin has no experience with this kind of error20:43
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