IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2008-03-25

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ACSpike[Work]is this the correct SVN URI: ?17:21
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Lumierehi wjohnsto23:42
Lumierehi ccarey23:42
ccareyhi Lumiere23:42
wjohnstohello lumiere, ccarey, jelkner23:42
jelknergood evening23:42
Lumierezomg it's jelkner :)23:42
jelknerLumiere: yes, but i won't be able to make a meeting next week at this time23:43
Lumierewe'll have to find regular meeting times23:43
Lumierethis isn't that good for me either23:43
jelknerwanda perkins stayed with the sta (student technology association)23:43
jelkneri have to stay next week23:43
Lumiere(I've only been home long enough to change clothing)23:44
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jelkner(and eat lunch ;-)23:44
Lumierehi eldar23:44
jelknereldar: good to see you!23:44
eldarjelkner, Lumiere hi guys23:44
jelknerLumiere: this is your show, yes?23:45
wjohnstowe're still missing two key members of Team Integration23:45
jelkner(who are late! ;-)23:45
wjohnstothey have a minute on my watch23:45
Lumierethis is eldar's show substantially23:45
LumiereI just have a few notes23:46
Lumierethat I need to interject23:46
Lumierewhich I will do23:46
jelknereldar: does that work for you?23:46
Lumiereafter I finish stabbing the heck out of filip23:46
eldaryeah, this shouldn't take too long23:46
eldar30 minutes tops23:46
jelknergood, let's get started23:46
eldarok, well the first thing I wanted to establish23:46
Lumierefilip is stabbed23:46
eldaris everyone's work hours23:46
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eldardoesn't concern jelkner and Lumiere23:47
eldarbut fsufitch, ccarey, wjohnsto and andrew23:47
eldarshould've already figured out their schedules, if they read my email23:47
eldarand are ready to state what their work hours are23:47
* jelkner waits for the team to respond...23:48
LumiereIf we can do it, my preference is that we work this meeting into the monday dev meeting long term23:48
Lumiereto cover jelkner's point above ;)23:48
wjohnstoFirst off, I have to say that in the upcomming month I will not have a whole lot of time due to AP tests :\23:48
wjohnstobut after that I should be good to go23:48
eldarwhen do your ap tests end?23:48
jelknerwjohnsto: you have 45 minutes each day!23:49
jelknermonday to friday23:49
fsufitchjelkner: cando is like lay's potato chips: betcha can't eat just one23:49
fsufitch45 mins is too little to get anything significant done...23:49
ccareyi've been having some trouble getting up to 10 hours, so i think its safe to say i can try and do at least 7 hours a week23:50
wjohnstoThe AP tests end May 16th23:50
fsufitchunless you can really pick stuff up from last time you worked23:50
jelknerccarey: which 7?23:50
ccareywhat do you mean?23:51
jelknerit would be best if you treat this like a part-time job (since it is;)23:51
jelknerand make a schedule for yourself23:51
jelknertreat it like your other obligations23:51
jelknerso it doesn't just get put off23:51
jelknerwe need to be concrete if we are going to get anything done23:51
jelknereldar is asking for a schedule23:51
eldarok well i need times because the agenda is23:51
eldarThe agenda for the meeting is:23:51
eldar1. Establish how many hours each one of us can put in to work.23:51
eldar2. Find out what the strengths and experiences of the members are, so we can use labor efficiently.23:51
eldar3. Go over the overall goals, and the short term goals.23:51
eldar4. Break down the work that needs to be done in the first iteration into tasks and distribute it.23:51
jelknerwell done, eldar23:52
eldarultimately to break down work, and to efficiently do that, we need to know how much everyone can do23:52
Lumiere5. Get estimated costs for dwelsh23:52
ccareyfor 7 hours i can manage 1 hour tuesday, 2 hours on fri, sat, sun23:52
Lumiere6. Start billing23:52
eldarccarey: ok23:53
wjohnstofor the next month or so23:53
Lumiere(while I'm remembering)  dwelsh asks that people post logs with hours (and what was done in those hours) for cando work23:53
wjohnstoI can put in 4-7 hours on the weekends23:53
wjohnstobut during the week I may be a little swamped23:53
Lumiereplease email them this week to him and cc me23:53
wjohnstoso it will only be the 45  mins/day23:53
eldarfsufitch: what's your schedule?23:54
ccareyLumiere, just the work for cando, or also with schooltool?23:54
fsufitchi have fluctuating schedule23:54
eldarsounds exciting23:54
Lumierethe schooltool work I believe jelkner worked out with th1a to bill to schooltool23:54
fsufitchbut i guess with a bit of planning, i can do 45 mins to 1 hr of cando each weekday23:54
Lumierebut I cannot be sure23:54
Lumiereth1a: ayt?23:54
fsufitchand on weekends i can do more, but i dont know how much more23:54
jelknerfsufitch: again, i'm going to ask you to be more concrete23:55
jelknerwe can't plan if you can't plan23:55
jelknerdon't over commit23:55
jelkneri know school comes first23:55
jelknerbut make a commitment and stick to it23:55
fsufitchto be more concrete23:55
jelknerotherwise we won't succeed23:55
eldarok, let's say this23:55
fsufitchi can sit down and work for a while as soon as i get home from school23:56
fsufitchi.e. that 45 mins or so23:56
eldar5-6 hours a week23:56
eldarof pure cando integration work23:56
eldarfrom every one of you23:56
eldaris that possible?23:56
fsufitchcan do23:56
ccareythat's fine with me23:56
fsufitchalso i got rid of my 6 hrs of wasted time at a volunteering post at the library on sunday23:56
wjohnstoI will try as best as I CanDo23:56
fsufitchso i got more time... i hope23:56
wjohnstotime not wasted on a college app.23:57
eldarok, so does anyone know what happened to mr rodriguez?23:57
wjohnstono idea23:57
eldaralright, i'll figure things out with him later then23:58
wjohnstojelkner has his number though23:58
wjohnstohe could call him23:58
* jelkner is going to call him...23:58
jelknerkeep going23:58
eldarjelkner: thanks23:58
eldarok, next item23:58
eldaryour experience23:58
eldarsince i haven't worked with you since summer23:58
eldari don't know what kinda stuff you've been doing23:58
eldarlike who's good at testing, who's good with viewlets23:59
eldarand whatnot23:59
fsufitchheheheheheh viewlets23:59
eldaror if not necessarily good23:59
wjohnstofsufitch was pretty good with viewlets last I checked23:59
eldarjust most worked on23:59
fsufitchwjohnsto: u kidding? i was just figuring them out!23:59
ccareyi've done more work with page templates and view classes over other items23:59
fsufitcheldar: yeah, at the last sprint a did a bunch with viewlets23:59

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