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eldarwhen i'm running the makefile00:00
eldarparse errors00:00
ignaslisppaste5: url00:01
lisppaste5To use the lisppaste bot, visit and enter your paste.00:01
eldarway too many to paste, it's all parse errors to do with var/lib00:03
eldarbut the make finished so i'm guessing it's ok00:03
ignasdid it run schooltool?00:05
ignasand you could paste at least some of them00:05
lisppaste5eldar pasted "traceback" at
ignasso svn co schooltool somewhere00:09
ignasand add relative part to schooltool to the develop = line00:09
ignasin buildout.cfg00:09
ignasthat is in your cando directory00:09
ignasand make run again00:09
ignasthe errors were from apt-get00:09
ignasand are not related to schooltool00:10
eldardo i need to make schooltool or no?00:11
ignasonly check it out00:11
ignasand put it into develop path list00:12
ignasit's a list of paths with "development" eggs00:12
ignaspackages that should be used from a checkout instead of downloaded from the internet00:12
lisppaste5eldar pasted "another-error" at
eldarthis happened in the middle of downloading eggs00:15
ignassudo apt-get install build-dep python-lxml00:16
ignasit seems that you are missing libraries that are needed to build lxml00:16
eldaris build-dep some sort of a key word? or should i go and look what those depencies are up00:17
ignaslike install00:18
ignasbuild-dep means "build dependencies" as in - stuff you need to build the package00:18
eldarit's trying to treat build-dep as a package >.< and can't find it00:19
ignasmy bad00:21
ignasdon't put install in there00:21
ignasbuild-dep goes *instead* of install00:21
eldaroh ok00:21
eldaroooh it's throwing those same parse errors00:23
eldarwhen i run apt-get build-dep python-lxml00:23
ignasbut they don't matter00:24
ignasthey are for other packages00:24
eldar>.< i'm really hungry00:25
eldarcan we put this off for later, i'll make sure to get a working sandbox by then00:26
eldarcuz school cafeteria is only open for so long00:26
ignasthe slight problem is - it will be 1-2 am in here then00:26
ignasunless by later you mean tomorrow00:27
eldarsome other day then?00:27
ignaslike - morning your time some day00:27
ignashmm, when do you wake up00:27
ignasand get done with breakfast+shower routine00:27
eldari can wake up whenever really00:27
eldari just might have class00:27
eldarwhat time are you thinking?00:27
eldarand what day of the week00:27
ignastomorrow - i have the whole day00:28
eldarok let's meet tomorrow then00:28
ignasi'll try being on line for the whole day00:28
ignasafk sometimes, but in irc00:28
ignasso i'll see if you'll be writing me00:28
eldarok i'll see you tomorrow then00:29
ignassee you00:29
ignashave a nice meal ;)00:29
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eldarignas, hi17:05
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ignaseldar, hi17:16
eldarok i got a sandbox up and running i think17:17
eldarthe instance starts at any rate17:17
ignasand it's cando i assume17:17
eldaryeah, i see there is no logo anymore17:17
eldarand just plain big sections up top17:17
eldarlike calendar ... manage, curriculum, competency and etc17:17
ignasyeah, but if you add ++skin++NewCano/17:18
ignasyou should get the cando UI thing17:18
ignasthe idea is - that most of the top level navigation items got moved into the menu17:18
ignasthat is under "Manage"17:18
ignasbecause - only manager has to see that17:18
eldari see17:18
ignasso from a cando user standpoint - if you will move them into that menu17:18
ignasand put a "CanDo" item17:19
ignasin there17:19
ignasyou should have a sensible cando layout\17:19
ignaswithout the new skin17:19
ignasthe idea apparently is to get rid of the new skin17:19
ignasas schooltool has tabs17:19
ignasso you will have to talk to dwelsh about what you want to see as the result17:19
ignasand i'll give you the tools to make it ;)17:20
ignaswhat you should probably start from17:20
ignasis re registering the curriculum and stuff17:20
ignasmenu items17:20
ignasfrom "INavigationManager"17:20
ignasto IManageMenuViewletManager17:20
ignasyou can find examples of both17:21
ignasso that users that are not managers17:21
ignaswould not see the things17:21
ignas(they could not accesss them from the new skin anyway)17:21
ignasand add a "CanDo" tab17:21
ignasthat at least now would go to application's absolute url with skin turned on\17:21
ignasjust to see if you can make it work17:21
ignasoh and cando should have a bunch of tests failinhg17:22
ignasbecause manager now has to click "Manage" then  "Persons" to add a person17:22
ignasfor example17:22
eldaroh i see17:22
ignasso you might as well start working on getting tests passing17:22
ignasthen i'll talk to either you or ccarey to get buildbot working17:22
ignason that branch17:22
ignas(the cando trunk is only being tested with the old schooltool)17:23
ignaswhich is why  we have this branch17:23
ignasso we'd not break cando with all the schooltool integration stuff17:23
ignasbefore cando people are ready to use the new schooltool17:23
ignasso at least at the moment getting tests passing should be the priority17:26
ignasit should give you the idea about what got changet ;)17:27
eldaryup gotcha, thanks17:27
ignasi'll fix up buildbot tomorrow17:27
eldarokies, i'll start working on tests then17:28
ignasssh to pov server + ssh to + configuring stuff is a bit too slow to do actual work17:28
eldari'm gonna restart, all of my key mappings are going wild, windows launches windows media center when i hit enter o.O17:31
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