IRC log of #schooltool for Saturday, 2008-03-22

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eldarignas: hi23:03
ignasso where should we start?23:04
ignasdo you have an up to date schooltool sandbox set up?23:04
ignasthough we might just start from a cando-buildout branch23:04
ignasi guess23:04
ignassvn co svn+ssh:// somewhere23:05
ignasunder some sandbox directory23:05
ignaslike sandbox/cando23:05
ignasso you could have schooltool in ssandbox/schooltool23:05
ignasin case you'll need more packages in development mode23:06
eldarwhen you say sandbox you mean a branch up on the server?23:06
eldaror here locally23:06
ignashere locally23:07
ignasshould list most of the things you have to do23:08
ignasbut instead of stap200723:08
ignasof stap200823:08
ignasyou are using cando23:08
ignas"develop = . ../schooltool"23:09
ignasand svn co schooltool up the tree23:09
ignasbefore dpoing "make run"23:09
eldarwhat's dpoing23:10
ignasa typo23:11
eldarhaha ok, i thought there was some action where you dpo something23:11
eldarhmmm this virtual box is taking its time23:14
ignasis the virtual box taking time or is it just downloading all the eggs23:15
eldarvirtual box23:15
eldarsorry i can't really run linux full cuz the campus network isn't linux friendly23:15
eldarit's all wireless and i have to set up some weird certificates23:16
eldarand write scripts just to connect to it23:16
eldarstep #223:19
eldari can't make sense out of the command23:19
eldarbzr get ... but that doesn't exist23:19
ignasdon't need that23:19
ignasyou won't use lyceum23:20
ignasand change develop to the one i gave you23:20
ignasand skip the     schooltool.lyceum.journal line23:20
ignasfrom the [test-all] thing as well23:20
eldaris there a list of all dependencies? for the development environment?23:26
eldari skipped the test where i get the makefile that sets up the ubuntu-environment for me23:26
ignaslook inside of it23:27
ignasit does apt-get install23:28
ignason all the dependencies23:28
ignasso it should list them quite accurately23:28
eldarwell here's the step right before it23:29
eldar$ bzr get lp:~ignas/schooltool/schooltool.stapp2008spring/23:29
eldarGrabs our "buildout" configuration that scripts the rest of the installation.23:29
eldarthere are no instructions on actually get the script23:30
ignas.PHONY: ubuntu-environment23:30
ignas        @if [ `whoami` != "root" ]; then { \23:30
ignas         echo "You must be root to create an environment."; \23:30
ignas         echo "I am running as $(shell whoami)"; \23:30
ignas         exit 3; \23:30
ignas        } else { \23:31
ignas         apt-get install subversion build-essential python-all python-all-dev libc6-dev libicu-dev; \23:31
ignas         apt-get build-dep python-imaging; \23:31
ignas         apt-get build-dep python-libxml2 libxml2; \23:31
ignas         echo "Installation Complete: Next... Run 'make'."; \23:31
ignas        } fi23:31
ignasthe Makefile23:31
ignasno bzr in ti23:31
eldaryeah i get what you mean23:31
ignasyou can ignore the bzr parts anyway23:31
eldarbut what you linked me to23:31
ignasit is for our sprint dev environment23:31
eldarthat doesn't give me a place to grab the makefile23:31
ignasyou don't need a makefile23:31
ignasit is in cando install23:31
ignascando checkout23:31
ignasthe branch one23:31
ignasas well as buildout.cfg23:32
ignasthat need to be modified23:32
ignasand you will run "make run" and all the other stuff23:32
ignasin the cando checkout23:32
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eldarthere is all sorts of errors appearing23:59

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