IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2008-03-12

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ACSpike[Home]hello aelkner02:06
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ACSpike[Home]morning Tom14:00
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ACSpike[Home]good morning ignas, in a little while I'd like to see if you can point me to a good bug for a newb to work on. (if you have the time)14:18
ignasACSpike[Home]: do you have a development sandbox set up?14:20
ACSpike[Home]yup, set one up yesterday following the directions on the web14:23
ignaswhich directions? ;)14:25
ignascould you post a link?14:25
ignasso i'd know which kind of sandbox you are using14:25
ignashmm, i am afraid I'll have to go afk for 30-60 minutes now14:26
ignaswe are going to go to see a possible new office14:26
th1aignas: A spring08 buildout.14:32
ACSpike[Home]yay new office14:46
ACSpike[Home]I followed these directions yesterday
ACSpike[Home]I won't mind setting something else up if that isn't appropriate.14:47
* ACSpike[Home] walks to work14:47
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* th1a just accidentally ate a cat treat.17:46
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wjohnstoLumiere: ayt?22:36
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