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th1aok... this is a bad idea...15:19
th1aMy wireless access point is out, and I'm having trouble connecting directly from Linux, so I'm on Windows.15:20
th1aAnd my anti-virus is screaming about being port-scanned already, so I'd better get the hell off and try something else.15:20
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Lumierehi th1a15:36
th1aWhat time is it UTC?15:37
th1aWhat's up?15:39
th1aYou have to hit the road before 14:30 today, right?15:39
Lumierealthough if I get a shower at 10 I can be around for a bit of it15:40
LumiereI'll just reverse the order of the day15:40
th1aOK.  Sorry I forgot to change the time.15:41
aelknerth1a: are we meeting today?15:45
th1aYes.  Regular UTC time.15:46
th1ai.e. an hour later.15:46
th1aWe'll switch it for next week.15:46
th1aWell, we'll all be together next week.15:47
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th1auh oh.  No ignas.16:30
th1aSo... how's it going aelkner?16:30
aelknergoing ok16:31
aelkneri've started developing the csap stuff16:31
aelknereven though the sla folks still aren't precisely sure about some of the details16:31
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th1ahi igna.16:32
aelknerhi ignas16:32
aelkneri was just starting my report16:32
th1ahi ignas.16:32
aelknerso basically, i will continue to work on the csap stuff16:32
aelknereven as i am working with the sla folks on some of the design details16:32
aelkneras i'm pretty sure we have a reliable overall design16:33
aelknerand i can code to it without knowing the other details16:33
aelknerthis week, i'll try as hard as i can to get chris and karina to make some decisions16:33
th1aHere's a question -- is there any point where SchoolTool csap will have to read data from the district csap.16:33
th1aOr is it one way?16:33
aelknerit's one-way16:34
th1aThat's good.16:34
th1aWhat decisions have to be made?16:34
aelknerdetails about what tier2 has16:34
th1aWhat data?16:35
aelknertier1 messages and tier2 goals look like they are what they need to be16:35
aelknerit has to do with filling out the district's web page16:35
aelknerthat's what drives the process in one sense16:35
aelknerwe have to ask the user the same stuff the district asks for16:35
aelknerand then fill out the web page automatically16:35
th1aAre they deciding on some additional fields?16:36
aelknerwell, it's more of a procedural thing16:36
aelknerchriss has his idea of what interventions should look like16:36
th1aOK.... I guess we don't need to go into this much detail now.16:36
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aelknerand he doesn't know everythoing about what the district wants16:36
th1aWe can discuss it in Chicago.16:37
th1aAnything else?16:37
aelknerwe can16:37
ignasi am still working working towards our new overlays16:38
ignasbut I have got unstuck with some internal changes that would make implemenyting the thing properly easier16:38
th1aFor the calendar.16:38
ignasso I should be finished before the sprint16:38
ignasyes for the calendar16:38
th1aOK.  Cool.16:39
ignasoh and I am packing things for the trip ;)16:39
th1aAre you fitting everything into a carry-on this time?16:39
th1aOr bringing a few changes of clothes in a carry on?16:39
ignasa few changes ;)16:39
ignasand my unit test nazi outfit ;)16:40
th1aSo, I was pondering writing the "final" list of goals for the PyCon sprint.16:40
th1aI think it might be better to have ignas do it though.16:41
th1aWith subsequent feedback.16:42
th1aI mean, my global goal is just having a tabbed interface that everyone is willing to work with going forward.16:42
th1aI'm unsure of the actual technical steps at this point.16:43
ignasok, i'll try to write up an "incremental" plan so that we could scale if there will be enough time/programmers16:44
th1aSounds good.16:44
th1aLumiere, do you have any concerns about the sprint?16:44
th1aHave we all decided that we're basically on the same page?16:45
th1aWe don't seem to have as much to talk about as last week ;-)16:46
aelkneri think we are more sure of what we want to do with the UI now16:46
th1aWhen do you leave, Vilnius-time, ignas?16:47
* ignas goes to see the ticket16:48
aelknerth1a: i forgot to mention one piece of good new16:48
ignas13 of March 12:5516:48
th1aSo you just have a looong thursday.16:49
aelknerthe rubycas mailing list has been sending me and franky a lot of stuff lately16:49
aelknerand it looks like they have solved the single-signout problem16:49
ignaswill be there 13 of march 19:0516:49
th1aaelkner, Oh, that's good.16:50
ignasnice to hear that16:50
aelknerinstead of having to contact the server on each request16:50
aelknerthere will be a logout request that one can send to the server16:50
aelknerthat will in turn contact the clients to clear the cas credentials from their sessions16:51
aelkneri don't understand all the details of this yet16:51
aelknerbut i believe that we will be able to get this all to work this summer16:51
aelknerin time for the sla folks to start the school year next fall16:51
aelknerfranky will be more available this summer than he is now16:52
th1aOK, that makes sense.16:52
th1aDo you have any thoughts, concerns, feelings about the upcoming sprint, Lumiere?16:53
Lumierewell, good feelings16:55
Lumiereno concerns16:55
th1aOK then.16:56
LumiereI am thinking that when ignas puts out his plan, all the current design stuff should be detailed16:56
Lumierein it16:56
Lumiere(maybe as a reply from you th1a16:56
ignascurrent design stuff?16:56
th1aThat's probably a different document.16:56
th1aI figure what's going to happen is we're going to start making more drawings and prototypes when we get to Chicago.16:57
th1aNot starting over, but just fleshing out the details more.16:57
th1aIt is just so much easier in person.16:57
th1aGet the kids going writing CSS as soon as possible.16:57
th1aThat's all I've got.16:59
th1aI'll send out the hotel info.16:59
th1aAny last words?16:59
th1aSee most of you on Thursday!17:00
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:00
ignassee you :)17:00
aelknersee you Thursday17:00
* th1a will probably be offline for a while fixing his wireless.17:00
ignascan't you do that while being online? ;)17:01
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pcarduneaelkner, Lumiere, th1a: does anyone know what ignas' website is?20:08
aelknersorry, don't know20:09
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