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fsufitchaelkner: the issue is more complicated than it seems at first00:32
fsufitchi don't know whether you've worked with the message system00:32
fsufitchbut clicking on that submit button makes a method be called and a new tuple of status,date to be added onto the message's "tracker"00:32
fsufitchthe issue there is, there has to be a way for the processing to call the method itself as if the button was pressed once it's done processing00:33
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ignasth1a: hi16:28
th1ahi ignas.16:28
th1aHappy Presidents' Day.16:28
th1aOne thing that happens when you have a child is all holidays become more significant.16:28
ignasIt's independence day in here ;)16:29
th1aIn the sense that I've got a full set of in-laws here for the long weekend.16:29
ignasat least was16:29
th1aAh, that's a better holiday.  Happy independence day, Ignas.16:29
ignas2 days ago16:29
ignasbut now is the bank monday16:29
ignasor whatever it's called16:29
aelknerindependence from the USSR?16:30
th1aHi aelkner.16:30
th1aHi Lumiere16:30
ignasaelkner: no, the other one16:30
aelknerwhat other one?16:30
ignaswell - we have belonged to russia + germany up until 191816:31
aelknerah, Bismark16:32
aelknerif we don'16:32
aelknerwatch out for Putin16:32
aelkneryou'll be annexed again soon16:33
th1aaelkner: That might not be a funny joke :-p16:33
aelknermaybe a little too glib, i realize16:33
th1aSo, notwithstanding President's day, I'm ready to start PyCon planning in earnest.16:34
th1aWhat's the best way to look at the state of the art CanDo?16:34
ignasI don't really know, i guess check out trunk and "make run" it16:35
ignasthe branch is a  bit stuck, because i haven't seen ccarey last friday16:35
ignasand I am not sure whether he can already commit or no16:35
th1aI guess I'll start writing blueprints this week.16:37
th1aGood lord it is raining cats and dogs here.16:37
* ignas hopes that's an idiom16:39
aelknerno, that's an american thing16:40
aelknerour cats and dogs really do rain here :)16:40
th1aAlso, ignas, I could still just use a write up for a current SchoolTool dev environment.16:40
ignasaelkner: my cat has rained on the carpet once too...16:40
ignasreally sorry, i'll do that TODAY so i would not get carried away16:41
th1aOK.  Cool.16:41
ignasyou need dev environment or user environment16:41
ignasor both?16:41
th1aThe only user set up instructions I'm worried about for the forseeable future is "apt-get install schooltool"16:42
th1aOtherwise, what's up, ignas?16:42
ignaswell - I have added bzr support to jinty's build tools, and as soon as he'll manage to bootstrap it we will go on packaging spree16:43
* ignas wants to have everything in debs before the actual release16:43
ignasthe plan is to package all the bzr eggs, all the svn eggs, all the Zope3.4 KGS eggs16:43
ignasas debian packages16:43
ignasant have them in our PPA16:44
ignaswith both main svn and main bzr repositories on schooltool.org16:44
ignasfor all the packages to make tagging and branching by buildtools manageable16:44
ignaswhich should make it actually possible to test schooltool using "apt-get install"16:45
th1aWhat has to be bootstrapped?16:45
ignaswell - the bzr integration is a package and an egg, but to make it work properly on we need to make the initial deb package16:45
ignasthat can be installed on using apt-get16:46
ignasand as schooltool.bzr is in bzr16:46
ignasthere is no support for packaging in vanguardistas.buildtools at the moment16:46
ignasbut as jinty managed to bootstrap svn support from svn somehow16:46
ignashe knows how to do that with bzr too16:47
ignasjust that it seems that he was busy last week16:47
th1aOK.  What else is going on in the meantime?16:48
ignasI have nerly finished up functional tests for schooltool.lyceum.journal16:48
ignasonly a couple of AJAX tests left to write16:48
ignasupdated schooltool to be a little bit better when it commes to old database support16:49
ignasand fixed a couple of buglets that functional tests for lyceum.journal found16:49
ignasapparently I forgot to move some code out of lyceum16:50
ignasbecause it was in the wrong place16:50
ignasthat's it16:50
th1aOK.  Thanks, ignas.16:50
aelknerso last week i finished up the browser portion16:51
aelknerof Narrative Report Cards16:51
aelknerthat involved getting into traversal adapters16:51
aelknerand I think i finally have goten the hand of them16:51
aelknerAlso, I began the design work for the CSAP system16:52
aelknerhad a couple of meetings with Karina over that16:52
aelknerwe will continue to meet over the next couple of weeks16:52
th1aDo you need a workflow for that?16:53
aelknernot really16:53
aelkneri just keep things in my head16:53
aelknerand things get done eventually16:53
aelkneri tend to work on things as i'm walking around16:54
th1aI mean the system.16:54
th1aDo the reports need a workflow?16:54
aelkneri'll explain what i got so far16:54
aelknerbasically , the stiudent interventions go in three tiers16:54
aelknerfirst tier interventions are done by teachers16:54
aelknerso there can be any number of these for a student16:55
aelknerdepending on how many classes he/she is getting into trouble in16:55
aelknersecond tier is when the advisor, the guidance counselor, and the parents et involved16:55
aelknerthere can be any number of these as well16:56
aelknerthere's a ton of info that goes into tier two16:56
aelknerand Karina and I are still working on the details16:56
aelknerfinally, there's tier three16:56
aelknerthere's only one of those16:56
aelknerthat's where they kick the kid out of school16:57
aelkneronly need to do that once :)16:57
th1aOh... so it is more an accumulation of different reports than one big one?16:57
aelkneri discussed a report center with Karina16:57
aelknerthat one would call up for the student16:57
aelknerand it would have links for all tiers16:58
aelknerallowing Karina to add new ones and access existing ones16:58
aelknereventually, we will have an automatic email notification system16:58
aelknerthat informs the teachers/advisors16:59
th1aSo you might be able to evade workflow.16:59
aelknerwhen they need to update fields in the tier two16:59
aelknerso that's going to be the most complex and fun to work on part of the system16:59
aelknerand Karina is going to love it17:00
th1aWhat kind of updates?17:00
aelknerfor tier twos17:00
aelknerthe parties involved need to update the status17:01
aelknerof the intervention17:01
aelknerevery 14 days or so17:01
th1aSo for something like that you don't want to overwrite old data though, right?17:02
aelknerno, just fill in new fields17:02
aelkneri envision status fields for each time interval17:02
aelknerto be fille din when the time comes17:03
aelknerthe first being 14 days after the intervention is first opened17:03
aelknerthe tier two that is17:03
aelknerthat's where the automatic email comes into play17:03
aelknerafter 14 days, the first email will be sent out17:03
aelknerthis is all very scetchy for now17:04
aelkneri'll let you know more as Karina and I tighten that part of it up17:04
aelknerbut i think i have a good basis for starting development17:04
th1aOK.  Sounds good.17:04
aelknereven as the design is decided upon17:04
aelkneri worked on basicperson17:05
aelknerignas found some failing tests in his lyceum17:05
aelkneras a result of my changes from the week before17:05
aelknerso i had to change the add view17:05
aelknerand write more functional tests17:06
aelknerand i had a hell of a time chasing down a failure with relationships17:06
aelknerturns out that the relationships package doesn't handle security proxied objects too well17:06
aelknerbecause it has a test in it17:07
aelkner'target is'17:07
ignashmm, i dpn17:07
aelknerthat returns false even when both are the same object17:07
aelknerif one of the is proxied17:07
aelknerdpn?  what does that stand for?17:08
ignasin what kind of usecase have you passed a security proxied object17:08
ignasto relationships code?17:08
aelknerit was the advisors business17:08
ignasi am quite sure you never want to do that when creating a relationship17:08
ignasbecause that's the same as adding a security proxied object into a Zope container of any kind17:09
aelknerthe question ius17:09
aelknerwhether code like 'adding an object to a container'17:09
aelkneror in our case, adding a relationship link17:09
aelknershouldn't do the courtesy17:10
aelknerof removing the security proxy itself17:10
ignasaccording to Zope3 developers - no17:10
ignasyou will get a nasty exception if you will try doing that on a BTree container17:10
ignasI think it's because you don't want random parts of the system removing security proxy17:11
ignasbecause only developers of the application know when it is safe to do so17:11
ignassecurity wise17:11
aelkneranyway, i removed the proxy on the basicperson end17:12
aelknerin advisor.py17:12
aelknerand that fixed the problem17:12
aelknerso ignas, your tests shouyld pass now17:12
ignasyep, buldbot is green17:13
aelkneranyway, that's all i have for this week17:13
th1aSo aelkner resolved that in the proper way, security wise?17:14
ignasi'll look at the diff17:14
th1aOK.  Anything else?17:17
aelknerthat's all for me17:17
th1aAll right.  So I'll start writing stuff about PyCon and get that discussion going this week.17:18
th1aHave a great Presidents'/Independence Day & a great week.17:19
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:19
aelkneryou, too17:19
aelknerignas: have you looked at my diff?17:21
ignasi'll improve it a bit i think17:22
ignasthe removeSecurityProxy should be near the place the actual relationship stuff is being17:22
ignasrather than blanketed on the whole view17:22
aelknerfair enoough17:22
aelknerbut the test coverage is there, right?17:23
ignascoverage? as in functional test coverage?17:24
ignasyes, i think it is17:24
aelknerthe last test, editing the advisor, is where the bug was exposed17:24
ignasi see17:27
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ignasth1a: should I assume checkin access for the sandbox?19:27
th1aignas: No.19:35
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fsufitch* aelkner: ping22:35
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