IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2008-02-11

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th1aI guess we're going to move the meeting back two hours today.16:29
th1aCan anyone not make that?16:30
aelkneri'm ok for then16:31
aelknerth1a: ayt?16:32
th1aI am here.16:33
LumiereI may not be able to make the first half16:33
Lumiere11:30 is when I drive to work16:33
aelknerth1a: you didn't receive my provate messages?16:33
th1aI just didn't see it.16:34
aelknerso you did get the messages?16:35
th1aDid you get my response?16:35
aelknerno i didn't16:36
* th1a wishes private IRC chats would succeed or fail more explicitly.16:36
th1aYes, that's fine.16:36
aelknerLumiere knows what we need to do16:36
aelknerjason, what did you set up for me so that i would be able to use private chat16:36
aelkneri think tom needs to do the same16:36
aelknerseomthing about registering his nick16:37
th1aI don't give a shit about registering my nick.16:37
th1aI have too many computers.16:38
th1aI can't keep track of which ones don't work.16:38
th1aThere are 30,000 ways of asking me a question electronically.16:38
th1aThat's the most annoying one.16:38
aelkneryes, i could always use gmail16:39
Lumiereth1a: PMs fail to registered nicks16:39
Lumiereif your nick is not registered16:39
th1aLumiere: Yes, I understand.16:39
Lumiereand registering your nick is just a training exercise in typing "/ns identify pass" every time you log in16:39
th1aYes, thank you, Lumiere.16:40
aelknerthat sounds like a pain16:40
aelkneri wouldn't blame him for not wanting to do that each time16:40
aelknerLumiere: why don't i need to do that?16:40
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Lumiereaelkner: you put it into xchat's login screen16:44
Lumiereso xchat does it for you16:44
aelknergot it16:44
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aelknerignas: hey there17:31
aelknerdoes this mean you're back?17:31
th1aignas is looking for help on his test via IRC.17:32
ignasnope '_17:32
th1aWe won't help you cheat, ignas!17:32
* ignas always has a buffer17:32
ignasaelkner: yes i am back17:33
aelknerwhat happened to the test?17:34
ignaswell - i am done with it17:34
ignasjust that - when I have no idea how long is the trip from one place to another + have no idea how long will it last - i "allocate" more time than I need ;)17:35
ignasjust in case i won't be able to catch a bus in time and etc.17:35
aelknerth1a: shall we meet then?17:36
Lumiereif we meet now you get me for 30 minutes17:36
th1aI don't care either way.17:36
th1aI guess we're all here now.17:37
th1aaelkner: Want to kick things off?17:37
pcarduneth1a: i liked your post about teach for america17:37
th1apcardune: Thanks.17:38
aelkneropk, i finished with the demographics last week17:38
aelknerand started on the narrative report cards17:39
aelknerwhich cuased me to realize17:39
aelknerthat although i can develop them already17:39
aelkneri will need to get sla's section info into schooltool for them to use it17:39
aelknereven though the system integration work is not scheduled to begin until April 15ish17:40
aelkneri will want them using schooltool before then17:40
aelknerthat means that I will need to import their sections17:40
aelkneras it is, we have no section import17:40
th1aYes... that's what I was trying to tell you before.17:41
aelknertoo bad i'm a lousy listener :)17:41
aelknerso, just like i have written a test routine17:41
aelknerthat i use to get sections into functional tests17:41
aelkneri think we need an xml import for courses, sections, members, instructors17:42
aelknerall in one import17:42
aelknerso the result would be to create the courses17:42
aelknercreate the sections (auto-aisning the ids)17:42
aelknerthen, add the instuctors/students into the sections17:43
ignassomething like schooltool import functionality, but without timetables?17:43
aelknerthe import could asume that the person import was already done17:43
ignaslyceum import17:43
aelkneryou're saying that lycuem has an xml import for sections?17:43
ignasnot xml17:44
aelknerbut how can you csv multi-level data?17:44
ignasaelkner: it's even integrated with timetables17:44
ignasth1a saw the format I think17:44
th1aI can't say I recall it.17:45
ignasaelkner: 2 parts - 1 csv for student group connections17:45
th1aGenerally, schools are more likely to be able to handle CSV.17:45
ignasand 1 csv for group - section - timetable stuff17:45
th1aSo if you can pull it off, it is preferable.17:45
aelkneractually, i will be doing the imports myself17:45
th1aYes, but doing something more easily reused has advantages.17:46
aelknerso it could e xml if that made more sense, but that's the question17:46
ignasxml makes sense17:46
th1aI'd say the first step is to look at ignas's work.17:46
aelknerso what is the more easily reused thing?17:46
th1aI'm not anti-XML for that.17:46
th1aI'm just saying, all things being equal, there is an advantage to CSV.17:47
pcardune+1 xml17:47
th1aBecause otherwise you're eventually asking schools to transform their CSV to XML.17:47
aelknerth1a: what do you see as the advantage to csv?17:47
ignastrue, open office can more easily generate CSV's for example17:47
th1aAnd it is easier for them to transform CSV to CSV.17:47
pcardune+1 csv17:48
ignasaelkner: for example you could do lyceum approach - have an open office spreadsheet with all the markings and explanations17:48
aelknerin my case, there is no open-office file that i know of17:48
ignasaelkner: i know17:48
ignasyou asked for CSV upsides17:48
aelknerthey have a mysql17:48
aelknerthat's fine, i asked, thanks17:48
aelkneranyway, i will have to write some python17:48
aelknerto query the mysql database17:48
aelknerand build the import fild17:49
aelknerthat's why i figured that i could just build an xml file17:49
aelknersince i'm the one dong it17:49
Lumiere at the point you're doing querying from a db to make it17:49
Lumierego xml17:49
pcarduneaelkner: in that case you might as well build a python pickle...17:49
aelknerthat's an idea17:50
LumiereI still prefer xml17:50
Lumierehuman readable > not human readable17:50
aelkneranother good point17:50
th1aPickle is least desirable in something we'd distribute.17:50
LumiereI am thinking17:51
Lumiereif the import fails17:51
LumiereI want to be able to look at the data I was importing17:51
LumiereI would have to load it into python17:51
Lumiereif it was a pickle17:51
aelkneri agree with the advantage to having an xml file to look at17:52
ignasLumiere: well - if alekner is doing it for others to reuse - i'd go with CSV, if it's for only him, as in one off script - pickles are fine17:52
pcardunepretty print?17:52
aelknerpcardune: what do you mean?17:52
Lumiereignas: I agree about the CSV17:52
th1aIt is ok for aelkner to do this however is most convenient for him.17:53
aelkneri will do what is most convenient for mw, yes, but17:53
aelkneri also happen to see an advantage to an xml17:53
aelknerfor importing courses, sections, and teachers/students all in one file17:53
pcarduneaelkner: prettyprint lets you print out python data structures in a slightly easier to read way17:54
aelkneri could see that being commonly reused17:54
aelknerpcardune: i know what pretty print does17:54
aelknerbut what does that have to do with it?17:54
pcarduneaelkner: makes it easier to read your pickle17:54
ignasunpickle + pretty print to get a human readable representation17:54
Lumierehe is saying you can load pickle and print it nicely17:54
aelknerok, but i don't see what is wrong with standardizing an xml format17:55
Lumierejust remember with an xml format17:55
Lumierethat you need to order the data17:55
aelknerlike Lumiere said, it's human readable17:55
Lumiereoh... dont take xml as instantly human readable17:55
aelknerorder the data?17:55
Lumiereyou need people before courses before sections17:56
ignascould we get on topic please?17:56
Lumiere(and timetables etc)17:56
Lumiereignas: when did we get off?17:56
ignasthis technical discussion should be carried on after the meeting17:56
aelknerso, that's my report17:56
th1aOK.  Thanks aelkner.17:57
ignasthe week was not too productive :/17:58
ignasafter talking to lyceum i got a couple more tasks for them to do17:58
ignasbut to work on journal again17:58
ignasI had to migrate lyceum to schooltool.lyceum.journal17:58
ignaswhich involves a tricky evolution script17:58
ignasin progress of implementing it (i think it works now)17:58
ignasI also tried adding functional tests for schooltool.lyceum.journal17:59
ignasbefore that all the tests were in lyceum.ftests17:59
ignasand discovered that there is no way to schedule more than 1 term using our timetabling UI17:59
ignasbecause of a bug17:59
ignasand found a bug in schooltool breadcrumbs as well17:59
ignasfixed both of them18:00
ignasbut have to fix a unit test for breadcrumbs now18:00
LumiereI wonder if that breadcrumb bug affects cando competency views18:00
ignasas soon as i'll be done with that, i'll finish up schooltool.lyceum.journal functional tests18:00
ignasmigrate lyceum to use schooltool.lyceum.journal18:01
ignasmake it possible to edit both teachers and public event descriptions from the journal view at the same time18:01
ignasand start working on the overlays18:01
ignasoh, and it seems that CanDo buildout integration branch is working with trunk schooltool quite fine18:02
ignasbut ccarey still can't commit to the cando repository18:02
ignaswhich is slowing us down18:02
ignasbecause he has to send me all the patches18:02
Lumiereignas: ask jinty or someone at PoV to add him18:03
th1ajinty does it.18:03
ignasi thought so too18:03
th1aHe just hasn't gotten to it?18:03
jintyI thought I'd given him access18:03
th1aHi jinty!18:03
Lumiereeldar did it at one point (and probably still can)18:03
jintymore than a week ago18:03
Lumierebut he's still at school18:03
ignasjinty: he thought he got it, but he still can't commit i think18:03
ignashe tried entering his username + password18:04
ignasbut got permission denied18:04
ignasthat's all i have to say18:05
ignasi'll try to be more focused this week :/18:05
th1aSo to make State of the Nation up to date, it should include schooltool2008, right?18:06
th1aWhich would otherwise be like schooltool2007?18:06
ignashmm, i think it should18:08
ignasI will try and find some time to update all the docs18:08
th1aYes, I need to update more user oriented docs, and I feel more comfortable doing that looking at your docs.18:09
ignasi'll even try to package up a schooltool2008 tarball18:10
ignas2008spring that is18:10
th1aAh.  Right.18:10
th1aLumiere, pcardune, jinty:  Anything you'd like to throw in?18:11
pcardunenot me18:12
jintyhmm, not really18:12
th1ajinty: What's the state of Zope packages on LP?18:12
jintyI need to speak to ignas about the builder I've installed on schooltool.org18:13
th1aI'm on a clean hardy box now, so I can work through our install process.18:13
jintyget that building/releasing schooltool packages18:13
th1ajinty, ignas:  Now's a good time.18:13
th1aFor me, at least ;-)18:14
jintyand perhaps try mass converting the KGS to packages18:14
jintyignas: want to take it for a ride?18:14
Lumiereother then a cando meeting tonight 8pm EST (sorry ignas/jinty)18:14
LumiereI have nothing to add18:14
ignaswould be nice18:15
jintyignas: did you get the mail I sent the other day18:15
ignaswhich day?18:15
jintyAuto building of packages/tarballs for eggs (Feb 03)18:16
ignasoh, yes I saw that18:16
* jinty commits something to schooltool.buildconfig18:17
* ignas broke it18:18
jintyyes, I can fix that if you answer me a question:18:20
jintywhat is the correct thing to do when a project doesn't have a tags directory in svn?18:20
ignashmm with schooltool repository18:20
ignasi'd use the tags that schooltool is using18:20
ignasi think we had both schoolbell and schooltool18:21
ignasuse the same tags directory18:21
LumiereI am out, be back later from the office18:21
ignasLumiere: see you18:21
jinty'file:///svn/schooltool/branches/schooltool.gradebook' non-existent in that revision18:21
jintyis the directory it's trying to use18:21
th1abye Lumiere.18:21
jintyso the schema would be /branches/schooltool.gradebook/branch118:23
ignasi'd go with /branches/branch118:23
ignasnot to nest our repository even deeper18:23
jintythen how do you tell which branch is from which project?18:23
ignasand not to make bzr export scripts more confused18:24
ignasi mean schooltool-200718:24
ignasbzr export scripts are relying on such directory structure in the repository ...18:24
ignasi wouldn't want to go and fix them :/ as I am not the author18:25
jintyyeah, we can do that, it's just a matter of sub-classing the backend and changing some functions18:25
ignashas schooltool, schooltool.ldap and schoolbell already18:25
ignasI am a lot more worried about bzr branches though18:26
jintyyeah, I only got a backend for subversion18:26
ignashave you seen how the test/release cycle works with bzr in buildbot?18:26
ignasin bzr branches18:26
jintyno, not yet18:27
jintyyou mean you use buildbot to make releases?18:27
ignasmake release target18:27
ignasthat should get renamed to make nightly I guess18:27
ignasbut yes - buildbot is releasing all the bzr eggs every now and then18:27
ignasafter someone commits a working schooltool change set18:28
ignasto trigger the chain reaction18:28
jintyyes, but it's a little more difficult to have buildbot release a package, I think18:28
ignasi mean - i'd rather use your system to make actual releases18:29
ignasthe ones that get tagged branched18:29
ignasand packaged into debs18:29
ignasbuildbot is for nightlies only18:29
jintyok, you want to try releasing schooltool.buildconfig then?18:29
jintysee how that goes?18:30
ignasi guess18:30
ignaswhat's involved ? clicking "release" ?18:30
jintythen wait18:31
jintyeventually a new egg should appear:
jintyand  a debian package at: /var/www/buildresult/18:31
jinty(I don't upload automatically to LP because the packages need a gpg signature)18:32
jintybut you can trivially sign that package and upload it to launchpad18:32
* ignas is releasing schooltool + KGS 3.4 packages into
ignasi see18:33
ignashmm, where should I start to add bzr support?18:33
jintyyou can import single egg tarballs18:33
ignasupload the builder ssh key to launchpad so it could make branches i guess18:34
jintyyou could make a schooltool.bzrsupport package for bzr support18:34
ignashttp://localhost:11082/tarball_import.html fails if i try linking to:
jintywhat's the error?18:35
ignassomething about reading from None18:35
ignasTypeError: 'NoneType' object is not callable<br />18:35
ignast.write( was the line18:35
jintywonderful ;)!18:36
jintyas I said, alpha quality18:36
ignaswhat is the proper way to develop+test a the bzr support for this thing by the way?18:37
jintyis the interface your bzr backend needs to support18:37
* jinty thinks it should be moved to a different package18:38
lisppaste5jinty pasted "IProject" at
jintyyou see any problems implementing that for bzr?18:40
ignashmm, i'd have to look at example outputs of these18:41
ignasget_branches + get_released are the ones i am not sure how to implement if we'd keep the stuff in launchpad18:42
ignasthough - we can keep releases on ;)18:42
ignasand only have upstream in launchpad18:42
lisppaste5jinty pasted "Current Tests for vanguardistas.svn.Project" at
jintyignas: those are the current tests for the svn backend18:43
ignasi see18:44
jintycurrently the svn backend only can cope with version numbers like 1.2.318:44
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jintybut one day I hope to write more robust code18:45
ignasyeah, and i have them 0.1 0.2 at the moment18:45
ignasso i guess your scripts might be failing because of that too18:45
jintyI think that might work, but it's not tested18:45
ignaswhat command do you use to build eggs?18:45
ignasbuildout sandboxes do "bin/buildout setup sdist"18:45
jintyI never bother with binary eggs at all18:46
th1amgedin's N810 just arrived.18:46
ignasthe biggest problem is setting this thing up so I could test it locally :/18:46
ignasth1a: i'll tell mgedmin as soon as he'll come to the office18:46
jintythe problem is that it's so intertwined with the system that setup is a bit difficult18:47
ignasI see18:47
ignasso how do you develop/test it?18:47
ignaswhen you want to add a feature or fix a bug18:48
* jinty patches the thing on a server, then copies the bugfix locally and commits it ;)18:48
jintybut for the backends, I generally try to have tests18:48
jintyit's just the upper layers that are _very_ difficult to test18:49
jintyI mean the current apt integration requires root18:49
ignasis it possible to run tests for the svn backend without everything else being available?18:49
jintyyes, definitely18:49
jintyit's split up over a few packages18:49
ignaswhat's the url of the svn backend repository?18:50
jintyvanguardistas.svn, vanguardistas.buildtools, vanguardistas.builder and schooltool.buildconfig18:50
ignasso i could try and set it up while you are available18:50
* jinty is still wondering where to host the thing18:52
jintyis temporary18:52
* ignas found a checkout18:53
ignaswas in "src/STACK/..." ;)18:54
jintyyou should be able to run the tests for buildtools and buildconfig without any setup18:54
jinty(I think)18:54
jintyAny suggestions where we should host the code?18:55
jinty(gotta be in svn)18:55
jintyso that I can give you commit acces?18:55
ignasno idea18:55
ignasi mean - I use darcs or bzr whe I want to host something ;)18:56
* jinty was thinking of or svn.zope.org18:56
* ignas is getting test failures in vanguardistas.svn18:57
lisppaste5ignas pasted "failures" at
jintyhmm, the tests run for me19:02
jintyI guess it's a different svn or setuptools version19:02
* jinty is using whatever came with etch19:02
ignasthe ignas vs jinty19:03
ignasin tests :D19:03
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jintyok, so one test bug fixed :)19:05
jintybut the others are still unexplained19:05
ignashmm setuptools 0.6c6 here19:06
ignaswhat's yours ?19:06
jintycould also be python revision19:07
* jinty sees that he needs to use the more robust method for introspecting eggs here19:08
jintyNever use: from distutils.core import run_setup19:08
jintyit is buggy as all hell19:08
* jinty considers having vanguardistas.svn depend on vanguardistas.buildtools19:11
* ignas is trying to set up vanguardistas.svn in a buildout19:11
ignasto test with an up to date Zope3.4 + up to date setuptools19:12
ignasyour dependencies in vanguardistas.svn are not set up properly19:14
ignasok setuptools 0.6c7 (the latest and greatest) are failing the same way19:17
ignasand vanguardistas.svn depends on zope.interface + zope.schema19:17
ignaswhile is not stating that in setup.py19:17
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jintyignas: I'd prefer to keep those commented out until we have a python-zope.interface and python-zope.schema19:23
jintydebian package dependencies are computed from dependencies19:24
ignasmight be a problem for schooltool19:24
jintyit's a very difficult problem19:25
ignasunless you do the KGS import first19:27
* jinty swears profusely at setuptools.sandbox for printing to stdout19:27
jintyyes, but I havn't had time to think about that yet...19:27
ignasmost of my eggs that are using bzr depend on schooltool19:31
ignasor on other eggs in bzr ;)19:31
jintyignas: could you svn up and test?19:32
jintyI've made the setuptools introspection more robust19:32
jintyall tests still apss here19:32
ignasstill failing the same way19:33
ignasyou should try virtualpython + easy_install zope.interface + easy_install zope.schema + vp/bin/python test.py19:34
ignasto test it with an up to date setuptools19:34
ignasi can give you precise instructions if you have the time19:34
ignaspython2.4 my_sandbox19:35
ignascd my_sandbox19:35
ignasbin/easy_install zope.testing zope.interface zope.schema19:36
ignasbin/python PATH_TO_YOUR_TEST.py19:36
jintybut I want to test it with what comes in etch;)19:36
jintyuntil I want to upgrade to lenny19:37
ignaswell - I want you to test it with both19:37
ignasfor future proofness19:37
jintyok ok ;)19:37
jintyall tests pass with your virtual env19:39
*** lhuynh has quit IRC19:41
jintyincluding with python2.519:42
* jinty wonders what kind of code he's been writing19:42
ignastests suddenly passed :/19:43
jintybut I did find a bug19:44
jintyit seems when making a release from a branch that is not trunk19:45
jintythe release is made from the trunk anyway19:45
jintyignas: ok, so the KGS + debian packages problem19:58
th1amgedmin: So... can I play with your 810?19:58
jintyignas: I'd like to use the packaged KGS for my company as well19:58
mgedminth1a: sure19:58
mgedminjust don't break it :)19:58
jintyignas: so is it a problem if we host/create one?19:59
th1amgedmin: Can you restore these to factory settings?19:59
th1aOK.  I won't install any software.19:59
jintythen we upload it to LP19:59
mgedminfeel free19:59
th1aI really just want to compare it to the XO.19:59
mgedminyou can always reflash the whole OS image to get to the factory state19:59
ignasjinty: don't think so19:59
ignasjinty: i mean - who is the Zope3 release manager for debian?20:00
mgedminexcept it doesn't change anything on the "internal memory card" which, as far as I've heard, contains GPS maps20:00
mgedmin(and isn't really a removable memory card, just 2 gigs of flash that pretend to be one)20:00
jintyer, I think the way to do this is to build one20:00
ignasjinty: precisely20:00
jintyignas: show that it works20:00
jintythen get debian to upload the thing20:00
jintyin the meantime we can server the KGS from schooltool's PPA20:01
jinty(for ubuntu releases)20:01
* ignas wants to get schooltool.stapp2008spring into a working + releasable deb format asap20:01
th1amgedmin: Oooh... shiny.20:01
ignasjinty: will we have enough space?20:01
jintydunno, are there limits?20:01
ignassomething around a gig or two I think20:02
jintyshould be enough20:02
th1aOn LP?20:02
ignashow much space do we have there?20:02
th1aThat might become an issue but I'm sure we can get more.20:02
th1aI have connections.20:02
jintyI think 1 gig is definitely enough20:03
jintyall the package files are compressed20:03
ignasjinty: what is missing to get a schooltool release with full dependencies into PPA?20:09
* ignas even has a tarball that has all of the eggs20:09
ignasfor schooltool200720:09
ignaswith an extra tarball of libxml ;)20:09
jintyhmm, how about we try making zope.interface, zope.schema and zope.testing pacakges?20:10
ignaswe can, anything i can help you with in doing that?20:11
jintylet me see how the thing goes20:11
* jinty wants a Tarball import page capable of spidering a KGS20:11
ignasspidering might be a bad idea, there are all the eggs from pypi20:13
ignasonly eggs that are managed by Zope3 comunity are in packages.cfg or controled-versions.cfg though20:13
ignasI think20:13
ignasso you might want to read the config file, and generate a list of eggs that you want to package from it20:14
jintythat's an idea20:14
jintybetter than uncontrolled spidering20:14
ignasif you read Zope3-dev there was stephan's email that linked to the config files20:15
jintybut how to get the tarballs, once you have the eggs20:15
ignashmm, you are not building debian packages from source eggs, are you?20:16
jintyyou get the tarball20:18
jintyunpack it20:19
jintyget the current debian packaging, apply it to the new tarball20:19
jintyand release20:19
LumiereI am betting that LP would love to have someone abuse PPA hard20:24
Lumiereand make sure it can take punishment20:24
*** alga has quit IRC20:24
th1aI'm sure Canonical is pretty good at torturing LP themselves.20:25
jintyignas: what would be a good set of zope packages to start releasing? zope.interface, zope.testing...20:27
ignasi think these would do20:28
ignaswould be good candidates too20:28
ignasj1m would be so glad :D knowing how much he dislikes system pythons in general ;)20:30
mgedminjim is going to love the flood of ubuntu bug reports for zc.buildout :)20:30
jintyignas: ok, I've uploaded python-zope.interface and python-zope.testing to the PPA20:34
jintyyou want to do one?20:35
ignas - the file I have talked about (i think ;)20:36
jintyerp, need API to translate these specifications into tarball URLS20:37
ignas failed :/20:37
* jinty swears brutally at the code that he wrote hiding errors20:38
jintyI think that might have to be manually packaged first20:38
jintythe default "make package from nothing" script is quite simplistic20:39
jintyhow did zc.buildout go?20:39
ignasdon't know ;) didn't say anything ;)20:41
ignasjust clicked import20:41
ignasand it refreshed without warnings20:41
jintyok, so then it worked :)20:41
* jinty needs status messages as well20:42
lisppaste5jinty pasted "Procedure to sign tarballs and upload them to the PPA" at
jintyignas: does that make sense?20:43
ignaslooks like it does20:44
jintyafter that, hopefully the PPA will build it properly20:44
jintythen anyone wanting to modify the packaging can download/upload it to the PPA20:45
ignaswhat about existing zope.interface packages in Ubuntu ?20:45
jintya tarball upgrade will then use the latest packaging from the PPA20:45
jintythere is only a python-zopeinterface20:46
jintyhonestly, I'm not sure20:46
ignaswon't we conflict with it? and what happens if we will overwrite their files ...20:46
jintyI think we should just conflict against zope3 and python-zopeinterface20:46
ignashope so ;)20:47
jintyI'm not aware of another solution that is safe20:47
ignaswill you upload the files to PPA20:47
ignasor should I try doing that20:47
jintyyou go for it20:47 ? not .dput.cfg20:48
jintythe whole point of me building out this infrastructure is that I wouldn't be a critical blockage20:48
jintyyep .cf20:48
jintyno g20:48
jintyth1a: what's the status of the old zope3 tarball based release?20:52
th1aRelease of Zope3?20:52
jintybecause by diving into packages now, we are risking breaking that20:52
jintyI mean the schooltool release that depends on the zope3 package20:52
jintythat's all in out PPA20:52
ignasSuccessfully uploaded packages.20:52
ignasNot running dinstall.20:52
jintyignas, that's cool20:53
th1aI'm not following you, jinty.20:53
jintyI mean python-zope.interface and the old zope3 package are incompatible20:54
jintywhich is file20:54
th1aI'm not worried about the stuff we previously put in PPA, if that's what you mean.20:54
jintyas we can build parallel dependency trees20:54
jintyyes, that's what I mean20:54
jintyIf we carry on putting stuff in the PPA we'll eventually break all that20:55
th1aThat's ok.20:55
th1aIt never really worked anyhow.20:55
jintyok, so then I'm going to delete the old zope3 package20:56
jintyand things like python-zope.ucol20:56
ignasisnt python-zope.ucol20:56
ignasa proper egg-deb20:57
ignasor is it having wrong dependencies?20:57
jintyyes, but it depends on zope320:57
jintyor we can just update the dependencies...20:57
jintyprobably the best option actually20:57
jintybut the monolithic zope3 monster definitely has to go20:57
* jinty get's afraid thinking of ZConfig20:58
jintybest that we have a resonable zope dependency tree before doing irreversible things20:59
jintyOk, we've gotta wait for the PPA to build the binary packages, then test what we've built21:00
* jinty takes a break21:01
jintyok, zope-interface built21:23
jintybut the introspection broke again21:24
jintybut we should see if we can install the thing21:24
*** Aiste has quit IRC21:24
*** Aiste has joined #schooltool21:25
* jinty watches the zc.buildout tests fail mostly horribly and wonders if buildout conflicts with the system python a bit21:34
jintyRan 279 tests with 3 failures and 43 errors21:34
ignasno idea21:35
ignaswhere can I look at these failures?21:35
ignasjinty: hmm, it seems that buildout works22:03
ignasjinty: at least on one of my sandboxes ;)22:03
ignasnot to launch a nightly script that would do this for all the packages in KGS ;)22:04
ignasand print a user friendly list to make upload to PPA easier to do22:04
*** ignas has quit IRC22:11
*** grishahun has joined #schooltool22:13
grishahuncan anyone help me with installing schooltool on ubuntu 7.10 Gusty? I've got som dependency problems22:14
Lumieregrishahun: what are you installing from?22:16
grishahuni'm installing schooltools from synaptic22:17
Lumiereth1a: you here?22:17
Lumiereinstalling from packages is a bad idea right now22:17
Lumierethey're wildly out of date22:17
grishahunI realized22:18
Lumierewe are working toward a release in the next version or two22:18
grishahuncan you help me to install it any other way22:19
Lumiereyea sec22:19
grishahunthank you22:20
Lumiere is a start22:21
*** mgedmin has quit IRC22:21
Lumierenot sure how up to date it is22:21
Lumiereth1a: is looking to update all these soon22:21
grishahunall i need is the offline functions of schooltool. tracking my students' test results, missings, etc22:24
* Lumiere stabs th1a 22:24
*** didymo has joined #schooltool22:40
*** grishahun has left #schooltool22:49

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