IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2008-02-05

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aelknerhey wbrady04:24
aelkneri just sent you a note04:24
wbradyhey ok04:24
aelknermake sure Lumiere (i.e., jason) helps you with what you need04:25
wbradyhaha sorry about the name04:25
aelknerno prob04:25
wbradyi guess the only reason I didn't want to start filing bug reports for those questions was that I wanted to make sure they were really bugs04:26
wbradyand that something actually wasn't working properly04:26
wbradycause there might have been a good reason why some things work the way they do and I just never thought of it04:27
aelknerwbrady: some of them could be thought of as wishlists04:29
aelknerif you file those, they can be considered as such04:29
aelknerLumiere: ayt?04:30
wbradyso basically I should just file all that aren't already filed and from there determine whether they are bugs or wishlist?04:31
aelknerwbrady: i don't know the launchpad interface that well as i'm not using it day-to-day04:35
aelkneri'd poke around in there and see what you can figure out04:36
aelknerit's meant to be a discussion forum04:36
wbradysounds good04:36
aelknerso don't worry about entering something that's not valid04:36
aelknerjust save yourself time by checking what's already there04:36
aelknerand enter what you will04:36
aelknerlet jason sort it out :)04:36
wbradyok i'll get working on that now04:38
wbradyis there a proper name given to the top bar that has Evaluations, Skill Drivers, Messages, Competencies, and Enrollment?05:45
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wbradyLumiere: ayt?19:59
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wbradyis there a reason why the "members" box shows up when you click on a specific student's messages?20:15
wbradythere is always just that student as the member right?20:15
Lumiereno idea20:21
wbradygot to go20:21
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