IRC log of #schooltool for Saturday, 2008-02-02

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ignasccarey, hi00:05
ccareyhi ignas00:05
ignassaw you have managed to start up cando from the buildout00:05
ccareyyes, aelkner said the IStatistics import wasn't needed00:06
ignasi see00:06
ignasdo all the tests if you run bin/test ?00:06
ccareyi'll run that now00:07
lisppaste5cpcarey pasted "cando buildout test results" at
ccareyit had trouble schooltool.gradebook egg again00:10
ignasit's not the gradebook egg00:10
ignashave you heard the concept of namespace packages in eggs?00:11
ccareyno i haven't00:11
ignasthe idea is this00:11
ignasyou want to have 2 or more separate eggs00:11
ignasbut want to have the same package for them00:11
ignaslike schooltool00:11
ignasor z3c00:11
ignasor zope00:11
ignasif you package multiple eggs that have zope as the package00:12
ignaspython will not know which zope package to use00:12
ignasas in is the zope from zope.interfaces the good one or is it the zope.app00:12
ignasor zope.traversal00:12
ignasso to use some package as a namespace package00:12
ignasyou must remove all the stuff from that package itself00:13
ignaslike - there are no python or zcml files in /zope/00:13
ignasonly __init__.py00:13
ignassame for schooltool, neither schooltool not schooltool.gradebook nor schooltool.devtools00:13
ignashas anything in their schooltool/ package except for __init__.py00:13
ignasyou can have other packages in there though00:14
ignasso schooltool/gradebook/foo.py00:14
ignasis good, because python when asked for "schooltool.gradebook" knows that there is only 1 'schooltool.gradebook' even though there are many "schooltool"00:14
ignasso when you ask for a file like "schooltool/configure.zcml" python picks up a random egg that has schooltool package in it00:15
ignas(in this case schooltool.gradebook)00:15
ignasand tries to find the file in it00:15
ignaswhich fails, because in all the eggs schooltool/ directory only has __init__.py00:15
ignasnow try to guess what is the actual cause of the error and what file must get fixed ;)00:16
ccareywould it be buildout.cfg?00:17
ignas/home/chris/cando-buildout-integration/src/cando/curriculum/browser/ftesting.zcml has <include package="schooltool" /> instead of <include package="schooltool.common" /> in line 500:17
ignasby the way - if you were not aware of it <include package="schooltool" /> is the same as <include package="schooltool" file="configure.zcml" />00:21
ignasthus it fails while looking for configure.zcml in the schooltool package00:22
ccareyi made the changes and ran the tests00:24
ccarey4 similar errors, i'll go ahead and post that00:25
lisppaste5cpcarey pasted "cando buildout test results 2" at
ignaswhere is the addPerson imported from in the functional tests?00:27
ccareylet me check00:28
ccareyin the ftests for newskin it's imported from00:29
ccareyand gradebook00:29
ignaslook at IBasicPerson00:30
ignasand see what is the capitalization00:30
ignasfor the "First Name"00:30
ccarey"First name"00:31
ignascould you paste the ftesting.zcml that is used for that test?00:32
ccareyfrom newskin you mean?00:33
lisppaste5cpcarey pasted "newskin - ftesting.zcml" at
ccareygradebook, journal, evidence and message import addPerson from00:35
ignascando is using the wrong skin in the functional tests i think00:35
ccareynot gradebook, i mean skilldriver00:35
ignasyou might want to remove the setdefault skin bit00:36
ignasfrom the skilldriver ftesting zcml00:37
ignasthe newskin00:37
ignasnot skilldriver00:37
ignasoh, hmm, sorry, my bad00:37
ignasnot remove it00:37
ignasbut set it to SchoolTool200700:38
ignasand see if it works out00:38
ccareyset to <browser:defaultSkin name="SchoolTool2007" /> right?00:41
ccareyok let me paste the output00:41
lisppaste5cpcarey pasted "cando buildout test results 3" at
ignaslet me reboot my PC00:44
ignasthe problem seems to be that SchoolTool skin does not have basicperson views enabled in it00:44
ignasand cando does not have it's own skin00:45
ignaswhich it probably should have00:45
ignaslike - a skin that inherits from the schooltool skin and adds the required parts00:45
ignasand allows you to define cando specific views without using <includeOverrides /> to override schooltool ones00:46
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ignasnow the problem seems to be this:00:51
ignasschooltool2007 was adding basicperson using overrides00:51
ignasit still does that now that I look at it00:52
ignasthough now it only overrides the 1 utility  that needs to be overriden00:53
ignasthe views are overriden using borwser layers00:53
ignasrather than <includeOverrides />00:53
ignaswhich IMHO is a lot nicer00:53
ignasnow what we want to do00:53
ignasis take cando200700:53
ignasand add a skin for it00:54
ignasso you might just go and create in cando2007/00:54
ignasand i'll go and check out schooltool release00:54
ignasemm is SchoolToolForm a part of CanDo?00:56
ccareyi don't know, i'll find out00:58
* ignas found out00:59
* ignas is trying to understand WTF is going on in there00:59
ignascould you try and change the skin declaration to state just SchoolTool in the ftesting.zcml again00:59
ignasand then copy paste it and make it say SchoolToolForm01:00
ignasjust to see if 2 declarations one after another conflict in some way01:00
ignasor the "last one wins"01:00
ccareyi'll try that01:01
ignasand do just bin/test -f -s cando.newskin01:01
ignasto limit tests to only newskin01:01
ignaswill save you some time01:01
ccareyConfigurationConflictError: Conflicting configuration actions01:02
ccareydo you want me to paste the whole thing?01:03
ignasdo you have an old cando checkout anywhere on your system?01:04
ignasthe one without buildout01:04
ccareyyes, i think so, but it's not old01:05
ignasi mean01:05
ignaswithout buildout01:05
ignasbut the most up to date ;)01:05
ignascan you just remove <browser:defaultSkin name="SchoolTool" /> line from src/cando/newskin/ftesting.zcml01:05
ignasin there01:05
ignasand do a full test run01:05
ccarey0 failures01:07
ignasso - in the buildout branch01:08
ignasremove that line from ftesting.zcml too01:08
ignasfind the  ISchoolToolFormSupportSkin in src/cando/newskin/__init__.py01:10
ignasand make it inherit from from " import IBasicPersonLayer"01:10
ignasas well01:10
ccareyand then run tests?01:11
ccareysame results01:12
ignasaddPerson fails with First Name error?01:13
ignasadd   <browser:defaultSkin name="SchoolToolForm" /> in the ftesting.zcml and see if anything changes01:14
ccareyinstead of <browser:defaultSkin name="SchoolToolForm" />?01:14
ccareyi mean <browser:defaultSkin name="SchoolTool" />01:15
ccareyor just add it right after?01:15
ccareysame results01:16
ignascould you do a "make run"01:19
ignasand go to the add person view01:19
ccareyum, with old cando?01:19
ignasnew cando01:20
ignasbin/start-schooltool-instance instance/01:20
ignasrather than make run01:20
* ignas forgot that the Makefile that you copied has no "make run" in it01:20
ccareyi'm at the add person view01:22
ignasdoes it have First name ?01:22
ignasor just title01:22
ccareyit has "Full name" actually01:22
ignasbut no first/last name01:23
ignasand the ISchoolToolFormSupportSkin definition looks like:01:24
ignasclass ISchoolToolFormSupportSkin(ISchoolToolFormSupportLayer, IBasicPersonLayer, IDefaultBrowserLayer):01:24
ignasin the buildout cando01:25
ccareyi have IDefaultBrowserLayer before IBasicPersonLayer01:25
ccareydoes that make a difference?01:25
ignasyou could try changing places01:25
ignasthough it should not make any difference01:26
ccareywow 0 failures01:27
ccareyfor cando.newskin01:27
ignasi see01:27
ignastry running all the tests01:27
ignasnow i understand why01:28
ignasproblem was that the first in the interface list01:28
ignasis more specific01:28
ignasso if you add anything after IDefaultBrowserLayer01:28
ignasyou make all the views that are registered without a layer01:29
ignasand default person views are registered without a layer01:29
ignasthat still does not make the 2 skins 3 layers thing that was done in cando any less awful though01:30
lisppaste5ccarey pasted "cando buildout test results 4" at
ignasschooltool.xmlparsing was moved to schooltool.common.xmlparsing01:32
ccareyi could have guessed =)01:33
ccareyHTMLDocument isn't in schooltool.common.xmlparsing though01:35
ignasdo something like:01:38
ignasfrom lxml import etree01:38
ignasdoc = etree.HTML(response)01:38
ignasand do doc.xpath(xpath)01:38
ignasinstead of doc.query01:38
ignasschooltool is using lxml now, and interface of lxml is good enough so we don't need additional wrappers01:39
ignasyou might want to limit the tests to the ones that are failing01:40
ignaswith "-s"01:40
ccareyok all tests pass01:43
ignassvn add all the new files01:43 but not version.txt though01:43
ignasif there is version.txt01:44
ignaswrite "svn diff | less"01:44
ignasand review your own diff before commiting01:44
ignasto see whether everything you did makes sense01:44
ignasand commit it01:44
ignasa fun fact01:47
ignascando-checkins mailing list01:47
ignashas like 5 commits with words "cleanup" or "refactor"01:48
ignasin their commit messages01:48
ccareywhat should this commit message say?01:49
ignaswell - it should say what you did01:49
ignasmake cando use buildout to download zope and schooltool eggs01:49
ignasmake cando test pass with an up to date schooltool01:49
ccareycan you have more than one message to a commit, or do i just combine them01:50
ignascombine them01:50
ccareyuhoh, i don't think i was added to make cando commits01:54
ignaswhat does svn info say ?01:55
ignasor at least svn ci say ?01:55
ccareyi'll post it01:56
lisppaste5ccarey pasted "svn info" at
lisppaste5ccarey pasted "svn ci" at
ignaswhat does svn say?01:58
ignasbecause you posted me the changed file list01:58
lisppaste5ccarey pasted "svn ci 2" at
ignasi guess you will have to email me the diff so I could commit it02:01
ccareyaww ok02:01
ccareydo i need to get jinty to add me to the cando list02:02
ignasi think so02:03
ignaswe can just wrap it up02:03
ignasand you will commit it yourself02:03
ignasas soon as jinty adds you to the list02:03
ignasto get the credit ;)02:03
ccareydo you still want the email with the diff?02:03
ignasit would be nice02:03
ignasi could review it prior to the commit02:03
ccareyyou mean svn diff right?02:04
ignassvn diff > some-file.patch02:04
ignasand send me the file02:04
ccareyok, so i'll email that to you and contact jinty02:04
ccareyafter this, i'm going to get dinner if that's fine02:06
ccareyalright ignas, the svn diff is sent02:11
ignasi guess we're done for today02:12
ignasit's getting late in here02:12
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ignasanyone up?03:54
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fsufitchgood morning, everybody14:21
fsufitchi'm, er, ready for the 1200 meeting14:22
pcardunefsufitch: it's not 1200?14:39
fsufitchpcardune: it is :-P14:41
fsufitchi.e. i have nothing to do until then14:41
pcarduneyou have nothing to do for 4 hours?14:41
fsufitchpcardune: well, that's not true anymore14:53
fsufitchmy mom noticed i woke up, so now i'm going to perpetually have something to do14:53
pcardunefsufitch: too bad14:53
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dwelshgreetings, one and all18:51
wbradyhello everyone18:53
pcardunehi dwelsh18:55
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jelknerdwelsh: good morning18:56
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jelknermorning ccarey18:57
ccareygood morning18:57
jelknerpcardune: where in the world are you now?18:58
aelknerhello everyone18:58
jelknermorning bro18:58
pcardunejelkner: still in thailand18:59
pcardunejelkner: i'll be stateside on monday18:59
jelknerahh, so it is late, not early18:59
dwelshgreetings, thailand19:00
pcarduneI'm preempting the jet lag by staying up ridiculously late19:00
dwelshif it makes you feel any closer to us here in Arlington19:00
dwelshwe eat Thai food all the time19:00
pcardunefunny, because so do I...19:01
jelknerdwelsh: is lumiere going to be here?19:01
aelknerah, tum yum gai...19:01
pcardunegai means chicken19:01
jelknermy clock says noon, time to start19:01
aelkneri knew that19:01
aelknersame in chinese19:01
dwelshspeaking of thai food, yes, lumiere, the weekly special... I'll nudge him now19:01
aelknermoo goo gai pan19:01
jelknerok, here is what i have for an agenda:19:01
jelkner1. cando development process19:02
jelkner   a. developers19:02
jelkner   b. project manager?19:02
jelkner2. what needs to be done19:02
jelkner  a. bug fixing19:02
jelkner   b. schooltool integration19:02
jelkner   c. new features?19:02
jelkneranything else?19:03
dwelshjstraw still in bed...19:03
dwelshpresumably preparing for a timezone shift19:03
dwelshbut to where?????19:03
dwelshI've asked his Dad to get him up19:04
jelknerdwelsh: r u good with the agenda?19:04
dwelshyes, looks good19:04
jelknerok, let me start with 1a19:05
* pcardune ducks19:05
* pcardune points to interns19:05
jelknerwe are hoping the development crew will consist of ccarey, fsufitchi, and andrew rodriguez19:05
jelknerdone, pcardune19:05
fsufitchi'm just in from a quick lunch19:06
jelknerfsufitch: good to see you19:06
fsufitchyou too19:06
jelknerdo either ccarey or fsufitch see andrew rodriguez at school?19:06
fsufitchi see him occasionally19:07
ccareyi don't19:07
dwelshdoes will johnson figure in the mix19:07
fsufitchccarey: he hangs out around the syslab sometimes19:07
jelknerok, ccarey and fsufitch: do you think you could work a regular part-time schedule into your week?19:08
fsufitchactually i think i just saw him yesterday there before school closed19:08
jelknerhow many hours would you want?19:08
jelkneri want to get a clear sense of our resources19:09
fsufitchfor me, i dont think i can hangle more than 1 hr per workweek19:09
jelknerso we can plan realistically19:09
fsufitchin the weekend i can do more, but that can fluctuate19:09
jelknerfsufitch: i'm hoping for a weekly commitment19:09
jelkneri understand that most of it will fall on weekends19:09
ccareyi can handle 2 hours on wednesdays and fridays19:10
ccareymondays/tuesdays too if needed19:10
jelknerbut i'd like for you to think of this as a part-time job that you schedule into your lives along with everything else19:10
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fsufitchjelkner: right19:10
jelknerccarey: we talked about 10 hours per week for you, yes?19:10
jstrawdid anyone get the number on that truck?19:10
*** jstraw is now known as Lumiere19:11
jelknersince we use an asynchronous process for the most part anyway, we can be flexible on the when19:11
ccareyjelkner: not recently anyway19:11
fsufitchLumiere: nope19:11
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o Lumiere19:11
jelknerccarey ?19:11
ccareyjelkner: i think i could fit that in19:11
Lumierewas I named project manager in absentia?19:11
jelknerLumiere that is going to be my proposal19:12
aelknerLumiere: congratulations19:12
jelkner(but it means waking up a bit earlier to make meetings ;-)19:12
Lumierethen as first act as project manager... This meeting will never be held at noon on a saturday again :)19:12
dwelshLumiere is getting paid more hours at the Career Center19:12
jelknerccarey: so is 10 about right for you?19:13
dwelshand I'm sure admin here will like to see CanDo as a part of his duties/resp19:13
Lumieredwelsh, then we can meet during the week?19:13
ccareyjelkner: 10 hours is fine19:13
jelknerLumiere: no19:13
jelknerthat won't work19:13
jelknerthe developers are in school19:13
aelknernight times are good for students and professionals19:13
jelkneralthough you are welcome to try19:13
Lumierejelkner: how about 8pm on a monday night?19:13
aelknerthat's more like it19:14
jelkneri could do that19:14
LumiereI want my weekend to be my weekend19:14
jelknerthat's fair19:14
jelknerbut what about ccarey and fsufitchi?19:14
ccarey8pm mondays are good with me19:14
fsufitchwell, so long as i still have time for my homework that's fine19:14
aelknercount it as part of your homework :)19:15
jelknerfsufitch: how about you - how many hours?19:15
fsufitchthat works :)19:15
Lumiereyou  always have permission to excuse yourself after 30 minutes or so19:15
Lumiereand tell us you have homework19:15
fsufitchit would be about 10 hours for me too19:15
jelknerforces us to stay focused and not waste time19:15
jelknerso, we have 20 hours developer time19:15
Lumierewhich jelkner is good at :)19:15
dwelshjelker:  where is arodriguez?19:16
jelkneri was hoping for 10 more from andrew19:16
dwelshis he a factor19:16
jelknerbut he isn't here19:16
Lumiereit's noon on a Saturday... this is prime sleeping time19:16
aelknerjelkner: tom authorized me to work 10 hours per month to help the interns19:16
dwelshand Will Johnston who is coming to Pycon19:16
dwelshcan he be a factor?19:16
jelknerbut he is not ready yet19:16
jelknerhe is the yorktown student19:16
pcarduneisn't he a senior?19:16
pcarduneand isn't it second semester?19:17
fsufitchit's 2nd semester now ;)19:17
pcardunethat means he can blow off school now!19:17
pcarduneand just do CanDo19:17
wbradypcardune: amen to that!19:17
jelknerok, lumiere, are you comfortable with being project manager?19:17
aelknerwe should outline19:17
aelknerwhat the projet manager needs to do19:18
Lumierejust don't drop it all on me instantly19:18
Lumiereaelkner, thank you19:18
LumiereI am assuming that dwelsh will continue the accounting19:18
aelkner1) keep on top of bug list19:18
aelkner2) assign work to interns19:18
aelkner3) ask them for estimates19:18
aelknerfair enough19:18
Lumierejelkner, s/consultants/student-consultants/19:19
aelkner4) make sure bugs are actually fixed19:19
aelkner5) deploy fixes as they are commited19:19
* Lumiere pulls out fsufitch's favorite toy19:19
aelknerthat can be done on jason's schedule19:19
Lumiereaelkner, #5 is not my duty as project manager19:19
aelknerwho's in charge of deployments then?19:19
*** ignas has joined #schooltool19:19
pcarduneignas: perfect timing ;)19:20
ignashi, sorry I'm a bit late19:20
aelknerwe were just talking about deployment of cando19:20
Lumiere5) Request deployment of fixes/announce release19:20
pcarduneignas: i think you just got assigned doing cando deployments19:20
Lumieredeploying at ACC is my duty19:20
Lumierebut deploying at Yorktown or whereever else is not19:21
aelknerwbardy deploys at YHS19:21
Lumiereyou do now?19:21
wbradyyea me and jelkner are in charge of our CanDo on our own now19:21
jelknerand since he files most of the bugs19:21
aelknerso jason, after you have received word that a bug is fixed19:21
aelkneryou could test it out at your site19:21
Lumiereso here's the running problem I have19:21
jelknerhe will want to communicate with you regularly to follow them19:22
LumiereI no longer get email from the cando lists19:22
aelknerand email a list of people to deploy it when you know it's ready19:22
Lumiereand I cannot figure out why19:22
Lumiereand nor can *blanks on name* from PoV19:22
Lumiereso I'll probably put my gmail account on it for now19:23
jelknerccarey and fsufitch: can the two of you talk to arodriguez to see if he is in on this?19:23
Lumiereso I can track it... but IMAP for gmail is still buggy19:23
pcarduneLumiere: gmail has IMAP?!?19:23
fsufitchjelkner: i'll track him down ;)19:23
jelknerfsufitch: thanks!19:24
Lumiereyou have to turn it on in preferences on gmail19:24
fsufitchjelkner: we could actually probably give him a call right now19:24
Lumiereand it gives the settings to use in thunderbird19:24
fsufitchhe's "away" on his computer19:24
aelkneryou'll see him at school19:25
dwelshyes, gmail POP and presumably IMAP are both buggy19:25
dwelshthat is, unreliable19:25
Lumierearodriguez is likely doing exactly what I was... SLEEPING! :)19:25
fsufitchi haven't had problems with gmail POP19:25
dwelsharodriguez is looking a little buggy now too19:25
Lumierebtw... no meeting _this_ monday19:25
fsufitchLumiere: i don't know, one account says "school"19:26
fsufitchthe other says "away"19:26
fsufitchwho knows19:26
fsufitchsaturday school?19:26
aelknercan we focus here a minute?19:26
pcardunefsufitch: I think he's training to become a ninja19:26
aelkneri would like to lay out expectations19:26
Lumiereanyways... 2 days to a meeting is worthless... next meeting is monday feb. 1119:26
fsufitchanyway, i have his schedule, i can find him19:26
Lumiere8pm EST19:27
Lumiereaelkner, go19:27
* jelkner talking to andrew now19:27
LumiereI'll make them be quiet if we need to19:27
aelknerwe need each party to know what is expected and the protocol for getting work19:27
jelknerhe will be here soon...19:27
*** nitromaster has joined #schooltool19:27
aelknerjason should use email and launchpad to communicate with the developers19:27
aelknerthey in turn should communicate back to him19:28
jelknernitromaster: does a 10 hour work week sound about right to you?19:28
aelknerjason should then email deployers19:28
aelknerright now there's just wbrady19:28
nitromasterjelkner, it might be too much, i'm not sure19:28
aelknerdevelopers should send invoices to jason19:28
jelknernitromaster: ok, what could you commit to?19:29
Lumiereinvoices should be emailed to me and CC'd to dwelsh19:29
nitromasterjelkner, would 7 hours a week work?19:29
jelknerthat gives us 27 hours per week developer time19:30
jelknerthat should be enough19:30
jelknerin any case, we can adjust our goals to match our resources19:30
jelknernitromaster: does 8 pm monday for 30 minutes work for you for our weekly meeting?19:31
nitromasterjelkner, yes19:31
jelknerso, next meeting on 2/11 at 8 pm19:32
*** Lumiere changes topic to "SchoolTool development | | IRC logs at | SchoolTool Dev meetings Mon, 14:30 UTC (16:30 EET, 9:30 EST) | CanDo Dev meetings Mon, 0100 UTC (Tues) (8pm EST, 0300 EET) | Use for pasting | Write more unit and functional tests! Yes, you!"19:32
Lumierethat isn't gonna work19:32
jelknerit was your proposal!19:32
*** Lumiere changes topic to "SchoolTool development | | IRC logs at | SchoolTool Dev meetings Mon, 14:30 UTC (16:30 EET, 9:30 EST) | CanDo Dev meetings Mon, 2000 EST (Tuesday 0100 UTC, 0300 EET) | Use for pasting | Write more unit and functional tests! Yes, you!"19:32
aelknerthat's why19:32
Lumiereaelkner got what I was ughing at19:33
Lumierejelkner: have you not learned that I am not at all linear thinking?19:33
jelknerbut i do ;-)19:33
jelknerare we finished?19:34
aelknernot yet19:34
aelknerso i want to know that all are clear on protocol for getting/doing/reporting work19:34
aelknerjaspn can use launchpad to assign tasks19:35
LumiereI need fsufitch, nitromaster, and ccarey to send my ibiblio email a list of the parts of CanDo they're most comfortable with19:35
aelknerhe should verify that automatic emails are being send to developers19:35
Lumierealso include your launchpad user19:35
Lumiereso I can assign easier ;)19:35
aelknerand developers can communicate that a bug is fixed also using launchpad19:35
Lumierefsufitch yours I think I have...19:36
fsufitchmy launchpad username?19:36
* jelkner drops the bag of gravel19:38
jelknerfolks can stay around to talk about details19:38
jelknerbut the main tasks have been done19:38
Lumiereccarey, can you also make your user on the cando lists use non-digest19:38
jelknerwe can check back on 2/11 to see what is working and what needs adjusting19:38
pcardunewe should all use the same username schem, as in pcardune, fsufitch, jelkner... etc. (hint hint *Lumiere*)19:39
pcarduneit makes it easier to remember what everyones username is for launchpad/email/trac/etc.19:39
aelknergood point19:39
fsufitchmine is still fsufitch :)19:39
fsufitchit's just my email that's fsufitchi19:40
Lumierepcardune, my irc name has been Lumiere on 7 irc networks for like 4 years19:40
Lumierepeople have come to expect it19:40
pcarduneLumiere: i'm just giving you a hard time19:41
Lumiereand I was Lumiere when I was staff here at fn19:41
Lumieresomeone *cough* dwelsh *cough* woke me up19:41
dwelshmy pleasure19:41
Lumieredwelsh, you know you're buying next 3 lunches now right ;)19:41
dwelshIt was amazing to see how ready your Dad was to wake you!19:42
dwelshNo questions asked19:42
Lumierehe knows who you are19:42
dwelshThat's why I'm known on 10 IRC channels as "shock and awe"19:43
* Lumiere calls bs19:43
dwelshok folks. are we good?19:44
dwelshlunch beckons19:44
pcardunedwelsh: his dad was afraid you'd come and get him with a tennis racket19:44
pcarduneyou know dwelsh has a mean forehand19:44
Lumiereyes I most certainly do19:44
LumiereI get to hear about it19:44
Lumierelike every 3 days19:44
jelknerLumiere: can you tell us your preferred email address?19:45
pcardunethere should be a CanDo blog19:45
jelknerso the 3 cando developers can contact you directly19:45
Lumierejelkner: my address for all single-person-email related to work19:45
pcardunejust like songbird... despite losing all interest in them for the time being, I am still barraged with their development news19:45 ?19:45
pcarduneha ha ha19:45
LumiereI was trying not to type it out19:45
Lumiereand get it in the logs19:46
jelknersorry :-(19:46
pcardunei could see that one coming19:46
dwelshpcardune:  howzit on the job front?19:46
pcardunedwelsh: not sure yet, ask me again in 2 weeks19:47
jelknerdwelsh: did you see my message?19:47
dwelshI responded19:47
*** Lumiere sets mode: -o Lumiere19:53
dwelshlumiere:  you still here?19:58
*** dwelsh has quit IRC19:59
*** jelkner has quit IRC20:02
*** wbrady has quit IRC20:10
*** ccarey has quit IRC20:22
*** ignas has quit IRC22:37

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