IRC log of #schooltool for Sunday, 2008-01-27

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fsufitchpcardune: ping17:16
pcardunefsufitch: hello17:17
fsufitchi just sent you an email about someone wanting to join cando17:17
fsufitchread over plz?17:17
pcarduneinteresting... now we have people coming to us17:20
fsufitchwhat we had people leaving before?17:21
pcardunefsufitch: no, but we had to recruit17:21
fsufitchanyway, what do you think?17:22
pcardunefsufitch: well, it would always be nice to have another developer17:22
pcardunebut money is of course always an issue17:22
pcarduneYou'd have to ask the people in charge (Dave)17:23
fsufitchand from the sounds of it, i think he's doing it *for* the money17:23
fsufitchi did have them in the To of that email too17:23
fsufitchi had dave, jeff, alan, jason and u17:23
pcardunefsufitch: yeah, it would be better if he had some other interest in the project17:24
fsufitchi don't know if he knows enough about the project to have that17:25
fsufitchhe might get more interest in it as he goes along17:25
pcardunelike, if he could show that he had the specific skills necessary for our specific needs, without too much investment from us (in terms of training), then I think they would be happy to hire someone who'll work for cheap (cheaper than a "professional" in any case)17:25
fsufitchheh, yeah17:25
fsufitchbut he knows no zope, and as i said, he didn't mention web devel17:25
fsufitchbtw, where is the zope tutorial that came out of our lessons?17:26
fsufitchi can't find it on goodle17:26
pcardunefsufitch: the bzr repo should be on launchpad17:26
pcarduneas part of the zcontact project?  or maybe the cando project?17:26
fsufitchpcardune: i need to go soon, so i won't be online when the others will be17:33
fsufitchrare social outing :-O17:34
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