IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2008-01-08

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wbradyaelkner: hey i'm looking for help on setting up an instance of CanDo but not the latest version00:33
wbradyi want to test an update process from matt00:33
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Lumiereseems to be01:33
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aelknereldar: ayt?05:48
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th1amgedmin: ayt?17:25
mgedminyes, th1a17:26
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th1aaelkner will need to use a terminal IRC client from school.  Any recommendations?17:27
th1amgedmin, ignas?17:28
ignasalga is using one17:28
mgedminis popular17:30
mgedminI think alga uses BitchX17:30
mgedminI think I've seen people migrating from BitchX to irssi17:31
mgedminso that's the one I'd try17:31
mgedminBTW xchat has a command-line version17:31
ignasi have used irssi when i was using console for irc17:31
ignasstill not sure why console?17:31
ignasi mean - they have irc blocked in lyceum, but ssh forwarding takes care of that for me ;)17:32
th1aYes, that would work too.17:32
th1amgedmin: That's what I thought.17:32
mgedminssh forwarding rules17:36
th1aignas: aelkner is having some trouble with the Reportlab egg... he's going to  email you the output.17:43
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aelknerignas: am i here?17:51
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aelknerhey!  i managed to connect and get around this school's security17:51
aelknerusing irssi on a remote machine17:52
aelknerdi you get my note17:52
ignasif you have a remote machine17:52
ignaswhy aren't you ssh forwarding?17:52
ignasi have even replied to it17:52
aelknerdon't know how to ssh forward yet17:53
ignasi am using "ssh -L"17:53
ignasand then "/server localhost 7777"17:53
aelknercould you show me what the missibg find links are?17:53
ignason my machine17:53
ignasin xchat17:53
ignasyou have them in your file17:53
ignasin scripts block17:53
ignasjust copy and paste them17:53
aelknerso do i copy the two lines in scripts to the sla paragraph?17:55
ignasjust the find-links = one is enough17:56
ignasbut you can copy both of them anyway17:56
ignasit won't hurt17:56
aelkneri copied both and it still gives the same error17:56
aelknerdo i need to rm -rf eggs?17:57
aelknerhere's the block:18:00
aelknerrecipe = zc.recipe.egg18:00
aelknerfind-links =
aelknereggs = sla18:00
ignas"error: Setup script exited with error: No space left on device"18:00
ignasthe error18:01
ignasso it's not the find-links problem18:01
aelknerwe did a df and got:18:01
aelknerFilesystem           1K-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on18:01
aelkner/dev/hdv1            875908484 116014852 759893632  14% /18:01
aelknernone                     16384         0     16384   0% /tmp18:01
ignasin /tmp ?18:01
ignaseggs are extracted and compiled in /tmp before getting moved to /eggs18:01
aelknerwe noticed that /tmp look ssmall18:01
aelknercould that be the problem?18:02
aelknerdo you know how to change the size of /tmp?18:03
aelknerthat's sysadmin stuff :)18:03
mgedmincan you export TMPDIR=~/tmp or something?18:16
Lumieretmp is a faked filesystem these days18:17
Lumiereit's an in ram fs18:17
aelknerwe're trying to remount it18:21
mgedminwhy? doesn't buildbot respect $TMPDIR?18:28
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aelknermgedmin: ayt?19:20
aelknerhey, thanks for the TMPDIR suggestion19:20
aelknerit worked19:20
aelknernow PILwoTk won't install19:23
aelknerand i'm sure it's a path thing19:23
aelknercause itg can't find Python.h19:23
aelknermgedmin: do you know what my path should be?19:24
mgedminred herring19:24
mgedmincheck if you have a Python.h at all19:24
mgedminhave you installed python2.4-dev or equivalent?19:24
mgedminwhere?  anywhere!19:25
aelknermaybe not.  i'll check19:25
mgedminlocate Python.h19:25
mgedminfind / -name Python.h19:25
aelkneroh. locate works not just for commands?19:25
mgedminlocate works for any file19:25
mgedminbut it has a certain time lag19:25
mgedmin(newly added files aren't found until cron runs updatedb)19:26
aelkneri see19:26
aelknerroot@schooltool:/# find / -name 'Python.h'19:28
aelknerGetting distribution for 'PILwoTk'.19:29
aelkner_imaging.c:76:20: error: Python.h: No such file or directory19:29
aelknerIn file included from libImaging/Imaging.h:14, from _imaging.c:78:19:29
aelknerlibImaging/ImPlatform.h:10:20: error: Python.h: No such file or directory19:29
aelknermgedmin: shouldn't easy_install have set the path itself?19:29
aelkneri did the apt-get install of python2.4-dev19:30
mgedmintalk to ignas19:31
mgedminthis is beyond my knowledge19:31
mgedminI've heard that the PIL egg on cheeseshop is broken19:31
aelknerwhere are you physically located?19:31
aelknerah, ok?  we haven't met yet, have we?19:32
aelkneror did we at PyCon last year?19:32
aelkneri'm alan, jeff elkner's brother19:32
mgedminI haven't been to PyCon19:33
aelknermgedmin: are you coing to pycon this year?19:33
aelknerit's in chicago19:33
aelknera great city19:33
aelknerignas: ayt?19:41
aelknerdo you see the problem i'm having (see above)?19:42
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ignasdid you do the make ubuntu-environment ?19:42
aelkneri didn't set up this machine, and the guy who did is not in19:43
ignasso do that to pull all the dependencies for sure19:43
aelknerdo you litterally mean 'make ubuntu-environment'19:43
ignashmm, you don't have that in your buildout19:44
ignasapt-get install subversion build-essential python-all python-all-dev libc6-dev libicu-dev python-setuptools19:44
aelknerit says no rule19:44
ignasapt-get build-dep python-imaging19:44
ignasapt-get build-dep python-libxml2 libxml219:44
ignasshould set you up19:44
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aelknerignas: i sent you an email19:54
ignasmgedmin: says that "you might have broken your system previously"19:57
ignasby the way19:57
ignascould you use lisppaste519:57
ignasbecause only I can read my email19:57
ignasand i am not the best linux administrator in here ;)19:57
* mgedmin read that email over ignas's shoulder20:00
Lumieremgedmin: I forgot to ask earlier20:00
mgedminthe mknod: permission denied error is weird20:00
mgedmincan you paste the output of 'mount'?20:00
LumiereI stopped receiving emails from schooltool lists20:00
Lumierea month or two ago20:00
Lumierecan you check into it for me?20:00
mgedminLumiere: it's mailman20:00
mgedmintry to log in and see if you've got delivery disabled20:01
mgedminbecause of bounces20:01
Lumiereit shows enabled20:02
Lumierethe address is lists a misato d us20:04
mgedminthe mail queue on has 462 stuck emails20:04
LumiereI bet20:04
Lumierethey're all me20:04
mgedminonly one20:04
mgedmin5324533EF      1798 Tue Jan  8 09:00:03  checkins-bounces@schooltool.org20:05
mgedmin(host[] said: 450 Client host rejected: cannot find your hostname, [] (in reply to RCPT TO command))20:05
Lumiereyea I've been having issues with that20:05
Lumiereno reverse?20:05
mgedminit doesn't say anything about reverse dns20:05 domain name pointer
aelknersorry, i was pn the phpone20:09
aelknercatching up now...20:09
Lumiereaelkner: I kinda stole mgedmin for a bit XD20:11
aelkneri'm here with a sysadmin who's logging in...20:11
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fstpierrehello everyone i am franky st. pierre20:14
th1aHi fstpierre.20:15
aelkneryeah, franky found a cool tidbit in launchpad20:15
aelknerbug #14468520:16
aelknerthat explains the whole thing20:16
th1aIt is some kind of Ubuntu bug?20:17
th1aI don't think there is any reason in particular you need to be using Gutsy.20:19
mgedminwas there ever a ubuntu release not using udev?20:20
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aelkneris there a way to downgrade from gutsy to feisty or even dapper?20:25
Lumiereaelkner: not reallylyy20:25
aelkneri'm going to try setting up schooltool on which i know isn't runnign gutsy20:26
aelknerand it is also a vserver20:26
mgedminwhere does the dependency on udev appear?20:29
mgedminno, that's not what I thought it would be20:30
ignasaelkner: i am using gutsy, and schooltool works on gutsy20:31
ignasboth 32 bit and 64 bit i think20:31
aelkneris it a vserver?20:32
aelknermaybe it's a combination of gutsy and vserver20:32
ignasnow that i think of it20:33
aelkneri'm getting problems of a different nature on my fiesty machine20:33
ignasall the relevant packages should be there now20:33
aelknerSetting up python-setuptools (0.6c5-1ubuntu1) ...20:34
aelknerpycentral: pycentral pkginstall: already exists: /usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/setuptools.pth20:34
ignasis compilation of PILwoTk still failing?20:34
mgedminaelkner: that one looks like you installed setuptools manually with or some such20:34
ignasaelkner: that's because you have ran sudo python2.4 ez_setup.py20:34
mgedminand now your manual installation conflicts with apt's installation20:34
mgedminwhich is why I hate setuptools for defaulting to /usr/lib20:34
mgedmininstead of /usr/local/lib20:34
aelknerwe installed manually, that's true20:36
mgedminand now you pay20:36
aelknercan i uninstall it manually?20:36
ignasthere is no uninstall script20:36
ignasit's ez_setup not ez_uninstall ;)20:36
ignasit should not be breaking schooltool buildout to fail20:37
mgedminit doesn't break schooltool buildout20:37
mgedminit breaks sudo apt-get install python-setuptools20:37
ignasi know20:37
ignasi mean - absence of python-setuptools20:37
ignasis irrelevant to schooltool buildout20:37
ignasit was necessary for an svn checkout20:38
ignasso i'll be removing it from buildout makefiles20:38
ignasnow - do you still get errors when running bin/buildout ?20:38
aelknerthe same errors20:39
aelknerwith pilWork20:39
ignasmaybe it's something in your environment20:41
ignascould you try adding "-v" to bin/buildout20:42
aelknerthere's more details20:43
aelknerWe have no distributions for PILwoTk that satisfies 'PILwoTk'.20:43
aelknerGetting distribution for 'PILwoTk'.20:43
aelknerPicked: setuptools = 0.6c720:43
aelknerRunning easy_install:20:43
aelkner/opt/buildouts/sla-buildout/python/bin/python "-c" "from setuptools.command.easy_install import main; main()" "-mUNxd" "/opt/buildouts/sla-buildout/eggs/tmpz9OLGO" "-q" "/tmp/tmp6bEuMXget_dist/PILwoTk-"20:43
aelkner_imaging.c:76:20: error: Python.h: No such file or directory20:43
ignascould you try Not setting the TMPPATH?20:44
aelkneri didn't that time20:44
ignas(reportlab is already installed, so it might work)20:44
ignasi see20:44
aelkneras i've already gotten passed the other problem20:44
ignascould you "wget"20:45
ignasand run the command buildout printed20:45
ignasto see if it works without buildout20:45
fstpierrewhere should we put the file20:46
fstpierrein or should it be in the build out directory20:46
ignassomewhere else20:47
ignasso you could delete all the results20:47
ignasit is just to see if removing of 1 part from the equation makes things better20:47
aelkneri can't see what command buildout printed20:50
aelknerfrom my paste above20:50
aelkneri tried:21:04
aelknerroot@schooltool:/opt/buildouts/sla-buildout# PATH=/opt/buildouts/sla-buildout/eggs/setuptools-0.6c7-py2.4.egg /opt/buildouts/sla-buildout/python/bin/python "-c" "from setuptools.command.easy_install import main; main()" "-mUNxd" "/opt/buildouts/sla-buildout/eggs/tmpz9OLGO" "-q" "/opt/PILwoTk-"21:04
aelknerand got:21:04
aelknerTraceback (most recent call last): File "<string>", line 1, in ?21:04
aelknerImportError: No module named setuptools.command.easy_install21:04
aelknerignas:  you see I changed the last bit to be the file we downloaded21:06
ignasmaybe the egg should be pythonpath not path21:07
aelknererror: can't create or remove files in install directory21:07
aelknerThe following error occurred while trying to add or remove files in the21:08
aelknerinstallation directory:21:08
aelkner[Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/opt/buildouts/sla-buildout/eggs/tmpz9OLGO/test-easy-install-21138.pth'21:08
ignaswell - replace that part with some path that exists21:08
aelknerroot@schooltool:/opt/buildouts/sla-buildout# PYTHONPATH=/opt/buildouts/sla-buildout/eggs/setuptools-0.6c7-py2.4.egg /opt/buildouts/sla-buildout/python/bin/python "-c" "from setuptools.command.easy_install import main; main()" "-mUNxd" "/opt/buildouts/sla-buildout/tmp" "-q" "/opt/PILwoTk-"_imaging.c:76:20: error: Python.h: No such file or directory21:09
ignasok so it's not buildout21:10
ignasnow could you try using python2.421:10
ignasinstead of buildout/python/bin/python21:10
ignasto see if it's virtual python21:10
aelkneri think that worked.  here's some of the output:21:12
aelknerPIL 1.1.6 BUILD SUMMARY21:13
aelknerversion       1.1.621:13
aelknerplatform      linux2 2.4.4 (#2, Oct  4 2007, 23:56:01) [GCC 4.1.3 20070929 (prerelease) (Ubuntu 4.1.2-16ubuntu2)]21:13
aelkner*** TKINTER support not available21:13
aelkner--- JPEG support ok21:13
aelkner--- ZLIB (PNG/ZIP) support ok21:13
aelkner--- FREETYPE2 support ok21:13
ignasi see21:13
ignastry rm -rf buldout/python then21:13
ignasand run21:13
ignaspython2.4 bootstrap.py21:14
ignasand then try bin/buildout21:14
aelknerit got passed PilWOrk!21:15
aelknerstill running...21:15
aelknerhad to restart using TMPDIR=tmp...21:17
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aelknerit's stuck now waiting for:21:24
aelknerlibxml2: Downloading
ignasyeah, this one is often slow21:24
ignasi even had to wget it manually21:24
ignasand replace it with file://path-to-file/libxml2-2...tar.gz21:24
ignasin buildout.cfg21:25
aelkneri'm hoping to not have to...21:27
ignasit's faster to do than wait21:27
ignasyou can do that while waiting actually21:27
aelknerso wget
aelkner404: Not found21:29
aelknermaybe it was a cooincidence when you manually downloaded that they solved something on their end at the same time21:30
ignasnot http21:30
aelkneri thought i needed to change it for wget21:30
aelknerso what is the exact line and section that i need to change in my .cfg file?21:32
aelkneris it [sla]?21:32
aelknerand it it file=libxml2-2.6.26.tar.gz?21:32
ignasand no21:33
aelknergood guesses21:33
ignasfind the line that said ftp://url/to/the/file.tar.gz21:33
ignasand change it to file://path/to/file/on/your/machine/file.tar.gz21:33
aelknerrecipe = zc.recipe.cmmi21:34
aelknerurl =
aelknerurl = file:libxml2-2.6.26.tar.gz21:34
aelknerurl = file//:libxml2-2.6.26.tar.gz21:34
ignasurl = file://home/aelkner/somewhere/libxml2...21:35
aelkneri just put it in the same dir as the make file, so...21:35
ignasurls are absolute21:35
ignasnot relative21:36
ignas${buildout/directory}/libxml2... or something like that would work21:36
ignasi guess21:36
ignasbut i am not sure about the precise syntax21:36
ignasso just put the absolute path in there21:36
ignasok, i have to go now21:42
ignassee you tomorrow, or in a couple of hours21:42
th1aThanks ignas.21:43
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aelknerignas is the best!21:43
aelknerth1a: we have lift off!22:03
th1aThank god.22:04
aelknerIt was quite the chore, but thatnk god for ignas22:04
aelkneri wouldn't want to have to repeat it, but22:04
aelknerover time, ignas and i could work out some of the kinks22:05
th1aAre all the problems vserver-related?22:05
aelkneri'm not sure what we did to get it passed that problem22:06
aelknermaybe after i look over the chat22:06
aelknerwell, one of the problems was that /tmp was too small22:07
aelknerso marius' suggestion to use TMPDIR= before each command helped with that22:07
aelknerthen there was the problems with setuptools22:08
aelknerwe needed to manually install PilWork22:09
aelknersince setuptools didn't want to let us do that22:09
aelknerthen there was the need to remove the python directory22:09
aelknerfrom the buildout and run buildout manually with python2.422:10
aelknerfinally, i needed to manually download libxml222:10
aelkneras their server is too slow or something22:10
aelknerand then manually change buildout.cfg to point to the downloaded file22:10
aelknerafter doing that, the build finally suceeded22:11
aelknermake test and make ftest ran without incident22:11
aelknermake run worked ok, but i sample data generation bombed22:12
aelknerso i ran make run with TMPDIR=tmp before it22:12
aelknerthen sample data generated fine22:12
aelknerlift off!22:12
th1aGood work.22:13
aelknerth1a: i talked with Chris about demonstrating schooltool and22:16
aelknerwe might be able to do it on Thursday22:16
th1aThat would be good.22:16
aelknerdepends on how busy he gets22:16
aelkneri'll go check now to see if he has a better idea22:17
aelkneri'll be working on CAS with Franky tomorrow22:17
aelkneri know they are the ones doing it22:17
aelknerbut i want the knowledge too22:17
aelknerand Franky and i already seem to have a nice collaboration going22:17
aelknerso i'd like to continue with that22:18
aelknerth1a: is that cool with you?22:24
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ignasaelkner, hi, so did you manage tu launch schooltool?22:58
aelknerignas: yes.  Thanks a bunch for your help23:13
aelknerif you look at the chat before you got back on, i summarized for tom what happened today23:13
aelkneri'm going to save it for future use23:14
aelknerignas: know what would be an idea for a project?23:18
aelknernot that i'm suggesting doing this right away23:18
aelknerbut we could set up vservers that start fresh each time23:19
aelknerand try installing to them23:19
aelknerwe could plan diverse permutations of environments23:19
aelknerand run our buildout process to them23:20
aelknerand note the problems that come up23:20
aelkneri wouldn't want to do such a project in passing23:20
aelknerbut rather a focused effort of a week or so23:21
aelknerto finally get the kinks out of the whole process23:21
th1aWell, ultimately users should be using apt-get.23:21
aelknerwouldn't it be nice if our buildout could test the environment and report to the user23:22
th1aThat is, "apt-get install schooltool"23:22
aelknerso the package would do what i'm refering to23:22
th1aMore or less.23:22
aelkneri don't know thing one about packaging23:22
th1aBut essentially, if getting a developer build to run is a little tricky it isn't the end of the world.23:23
aelknerbut if i had a week to focus on it paired with someine23:23
aelknerit might work out23:23
aelknerbut i wouldn't want that to be the subject  of the pycon sprint if i had the vote23:24
th1aIf the goal is to try lots of variations on the build environment, it is kind of endless.23:24
aelknerbut rather the UI23:24
aelkneryes, the permutations could be too large23:24
aelknerbut one way to get around that is to cheat23:24
aelknerand make some careful assumptions23:24
aelknerto reduce the number of permutations23:24
aelknerand then just pray :)23:25
ignasaelkner, that's what i did with buildout setup23:25
ignasthe problem was that you didn't have "ubuntu-environment" in your buildout23:26
ignasas for tmp problems - it was a misconfiguration of the server23:26
aelknertmp problems understood23:26
aelkneralthough any problems of that nature that we learn of23:26
aelknercould be at least reported to the user with a suggested fix23:27
ignasshould go into an faq ;) just like Zope3 does23:27
ignasthey have things like "if i see this error what should i do" in there23:27
aelknerthat might be all we have the resources to do23:27
aelknerbut i always like the idea of automated inspection and suggestion where possible23:28
aelknerfor instance23:28
aelknerthere's no reason we could have python code that checks the size of /tmp23:28
aelknerand report to the user that it is too small23:29
aelkneralso, we could automatically suggest the creation of a tmp dir in buildout23:29
aelknerlike i had to do manually23:29
th1aaelkner: That's an uncommon problem, really.23:29
*** wbrady has quit IRC23:29
th1aBut yes, more documentation would be good.23:29
ignasi'd rather remove some parts that can break, like getting rid of dependency on python-libxml2 would be nice23:30
aelknerso you mean, change the code in that case23:30
ignaslxml is better23:30
ignasand easier to install from what i understand23:31
ignascompiling zope.ucol egg for windows is something i just don't have a setup for at the moment23:32
ignasand it would be really useful (it's the main blocker for windows support of schooltool)23:32
ignasjust like libxml is causing problems on fedora23:32
aelknercould the zope folks help out with windows issues23:32
ignasand fedora is more common than ubuntu with 16mb tmp directory23:32
ignasthey could, but they don't have the time too23:33
aelkneroh well23:33
aelknermaybe at pycon we could find a way to get them thinking about it23:33
ignasit's not about thinking23:34
ignasit's about getting a windows box with visual studio set up23:34
ignasand building a binary egg23:35
aelkneri meant get thinking about doing those things23:35
aelkneri.e., commiting the resources to it23:35
aelknersave us the trouble :)23:35
aelknerth1a: looks like i'm coming in fri instead of thurs so that chris is available23:37
aelkneralso i will be able to see the county app demonstrated23:37
aelkneri forget what it is called23:37
aelknerbut it would be something that we would need to integrate with eventually23:37
th1aaelkner: OK.23:37
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