IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2008-01-07

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mgedminth1a: will you meet ignas at pycon?16:25
th1amgedmin: Meet him where?16:29
th1aAt the airport?16:29
mgedminall I'm interested is whether you two will be in the same place at the same time :-)16:30
mgedminI've got another US-only discount code for a new nokia device (N810)...16:30
th1aYes... actually I should discuss this with ignas, whether he needs an invite or whatever.16:30
th1aI'll deliver it for you, mgedmin.16:30
th1aDo you still have my address?16:31
mgedminI'll email you the details16:31
ignasi'll only need an invite and a precise address i will be staying in, just like with the cando sprint16:31
ignasi have a visa already16:31
th1aOK.  So you can't be rejected at this point?16:32
th1aWell, I guess the TSA can reject whomever it wants.16:32
ignasyep ;)16:33
* th1a just added PyCon hotel & conference registration to his fresh to-do list.16:33
th1aaelkner: Hi.16:33
aelknernothing much to report since you saw me16:34
th1aI'm a little out of sorts today because both Vivian and her babysitter are sick, but Jennifer is here for the moment.16:34
aelkneri worked with Eldar16:34
th1aAlso, hi Lumiere.16:34
aelknerLumiere: are you there?16:34
th1ajfroche: ayt?16:34
th1aI need to follow up with jfroche on the status.  I don't remember where that left off.16:35
th1aignas: One good thing specifically that came out of the Thursday meeting is that the SLA servers16:36
th1aare hosted at the Franklin Institute -- a museum the school collaborates with --16:36
th1aand they've got everything set up as Linux virtual servers, so we've already got a16:36
th1aclone of their production web server with their current PHP apps and a fresh Ubuntu server16:37
th1ato put SchoolTool on.16:37
th1aAlso, they have plenty of IP addresses.16:37
th1aSo that's all vastly easier than any other place we've worked with.16:38
th1aAlso, CAS integration with PHP seems pretty well supported.16:39
th1aSo what's your plan for the week now, aelkner?16:40
aelknerWell, we're going to work on getting CAS going first or all16:40
aelknerI'll keep after Sean and Franky to see how theri wnd is going16:40
aelknerand offer my help where needed16:40
aelknerI have to learn this stuff on my own as well16:41
aelknerto be in a position to support/understand what's going on with it16:41
aelknerI might be able to get started with user stories16:41
th1aSo are you going to install ignas's CAS branch?16:41
ignasit's not a branch16:41
ignasit's a plugin16:42
ignasan egg16:42
aelknerI could do that16:42
ignaswe don't have any branches at the moment16:42
aelknerFirst, I need to create a buildout for SLA16:42
aelknerso I'll do that16:42
th1aplugins are better!16:42
aelknerThen I'd like to demostrate schooltool to the SLA folks16:43
aelknerbefore we discuss user stories perhaps16:43
th1aYes... we need to show it to them at some point, don't we?16:43
aelknerI haven't gotten schooltool up on the new server yet16:44
aelknerbecasue apt-get install doesn't seem to be working16:44
aelkneri sent a note to Sean last Friday, but he didn't get back to me16:44
aelknerso I'll be getting after him today16:44
th1aIn what way is apt-get not working?16:45
aelknerit returns a prompt immediately16:45
aelknerafter doing nothing16:45
aelknerno erro message, nothing16:45
th1aThat's on the new server?16:45
th1aRunning as root?16:46
aelknercould be that he forgot to install something16:46
aelknerbut it's strange in any event16:46
th1aWell, it doesn't make any sense at all.16:46
aelkneri sudo'd it16:46
aelkneri could try as root16:46
aelknerthat's a good point16:46
aelknermaybe he set it up for root16:47
th1aHe used apt-get to upgrade to gutsy.16:47
th1aThere is no particular reason sudo shouldn't work, but I'd try it as root because I can't think of anything else.16:47
aelkneri should be able to use my user account to do apt-get16:47
aelknerbut it's not important right awauy16:47
aelkneri'll try16:47
th1aI doubt it will work anyhow.16:48
aelknerby the way16:48
aelknerare the schooltool install instructions up to date?16:49
ignaswhich ones ?16:49
ignasand for which kind of install?16:49
aelknerthe old ones16:49
ignasas in - README.txt ?16:49
aelknercome to think of it, i need to create a buildout anyway16:50
ignasthey will work16:50
th1aIt should probably be updated... but I think they still work.16:50
ignasbut i think they are outdated16:50
aelkneri need to know what things i need to apt-get install16:50
ignasbuildout has16:50
ignasmake ubuntu-environment16:50
ignasin it's makefile16:50
ignasschooltool-buildout i mean16:50
ignas - has some more up to date instructions16:51
aelkneri'll look there16:51
th1aActually, ignas, I've been meaning to ask you to refactor State of the Nation a bit.16:52
th1aPrimarily just if you could move the "setting up" to a separate section.16:52
th1aSaying "Look at schooltool-buildout" everywhere is annoying.16:53
th1aPlus you could use a link to jump straight to that point.16:53
ignasi guess i could add links16:54
ignasas for setting up16:54
ignasi might just make a separate document16:54
ignasjust for schooltool16:54
ignasrather than just for setting up16:54
ignasto keep all the information relevant to "SchoolTool" in one place16:54
th1aWhatever you think is best.16:54
th1aAnything else aelkner?16:55
aelkneri worked with eldar last Friday16:56
aelknerto get his code integrated back in cando trunk16:56
aelknerwe deployed it to YHS16:56
aelknerand uncovered a bug in his generation script16:56
aelknerso he was supposed to follow up on that with Matt16:57
aelknerbut I haven't seen it16:57
aelknerI'll check with him today16:57
aelknerluckily, they backup up their Data.fs16:57
aelknerso eldar can keep trying till he gets it right16:58
aelknerafter a successful deployment to YHS, we need to do the same for ACC16:58
aelknerbetter to get out the kinks with YHS as their are a whole lot more users effected at the ACC16:59
aelkneris it effected or affected16:59
aelknerthoguth so17:00
aelknerso that17:00
aelknerit for me17:00
th1aOK, thanks, aelkner.17:00
ignaswell - i am a bit stuck in finding out what is the most important thing we should do before the release17:01
ignaswhat i have found out is that - we absolutely must release schooltool17:01
ignasbecause apparently that will help us with evolution17:02
ignasrather than making it more difficult17:02
ignasbecause once every release it is possible to remove all the old unnecessary code17:02
ignasand move classes around17:02
ignasso it might actually make sense to do all the sweeping changes after the release17:03
ignasas long as i'll add an evolution script that "updates" all the objects in the ZODB17:03
ignasas for options for this release17:04
ignaswe might do the new gradebook/attendance + some cleaning up for multi term operation17:04
th1aSo you're saying it will be simpler to manage evolution when we think of just evolving one release into another, instead of evolving every single checkin?17:04
th1aMakes sense.17:04
ignasbecause we will know that there are no live databases older than our last release17:05
ignaswhile - you can't know which is the last "live" checkin people are using17:05
ignasanother option for the release is rewriting relationships to be time aware17:06
ignasapparently it is a bit more difficult than i thought :/17:06
ignas(it always get's that way)17:06
th1aI was worried about that one.17:06
ignasi have discussed with mgedmin and he reminded me of a couple of edge cases i didn't think about17:07
ignaswhich is - timed and untimed object relationships17:07
ignaswhen one object tracks time and another one does not17:07
ignasthe relationships framework was build so it would be exceptionally difficult to add such a thing17:07
ignasoh and one more thing that we could do17:08
th1aProbably that should come after the release.17:08
ignasis go for the timetable resource booking, term update fixes17:09
ignaseven without all the fancy timeing stuff17:09
ignasjust to make it available to users asap17:09
* ignas is quite confused which is the most important bit at the moment17:09
th1aaelkner: Remember to spend some time showing resource booking to SLA.17:10
th1aI'd say when resource booking gets pushed depends on when we really have a school ready to push it.17:10
aelkneri'll let you know hoe they react17:11
th1aIt is certainly within striking distance.17:11
ignasand i need keys from schooltool server ;)17:13
th1aIt feels like we need to work closely with someone really ready to implement it to push it over the top.17:13
th1aKeys from?17:13
ignasso i could add new buildout slave17:14
ignasthe problem with some of the refactoring17:15
ignaslike pushing of gradebook into an egg17:15
ignasis that there is no automated way17:15
ignasto test it17:15
ignasand to release it17:15
ignaswe have a server that has the CPU to do it17:15
ignaswhat I don't have is the ability to register new buildout tasks17:16
ignasto do it17:16
th1aPresumably jinty can give you the keys?17:16
ignasyes i guess17:17
ignasi just wanted to know if you don't mind me doing such things17:17
th1aAs long as this is not an elaborate cover for your porn spamming operation.17:17
ignas64 bit porn17:18
th1aThat's the best kind.17:18
th1aignas: Send me a December invoice.17:19
ignasok, i'll tell Aiste17:19
th1aI will be happy when our blocking bug is fixed in the Launchpad PPA's.17:20
th1aIt has at least been upgraded to "critical."17:20
th1aPerhaps someone is working on it.17:20
ignasi see17:21
ignasi guess i should start finding out how to use PPA17:23
ignasso i could upgrade packages that i would like to see upgraded17:23
ignasand maybe even build some schooltool plugins myself17:23
th1aAlso, count my vote for "new gradebook/attendance + some cleaning up for multi term operation"17:23
th1aaelkner: Do you have any opinion about what ignas should focus on?17:23
th1aIt is only zope3 that is broken.17:24
th1aAlso, I might have to resume agitating for an actual 3.4 release.17:24
aelkneri can't think of anythion17:24
th1aBecause all we really got was a second beta, right?17:24
th1aAll right, I guess that's everything.17:27
th1aHave a good week gentlemen.17:27
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:27
aelknerignas: could you help me with something?17:34
aelknerto create my sla-buildout17:37
aelknershoudl i check out the trunk17:37
ignastrunk ?17:37
aelknerand svn add it?17:37
ignasschooltool-buildout you mean ?17:37
aelkneri need an sla-buildout like i have jelkner-buildout, right?17:37
ignasyou can just svn cp svn://schooltool-buildout svn://your-new-buildout17:37
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aelknerok, thanks17:38
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eldarth1a: hey ayt?18:27
aelknerignas: ayt?18:33
aelknersvn cp
aelkneri need to put my user id somewhere, right?18:34
ignasaelkner: yes, looking18:35
ignaswell - not http but svn+ssh i'd assume18:35
ignasas for the id - well - you probably should, unless you have it the same as on your home machine18:36
aelknerok, i'll thry that18:36
ignasi have it configured in my ~/.ssh/config18:36
aelknerthat worked, thatnks.18:37
eldaraelkner: matt isn't on, should we call elkner?18:54
aelkneri already called, and it's messed up there18:55
aelknerno network and all18:55
aelkneri instructed matt18:55
aelknerto email you and will brady18:55
aelknerto arrange a meeting tonight18:55
aelknerall three of you are needed18:55
aelknerdeveloper, sys admin, tester18:55
aelknermatt will email you after school18:56
aelkneri hope tonight is ok for you18:56
aelkneri won't be around, so ggod luck :)18:56
aelknerignas: ayt?18:59
aelkneri'm confused about my own instructions for cuildout19:01
aelknerso i need to add schooltool to the develop = statement19:01
aelknerin other words, should it be:19:04
aelknerdevelop = jelkner2007 schooltool19:04
ignasif you want to use schooltool trunk19:05
aelknerok, thanks19:07
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aelknerth1a: ayt?22:33
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Lumiereaelkner: killed eggs22:46
Lumiererunning buildbot22:46
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aelknerLumiere: how's it coming along?23:12
Lumierenot too bad23:13
Lumiereunit passed23:13
Lumierecoverage running23:13
aelknersounds good so far23:13
Lumieregoing home23:13
aelkneris it all working?23:13
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