IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2008-01-04

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eldaraelkner: hey alan02:06
eldari got your msg02:06
aelknerso you know what to do?02:06
eldarjust write a test for the evolve script02:07
aelknerif you look in schooltool, you'll see examples02:08
aelknercould you explain what you did to evolve4?02:09
eldaryes, evolve4 used to setSite02:09
eldarfor every schooltool app02:09
eldarwhich works fine for over the shell evolution02:09
eldarbut it breaks when you evolve through the web interface and get an exception02:10
eldarthe exception doesn't pass through02:10
eldarso i just reset the site to what it was after the code was done every time02:10
eldarso that any exceptions could be posted02:10
aelknerbut i never heard of using the through the web stuff in schooltool02:10
eldareven if web interface was used for evolution02:10
eldarignas showed me02:10
eldarschooltool->application control -> actions -> zodb control -> there are evolve options02:11
eldarit lists the generations for different products02:11
eldarand lets you evolve if possible02:11
aelknergood to know02:11
eldaryeah for some reason the database wouldn't evolve on start up02:11
eldarso i had to use that button to trigger the evolution02:11
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eldaraelkner: good morning17:14
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eldaraelkner: ayt?17:26
aelknereldar: i'm here17:55
eldaryeah sorry cell was upstairs17:58
eldardidn't get to it in time17:58
aelknerlisten to my message please17:59
eldaryou want me to call you?18:00
aelknerignas: are you there?18:14
aelkneri can't seem to find an evolve script in schooltool that prints a message when it's done evolving18:15
aelknershouldn't they?18:15
aelknerwe do that in cando18:15
ignasi know18:15
aelknerit's nice to see when one starts the server18:15
ignaswhy would users care about it?18:15
aelkneras a visual queue that the evolve worked18:16
aelknerusers don't start servers18:16
ignasif evolve fails - it's a traceback and a bug18:16
ignaselse - why display anything18:16
aelknerah, but isn't it nice to see a visual confirmation18:16
ignasif you know that it should evolve - maybe18:16
ignasnot much sense otherwise18:16
ignasespecially putting it to stdout18:17
ignasto some log file - maybe18:17
ignasbut stdout18:17
ignasmost admins don't see stdout when they start server18:17
aelknerok, understood18:17
ignasi think all that apache gives you in stdout on ubuntu is "server started"18:17
ignashaving some logging in Zope3 for generations would be nice though18:18
aelknerdo you have a problem if wee use the practice of printing to stdout for our piece of mind?18:18
ignasit's cando, so you can do whatever you want to18:18
ignasi do this myself, but for debugging only18:19
aelkneri see, perhaps that's how i got started doing it18:19
aelknersomeone commited a debug message18:19
aelknerbut no18:20
aelkneri saw an evolve test that actually expected it18:20
aelkneranyway, no big deal18:20
aelkneranother question:18:20
aelknerhow picky are you on PEP 8 for no line more than 80 chars long?18:21
ignasi try to avoid lines longer than that quite actively18:21
ignassometimes you just can't18:22
ignasbut if you can - you probably should18:22
aelknerthanks for the clarification18:22
ignasdon't go on "\" spree though ;)18:22
eldarhaha brb18:31
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eldarsvn merge --dry-run -r 1293:HEAD
eldarignas, i'm trying to merge a branch back into trunk18:33
eldarthat's the command i used18:33
eldarthe output from dry-run says it's going to skip files that i svn removed18:33
eldaris that normal? does svn merge not deal with removed files?18:34
ignasi think it should not be skipping them18:34
ignasbut maybe they have changes18:34
ignasin the branch you are merging into18:34
aelknerhe's merging into trunk18:35
aelknerand nobody changed anything there18:35
ignashmm, it's not telling me anything about skipping18:37
ignasbut i can see only 1 file deleted "src/cando/newskin/templates/"18:37
eldaryeah, we can remove it manually, it's not big deal18:37
eldarthis is just an educational question18:38
ignasi mean - it will be deleted by the merge18:38
ignasi think18:38
ignasat least on my machine18:38
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eldarcan anyone get there?18:46
eldarbecause neither my browser nor my shell will update18:47
eldarignas: is the svn machine dead?18:48
ignasa bit slow, but yes - it's there18:50
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aelknerignas: an svn question19:00
ignasaelkner: how is the sections view going by the way?19:00
ignasaelkner: what is the question?19:01
aelknersections view?19:01
mattva01so whats the plan?19:01
aelknerignas: forget my question for now19:01
aelknermattva01: we're not ready for you yet19:02
aelknergive us a couple minutes19:02
aelknerbut stay on-line19:02
ignas"aelkner: so we agree that i will fix the sections view to behave according to role?"19:02
aelknerignas: looks like i missed a lot of discossion there19:03
aelkneri'll need to look at that when i've got matt's instance updated19:03
aelknermattva01: i have some prep questions while eldar works on svn merge issues19:07
aelknerdid you back up your current Data.fs?19:09
mattva01one sec19:10
mattva01this is for cando right?19:11
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aelknermattva01: yes, for cando19:12
eldarmake sure you shut down your instance before you copy your Data.fs19:12
eldarotherwise it'll be corrupted19:12
aelkneryou should know that eldar did a major change to cando to change journals to messages19:12
aelknerhe's merging his branch into trunk as we speak19:12
aelknerwhen he's ready (soon), we'll ask you to update your instance and restart it19:13
aelkneryou should see an evolve message mesage19:13
mattva01give me a sec to shutdown and backup19:14
eldarmattva01: alright matt, you can update your copy of the trunk19:19
eldarand test the new changes19:19
mattva01svn up right?19:19
eldarmake update19:19
mattva01oh ok19:19
aelkneri always suggest svn up, but eldar's probably right19:19
aelkneri don't think it matters19:19
aelknerbut maybe once in a while make update will catch changes to eggs that svn up wouldn't19:20
eldarwhen that's done let us know19:25
mattva01and back up19:26
eldarnow do "make run"19:26
eldarat the end of it, sometime, if everything goes well19:26
eldarit'll say "Evolved to generation 7"19:27
mattva01yes did that19:27
aelknerafter it's back up, please check that the messages are still there19:27
mattva01k having elkner check19:30
mattva01yes they are19:30
aelknernice work eldar19:31
mattva01oh wait19:31
mattva01error on "pending messages"19:31
mattva01I have to go to class19:31
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aelknereldar: are you there?19:38
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eldaraelkner: yea sorry fixing some stuff19:48
aelknerone sec19:48
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wbradyeldar: hello there19:51
wbradyim in the machine just need to know how to do it and stuff19:51
aelknereldar: did you hang up?19:51
eldaraelkner: yeah my phone died19:53
aelknerno prob19:53
aelknerso where are you now?19:54
eldarso obviously things don't always work the way they you want them to19:54
aelkneri regret not being even more careful than i was19:54
eldarapparently, i forgot to carry over19:54
eldarsome attributes from journals19:54
eldarto messageboxes19:54
eldarsome journals have person and section attribute assigned to them19:54
aelknerluckily we had matt back up his DAta.fs19:54
aelknerso the pending mesages would have had these attributes?19:55
aelknerwbrady: hi19:56
wbradyhello there19:56
aelknercould you ask jelkner if he'll be around with matt later?19:57
wbradysure one sec19:57
eldarno it's not pending messages19:57
eldarwhen journals are accessed through traversal19:57
eldarthey're added person and section attributes19:57
eldardepending on what kind of journals they are19:57
wbradyim also looking for help updating our system and matt is in class so im kinda stuck without much19:57
eldarthat is done outside of their constructor, which is why i missed it19:58
aelknerwbrady: we need you to have the same privelges as matt19:58
wbradyi do19:58
aelkneri'm sick of this not being able to do abything when matt's not there19:58
aelknerbut do you have the knowlege that he has19:58
aelkneri mean, can you do the updates19:58
eldardo you know where matt put19:59
eldarhis back up of Data.fs19:59
wbradyno he was going to write it down somehwere but he hasn't gotten to that yet and that is why i'm hopin ya'll can help me update it now19:59
aelknerwell, that, too19:59
aelkneryou know what?20:00
aelknerwe might be able to20:00
aelknerexcept we won't be able to know where matt put the backup Data.fs20:00
aelknerbut i could show you how to do the update20:00
wbradygreat that would be awesome20:01
aelkneryou could ps aux | grep cando20:01
aelknertell me what you get20:01
wbradyroot      4875  5.8 15.2 173816 73860 ?        Sl   12:17   2:06 python2.4 start-cando.py20:01
wbradywbrady    4956  0.0  0.1   2880   752 pts/3    R+   12:54   0:00 grep cando20:01
aelknertry ps aef | grep cando20:02
aelknerbecuase the starting directory is not coming through20:02
aelkneryeah, aef isn20:03
aelknerisn't worth much20:03
aelknerproblem is we don't know what the current dir was when he started it20:03
aelknerthere's a command for listing all open files on a process id, but i don't recall it20:03
eldarwe need the old data.fs back there to be updated20:03
eldarthere is another way though20:03
eldarif there aren't that many sections20:04
eldarjust manually traverse to all the messageboxes20:04
wbradythere are some in his home directory20:04
eldarthen the attributes that didn't get carried over will be carried over20:04
aelknereldar: let's not20:04
eldarand with updated code it should work20:04
aelknerthat's too much of a hack for a production instance20:04
eldarwell then we need matt back i guess20:04
aelknerlooks like20:04
eldari'll write him an email telling him what to do20:04
aelknerwbrady: when does he come back20:05
wbradyok no writing matt emails is a failure20:05
wbradyhes going to go home after school today20:05
wbradyI will call him myself tonight or tomorrow20:05
wbradyand work everything out with him20:05
eldarwhat's your email20:05
eldari'll cc you20:05
wbradybasically it will switch from him in charge to me in charge20:05
aelkneri like the sound of that20:05
eldarwhat's matt's email?20:05
wbradyjeff was just explaining to me how u have to tell matt things in person for him to do them quickly20:06
aelknerwbrady: please have jeff call me20:07
wbradyhe says call him20:08
eldaralright, email's out20:09
eldari'm gonna grab something to eat20:11
aelknereldar, wbrady, i'm leaving this in your hands20:17
wbradyit will be ok i will call matt tonight20:17
wbradyim heading out of class now myself20:17
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