IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2007-12-21

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aelknereldar: are you there?00:08
eldaraelkner: yup00:08
aelkneri see you are coming along nicely00:09
aelknerwhen you do the evolution script00:09
aelknerwon't you need the old journal package back?00:09
aelknersince the objects are still there?00:10
eldarwill i? i am not sure00:10
eldarwait yeah I will ... oopsies00:10
aelkneri would think so00:10
eldaroh well, i'll just put it back once i am ready to write the evolution scripts00:11
aelkneri knew you jumped the gun removing it in the beginning00:11
eldarall I really need are just class declarations though00:11
aelknergood point00:12
eldarI think ... so I can search the Data.fs for them00:12
eldaror maybe even just interfaces00:12
aelkneryou'll need the whole package00:12
aelknerremember, you'll need to use the adapters of IHaveJournal to Journal00:13
aelknerto find the journals00:13
aelkneryou could use the traversal00:13
eldaroh yeah, i'll need to put the package back in there00:13
aelkneryou get the idea00:13
aelknerluckilty it will be as easy to put it back as it was to remove it :)00:14
aelknerth1a: are you there?00:14
eldaryeah, you think that svn will let me revert the removal of the directory?00:14
aelknermy knowledge of svn is spotty at best00:15
aelkneri would use what i know00:15
aelknerand just check out the trunk and copy the dir00:15
aelknerand then svn add it00:15
aelknerbtw, we'll need to retain the package in the repo00:15
aelknereven after you're done00:15
aelknerso that existing users can do the evolution00:16
aelknerthen, when we know all have evolved00:16
aelknerwe can remove the package00:16
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