IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2007-12-20

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test123:Ignas Hi14:50
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ignastest123: hi16:21
ignasth1a: did you resend the task list to Chris or should I do it?16:23
th1a_Did it bounce or something?16:24
th1a_Or did you not actually send it to him?16:24
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ignas_th1a,  i did not send it to him, as i have wrongly assumed that you will, sorry, will send it to him now16:41
ignas_and I still haven't seen any fixes for IE716:42
th1a_ignas_: Well, you know...16:46
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aelknerignas: thanks for your help with the security proxy problem17:53
aelkneri guess i should have known that was the problem from the error message :)17:53
aelknerignas_: i understand your point about saving references to object that may later be deleted17:54
ignas_it can lead to mysterious tracebacks in gradebook views later17:55
aelknerwhen Stephan wrote the requirements system, he didn't take advantage of the relationships package17:55
aelkneryou know in SQL databases, there's always the same type of danger17:56
aelknerand people usually write triggers to fix that17:56
ignas_yep, both databases have triggers17:56
aelknerif we didn't use relationships17:56
ignas_zodb calls them subscribers ;)17:56
aelknerwe could write subscribers for befoe delete17:56
aelkneri understand17:56
ignas_that would kind of solve it17:57
ignas_but will complicate evolution in the future, as it's a reference to a person that person has no way of knowing about17:58
aelknerbut the relationships solution is more elegant17:58
aelknerwe'll have to make that a project to update the requirements package to depend on relationsships17:58
aelkneri could be the one to do that one17:58
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