IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2007-12-18

aelknerand your queuing works beautifully00:02
eldarthat's good to hear00:02
eldarthe newskin is looking pretty awesome00:02
aelkneryeah, dave has been a great customer00:02
eldari've been poking around for the past few minutes00:02
aelknerwho gave me feedback constantly00:03
eldaryeah, dave knows what he wants00:03
eldaralright then, i'll read over the journal package00:03
eldarand start porting it to messages00:03
eldaraelkner: what are we calling the new package btw?00:04
aelknerwhat do you think?00:04
eldarnot sure, we didn't really settle a package naming convention00:04
eldarbecause journaling we called "journal"00:05
eldarand queuing we called "queuing"00:05
aelknertrue, a bit inconsistant00:05
eldarso is this to become "messaging" or "message"?00:05
aelknerlet's go with message00:05
eldaralright then00:06
eldaraelkner: are you still using vi/gedit, or did you switch to emacs?00:06
aelknerstill gedit.  iknow, i'm a dinosaur00:07
aelknerjust don't have the time to pick up emacs00:07
aelknerbut i probably will by the time we get to PyCon00:07
eldarhaha, i don't really blame you00:07
eldari was just going to ask for your .emacs file if you were using emacs00:07
aelknerhave you tried getting into emacs and found it difficult, or have you had little time to devote to it?00:08
eldaryes, i don't have the time or the desire to write my custom .emacs files00:08
aelkneryou could ask ignas for one00:08
eldari have before his is too complicated :P00:09
aelkneryeah, it's better to start simple00:09
eldarit's okay, i'll just use whatever, it's all text anyways00:09
aelknermaybe we could be emacs study buddies when you return to school?00:09
eldaryes, let's do that00:10
eldarover the summer00:10
aelknerthis way we would be at the same level and not confuse each other with our .emacs files00:10
aelknereldar: what command did (or will) you use to create your branch?00:22
eldari haven't created a branch yet, but i will use svn copy00:23
aelknerwhat would be the exact command?00:23
aelknerjust so i don't have to spend the time reading svn help00:23
eldarsvn copy
eldarno problem00:26
eldaraelkner: the actual key for the MessageBoxContainer in SchoolTool root00:39
eldarshould it be just "messageboxes"00:39
aelknerwhy not?00:39
eldarso if this new message product is going to do what journals used to do00:40
eldarwhat are journals going to do00:40
eldarjust out of curiousity00:40
aelknerlet's hold off on that discussion for now00:46
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ccareyth1a, is it possible for me to get an assignment from ignas this week?04:37
ccareywell if something intern-sized comes up, can someone plz email me?04:49
ccareyi don't want to bug anyone about it04:49
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eldaraelkner: hey you there?20:24
eldarin some strings, journals are still referred to as journals20:25
eldarshould i get rid of them?20:25
aelknerwhich strings?20:25
eldarand replace those as well20:25
eldarlike doctest strings20:25
eldarin test files20:25
aelkneroh yeah, replace every occurance of the word journal with it's corresponding messagebox string20:26
eldaralso, in the layout the users see the word journal20:26
eldarare we still using that word20:26
eldaror do i replace that with message box too20:26
aelknerwhat layout?20:26
eldarlike, in the templates20:26
eldarjournals are referred to as journals20:26
eldarentries are referred to as messages20:27
aelkneri thought i replaced all of those already20:27
aelkneri guess dave didn't catch them all20:27
aelknerbut yes, there is no place for the word journal20:27
aelknersince these are not journals anymore20:27
eldaralright, another question20:28
eldarwhen we present the word Message Box to the user20:28
eldaris it MessageBox, or Message Box20:28
aelknercould you poke around on the web to see what others are doing?20:28
eldarwell, i don't think calling things message boxes is very common outside of programming20:29
eldarpeople just calling the inboxes20:29
eldarand outboxes because they're sepparate20:29
eldarso we don't really have a good precedent20:29
aelknerah, but ibox and outbox aer one word, right?20:30
eldarso, do we just follow the same logic?20:30
eldaralright thanks20:30
aelknerbtw, to answer your question from yesterday:20:30
aelknerjournals are going to be something that users will be able to build over time20:31
eldari see20:31
aelknerand journal entries will be something that they can go back and edit20:31
aelkneror the teacher may add a comment to an existing entry20:31
aelknerbut messages are like email20:31
aelkneronce sent, they can't be changed20:31
aelknerso that's the idea20:32
aelknermaybe we'll have a chance when you're done to get into our design for that20:32
aelknerbut first things first...20:33
eldarzpkg is not used anymore right?20:51
eldarso i can remove the SETUP.cfg from the new package20:51
eldaror is that file still in use20:52
aelknerdon't mess with it if it isn't in your way?20:52
eldarsure that works :P20:53
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