IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2007-12-17

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th1ahi aelkner, ignas, jfroche, Lumiere, jelkner.16:32
aelknersince noone else seems to be responding, shall i start?16:34
th1aGo ahead, aelkner.16:35
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aelknerwell, since i was sick all last week, i didn't get much done16:35
aelkneron saturday, i felt much better, so i got a lot done with the gradebook16:35
aelknerbut then yesterday, i seemed to have dipped into a different kind of fatigue16:35
aelknerso i couldn't finish like i had hoped16:36
aelkneri hate this time of year16:36
aelknerand it prpbably doesn't help that i moved recently16:36
aelknersame thing happened to me last year16:36
aelknerafter i moved as well16:36
aelkneri will copntinue to work on the gradebook this week16:36
aelkneri did talk to jeff last night to make sure i was on the right track16:37
aelknerand our discussion verified that i need to make a slight change16:37
aelknerbut it won't take long16:37
aelknerin the meantime, i've spoken with filip16:37
aelknerand assigned him a cando bug16:38
aelknerhope you don't mind16:38
th1aNo problem.16:38
aelknerit has to do with jquery and a bug with mousing over16:38
th1aThat's fine with me.16:38
aelkneralso, eldar said he was available, but i haven't heard from him since16:38
aelkneri wrote him that i thought he could help with a project that is on the blocks16:38
aelknerthat being converting journals to messages16:39
aelkneryou may have noticed that i changed the UI to make journals look like messages16:39
aelknerbut the last part involves actually changing the classes16:39
th1aThat's probably a good job for him.16:39
aelknerand that will involve writing evolve scripts16:39
aelkneri thought it would be16:39
aelknersince he already has worked with journals16:40
aelknerbtw, i noticed that you were looking for sample data with journals?16:40
aelknerwell, i think that we should wait until eldar has changed them to messages16:40
aelknerthen one of use could supply the sample data16:40
th1aOK.  What about gradebook?16:41
aelknerso the change has to do with the adjustment16:41
aelknernot having jeff at my disposal, i assumed the adjustment would be a numeric one16:41
th1aI mean, sample data for gradebook?16:41
aelkner+1 or -116:41
aelkneroh, that16:41
aelkneri could do that this week, too16:41
aelknershould i skip the other discussion16:42
th1aNo... I just didn't want to lose that point.16:42
th1aGo ahead.16:42
aelknerok, so i coded the adjustment as a numeric additive, but after talking with jeff, he agreed that users would find -1 to be confusing16:43
aelknerso instead, they will put in a letter iverride16:43
aelknerstill with a reason16:43
aelknerit's a small change16:43
aelknerbut then, i need to code my view to accept changes to the adjustments16:43
aelknertill now i only have the unit tests and the view16:44
aelknerso that's all i got16:44
th1aWhat did you do about Jeff's report with too many columns?16:45
aelkneri don't recall that at the moment16:45
aelkneris that the one that Keven was supposed to help with?16:46
aelknerthe CSV thing?16:46
th1aWell, ask him about it.  It shouldn't be hard to fix if he knows what he wants.16:46
th1aNo, the printout.16:46
th1aSome of his gradebooks are too big?16:46
aelkneri'll talk to him about it16:46
th1aOK.  Check.16:47
th1aIf you could get the sample data done this year, that would be helpful (for gradebook).16:47
aelknerhe'll be staying here over xmas break16:47
aelknerso we'll have a good chance to go over tings16:48
th1aI guess.16:48
aelknerwell, yeah, as much time as one has over xmas break16:48
th1aI'll ping Chris again about setting a date to meet.  His schedule is much more constrained than mine so I need to get him to pick the time.16:48
aelknerbut i'll get that sample data to you as soon as i can16:48
ignasnot much this week too, got knocked out by "stomach flu"16:49
ignasor whatever it's called in the states16:49
aelknersounds like what i've had16:49
ignasso i only did small bits of design for the timeline, mostly thinking of how to work with relationships16:50
ignasand how to make them timed properly without changing the current interface16:50
ignasmgedmin helped me in prototyping a bit16:51
ignasas much as he could, as I was staying at home16:51
ignasthe thing is quite contagious16:51
th1aAh.  You could easily shut the whole company down.16:51
ignasi think so, i mean I have succeeded in shutting down everyone at home :/16:51
th1aEven the cat?16:52
ignasnope ;) these are immune i think ;)16:52
ignasso I spent the weekend taking care of others16:52
th1aSuch a nice young man.16:52
th1ajfroche: are you around?16:53
th1aI'm going to have to get jfroche to upgrade plone, I guess.16:53
th1aMeanwhile, I'm waiting for my OLPC's to arrive...16:54
ignasso at the moment i am implementing the science fiction that I have posted on the mailing list, and seeing if it can work16:55
th1a...waiting for our LaunchPad PPA bug to be fixed.16:55
th1aignas: OK.16:55
th1aThe relationships part seems hard.16:55
ignasth1a: how could i help you repackage schooltool dependencies?16:55
th1aWell, if we can remove "pre-depends" from the zope3 package, then it would work.16:56
ignasi mean it would be very nice to use the stable eggs, so someone just needs to switch to them instead of dev7890 versions16:56
th1aI don't know if the "pre-depends" is strictly necessary.16:56
th1aI see.16:56
th1aNew debs.16:56
th1aAsk jinty?16:56
ignasi guess16:57
th1aThat's a good idea, though.16:57
th1aI forgot the debs weren't using KGS.16:57
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ignaswe will have to do that to be sure our debs are compatible with the official Zope3.416:58
th1aYes, that'll have to be done sooner or later.16:58
th1aSooner being better.16:58
th1aWill there be future KGS's that work with Zope 3.4?  I mean, are they planned?16:59
th1aOr is this pretty much THE 3.4 KGS?16:59
th1a(probably nobody knows)16:59
ignasthis is THE 3.4 KGS16:59
ignasit even has 3.4 in the name16:59
th1aMakes it simpler.16:59
ignasanything else?17:01
th1aMerry Christmas?17:02
th1aHappy New Year?17:02
th1aGet well soon?17:02
ignasHappy Holidays! ;)17:02
aelknerto you and yours17:02
th1aThanks to you guys for getting SchoolTool back on track this year.17:02
ignasyep ;) let's keep it there next year :)17:03
th1aI think we'll have a successful 2008.17:03
aelkneri'm looking foward to it17:03
* th1a drops the bag of grave.17:03
th1abag of gravity.17:04
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eldaraelkner: hey18:20
aelknereldar: what's up?18:34
eldaraelkner: i got your email18:35
eldarso i'm here to talk about what you want done, if you still want it done18:35
aelknerwe definitely need your help with it18:35
aelknercould we talk by phone to speed up the process?18:36
eldaryea sure18:37
eldaryou know my cellphone right?18:37
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aelknerth1a: are you there?18:48
th1aI am here.18:48
aelknereldar and i were wondering hopw he's going to get paid for his work with journals18:48
th1aSend me an invoice?18:48
aelknersince i've been sick and haven't billed much18:48
aelknercould he use your budget18:48
aelknerthat you set aside for me?18:49
th1aI've got a pile of money left over for the year, so it isn't really a concern.18:49
aelknerby the hour?18:49
aelknerhow much per hour?18:49
th1aWhatever Welsh pays him.18:49
aelknerup to 40 hours/week, right?18:50
eldarAt the end of the summer Welsh put me on 30/hr18:50
eldarthat's fine right?18:50
th1aeldar: At this point, yes.18:51
th1aConsider it an end-of-year sale.18:51
th1aChristmas bonus.18:51
eldarWhy, thank you18:52
aelknerok, so i'll leave it up to you two to email each other over billing details18:52
th1aaelkner: You ok with meeting Jan 3rd?18:55
aelknerI'll respond to the email18:55
aelknerin a sec18:56
th1aWell, I'd like to book my flight right now... so you ok with it.18:56
th1aI'm going to push the button...18:57
* mgedmin is reviving buildbot on a new shiny 64-bit box19:37
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* thunder rolls19:37
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mgedminThis machine benchmarks at 76923.1 pystones/second19:39
mgedminmy core 2 duo laptop does 47619 pystones/second19:40
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eldarmgedmin: what are the processor frequencies on your laptop, and the machines you are using right now?20:12
mgedminlaptop: 1.8 GHz Core 2 Duo; buildbot: 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo20:15
eldarpretty cool20:16
* mgedmin added hacky --odd and --even options to the local copy of the test runner so he could run the tests on both CPUs in parallel20:22
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* mgedmin reboots to upgrade laptop bios20:24
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aelknereldar: are you there?23:30
eldaraelkner: yup23:33
aelknerhave you thought of names for the new objects?23:33
eldaryeah, it's hard to get my head outside of the zope pattern of thinking23:35
eldarof just calling things containers23:35
aelkneri know what you mean23:35
eldarMessageBox, makes sense but it might be misleading23:35
eldarMessageFeed might be another one23:39
aelkneri like MessageBox, and it won't be something that's visible to users23:40
aelknerso it might not be so bad as far as misleading23:40
aelkneri mean developers will have to follow the code anyway23:40
aelknerso if we had MessageBoxContainer, MessageBox, and Message23:41
aelknerthat might not be so bad23:41
eldarfor JournalContainer, Journal, JournalEntry23:41
aelknershall we then?23:41
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eldaralright, i've been getting vbox up and running, installing ubuntu all this time23:42
eldari just started the instance of cando for the first time23:42
eldari stopped using ubuntu because uva system isn't very linux friendly23:43
aelknerdarn that uva!23:43
aelknerwhat, do they have stock in Microsoft?23:43
eldaror os x23:43
aelkneror is it Apple?23:43
eldarit's just easier to hook up to their ubiquitous wireless with OSX or Windows23:44
eldarfor Linux too much script writing to get it to work23:44
eldarwhat was the url for the newskin?23:44
aelkneri would have thought you would have an apple AND a ubuntu box at this point23:44
aelkneron sec23:44
* eldar is not an apple fan23:45
eldari just don't find the idea of a bitten apple on my devices very fetching23:45
eldarthank you23:45
aelkneraelkner isn't wither23:45
eldardid the default manager password change?23:46
aelknereldar: long before you would worry about evolve scripts23:46
aelkneri think you could develop the message package23:47
aelknerand have the tests passing23:47
eldaryeah, naturally23:47
aelknerthen i think you could also change the go views to point to the message package23:47
aelknerand start with no messages23:47
eldaroh, apparently the login screen doesn't redirect anywhere upon successful login23:47
aelknerthe default view should come up23:48
aelknerit's the newskin go view23:48
eldardoesn't get me anywhere23:48
eldarit logs me in, but i don't have permissions to view stuff23:49
aelkneryeah, dave and i decided that the newskin was only for teachers and students23:49
eldarah i see23:49
aelkneri'd remove the skin in the url if you want to use the manager user23:50
aelknerit could be that we need to make this more sensible in the future23:50
aelknerbut for now let's not worry about it23:50
aelknereldar: i wasn't trying to state the obvious before about writing the tests first23:52
aelkneri was just trying to set out the steps23:52
aelknerso it would be tests first23:52
aelknerthen hook up the UI so that you could practice entering messages manually23:53
eldarsorry, was messing around with the new skin23:53
aelknerthen evolve welsh's data23:53
aelknersound good?23:53
eldarok, when you say hook up the ui23:54
eldarwhat do you mean?23:54
aelkneri meant changing the go views to use the message package rather than journal23:54
eldarah ok23:54
eldaralright sounds good23:55
eldarso journals still work the way the used to, except there are no blogs23:56

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