IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2007-12-13

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fsufitchaelkner: ping05:05
fsufitchi'm still doing homework, btw ;)05:05
fsufitchbut i have enough time to do a fresh cando checkout and see if indeed ignas's stuff works05:06
* fsufitch crosses fingers05:06
fsufitchwell, i got all the eggs successfully05:12
fsufitchnow for the tests05:12
fsufitchunit tests passed, but with a few deprecation warnings05:12
fsufitchnow, ftests05:13
fsufitchyay! they all pass!05:17
fsufitchi'm going to put in my UI changes and commit them05:17
fsufitchsay thanks to ignas for me ;)05:17
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wjohnstoth1a_ ayt?15:39
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wjohnstoth1a: ayt?15:56
th1awjohnsto: Hi.16:09
wjohnstoth1a: I sent you an email about my invoice16:11
th1aYeah, I replied.16:12
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wjohnstoth1a: I have yet to get the reply, are you sure it was sent?16:29
th1aAs far as I can tell.16:29
th1aAnyhow, you'll invoice me at the end of the year, and I'll send you all more detailed instructions then.16:30
th1aThe money will be wired to your bank account.16:30
wjohnstoBasically I've been working on the functionality which the seating chart will have16:31
wjohnstoI wrote some JavaScript to make objects able to be dragged/resized and such16:31
wjohnstoYou can check it out here if you like:
th1a_wjohnsto: It seems to work.16:46
wjohnstoif you hold shift you can resize the image too16:48
wjohnstobut I have to go16:49
wjohnstoclass is over16:49
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th1aignas: Do you have any opinion on EVE Online?18:39
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ignasth1a: yes20:51
th1aLike it?20:51
ignasgot bored after a while20:52
ignasquite fun, if you get involved though20:52
ignasand has quite a choice for non-violent roles20:52
th1aDo you have any other recommendations?  I'm feeling like trying a game over the holidays.20:53
th1aHaving a Linux client is helpful.20:53
ignashmm, not sure if you will get a kick out of it in such a short time, though they are giving out 14 day trial20:53
th1aAlthough I'll still probably need a new graphics card.20:53
ignasso it should be enough to get the flavour20:53
ignasyour thinkpad should be enough20:53
th1aWell, if I like it I'll play longer.20:53
ignasmy t42 was good enough20:54
ignasth1a: yep, the trial is good in that respect20:54
ignasmost other mmo20:54
ignas's require money up front ;)20:54
ignasi think it's worth a try20:55
th1aIt seems to resolve some of my basic dislikes about WoW.20:55
th1aPlus, stackless python!20:56
ignaswhat are your dislikes about WoW ?20:56
th1aWell... too much death.20:57
th1aI mean, with no consequences.20:57
th1aIn general.20:57
th1aThat's probably the biggest thing.20:57
th1aLeveling as a concept.20:58
ignaswell in that respect - in eve online leveling is purely time based20:58
ignasdeath has strong consequences - you lose your ship, (or insurance money at least)20:58
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fsufitchaelkner: ayt?20:58
fsufitchi'm at school...20:58
fsufitchso i can't call20:58
th1aThe economy is supposed to be better, too.20:58
fsufitchoh hi th1a20:58
th1ahi fsufitch.20:58
ignasthe game is titled the bigest interactive spreadsheet for a reason ;)20:59
* th1a and ignas are discussing EVE Online.20:59
fsufitchinteresting ;)20:59
th1aHave you tried it?20:59
ignasmy friend was gaining like millions plainly trading/researching/manufacturing, so you can play the game without any fighting at all20:59
fsufitchno, i havent20:59
fsufitchright now i'm trying to get a keylogger for my comp21:00
fsufitchi suspect people have been using it w/o my permission21:00
th1aAt home?21:00
fsufitchno, my laptop21:00
th1aWhen is this happening?21:01
fsufitchin between my classes21:01
th1aDon't you stay jacked into it at all times?21:01
fsufitchno, unfortunately21:01
fsufitchsome of my teachers don't allow comps in their classes21:01
fsufitch((the idea!!))21:01
fsufitchanyway, i found lkl, i hope that works21:02
fsufitchand doesn't leave an annoying system tray icon21:02
th1aCan't you just lock the screen?21:03
fsufitchehh, there are some that claim they can get around that21:04
fsufitchand also, it would be nice to see if someone had been trying to unlock it ;)21:04
fsufitchand at home it's sort of an issue too21:04
fsufitchmy bro wants to do bad stuff21:05
fsufitchfortunately, i don't think he's very apt at getting around with Compiz :)21:05
th1aignas: Did you get my email about sample data?21:10
ignasth1a: yes21:10
ignasnow - which journal are you talking about? lyceum journal?21:10
th1aI won't complain if you don't test the sample data, but I imagine you will.21:10
th1aLyceum journal.21:10
ignasok, i'll look at it21:11
ignasi'll have to see if sample data is enabled for lyceum at all21:11
th1aif not, I guess it could wait.21:12
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th1aUntil we merge the journal into trunk.21:12
ignasthat requires some untying of journal from lyceum first21:12
ignaslike - grades being 1 to 1021:12
ignasand absences marked by letters "n" and "p"21:13
th1aIt is not a tiny job.21:13
th1aAnyhow, if it is a bother to do the sample data, don't worry about it.21:13
th1aI could use a screenshot though.21:13
ignasi'll look at it, i could have some use out of autogenerated grades myself21:14
th1aWell, I've established that EVE doesn't work on my desktop's ancient video card.21:18
ignasoh, desktops, i though you were planning to run it on your laptop21:23
th1aWell, I suppose I reflexively think of my desktop as having the better 3d.21:23
th1aAlthough that might not be true anymore.21:23
th1aKind of hard to compare.21:23
th1aAlso, they just upgraded all the graphics, so the requirements are probably higher than they used to be.21:24
ignasnot really, they left the old engine intact21:25
ignaseven optimized it a bit21:25
ignasso it would still work on such computers as mine ;)21:25
th1aAh.  Ok.21:25
th1aWell... I'll know shortly.21:25
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th1a_OK... falling back to Windows on the laptop...22:17
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