IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2007-12-12

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fsufitchaelkner: ayt?06:32
fsufitchLumiere: ?06:33
fsufitchwhen you see this, could someone email me bao's email address?06:34
fsufitchi'd like to experiment with barcodes on student cards at TJ, but i need a barcode writer06:34
fsufitchand the code he had for the cando ones is still BROKEN06:35
fsufitchi went through it and tried to fix what i could, but i still can't read it06:37
fsufitchand it's not the barcode reader, it's one of those neat handheld ones with a button and it works for other barcodes06:38
fsufitchso yeah06:38
fsufitchjust email me his email address or some other way to get ahold of him06:38
fsufitchiii'm going to get some sleep06:38
fsufitch|-) good night to y'all06:39
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mgedminthe computer that was the schooltool buildbot slave died last night13:52
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* th1a mourns the buildbot.16:18
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ignasth1a, hi16:44
th1aignas: Hi.18:40
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wjohnstoth1a ayt?21:17
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* th1a needs to fix his mixer so he'll hear people ping him.22:00
aelknerignas: are you there?23:09
ignasaelkner, yes23:15
aelkneri've been out of commission for a while due to a bad cold23:15
aelknerbut i noticed your changes to cando23:16
aelknerto get tests to pass on KGS23:16
aelknerone thing, though23:16
aelkneri was wondering why you needed to change trunk/src/cando/curriculum/browser/README.txt23:17
aelknerbecuasenow the tests fail on my machine23:17
ignasdid you try removin all the old eggs?23:17
aelknerno.  i could23:18
ignasit might help23:18
ignasi think it was related to some Zope eggs working differently from pypi23:18
aelkneri'll let you know if it helps.  i removed the eggs dir and am running make now23:19
aelknerignas: hey that worked!23:24
aelknerthanks for helping filip with his environment23:25
aelkneri wouldn't have been able to23:25
ignasoh, by the way - did it work for philip?23:25
aelknergood question23:25
aelkneri'm guessing it did23:25
aelknerbut i'l check with him then next time we're both on line together23:25
ignasand we needed to get you to use KGS anyway, as it seems schooltool will be sticking with Zope3.4 for a while23:25
aelknerwhat is KGS?23:26
aelkneris that a linux distro?23:26
ignasit's a Known good set of eggs23:29
aelknerKnown Good Set - i see23:29
aelknerdid you see the deprecation warnings in shooltool's module?23:30
ignasnot sure23:30
aelknertestinbg/ and app/ to be more specific23:31
aelknerall having to do with session stuff23:31
ignasoh, these ones23:31
aelkneryou've seen them?23:32
ignasyes, i know about them23:32
ignasi should probably get them fixed in the release branch23:32
ignasand on trunk23:32
aelkneri'd help with that, but i'm behind on the gradebook view i'm working on23:33
ignasit's nothing critical23:34
aelkneri know.  the tests pass anyway23:34

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