IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2007-11-21

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test123Iignas are you there?16:16
ignastest123: yes16:28
test123great to hear from you16:28
test123I am pleased to say that the tizard install on ubuntu worked16:29
test123and I am now starting to document how to populate the timetable16:29
ignasgood to hear16:30
ignasi am frankly quite surprised it works ;)16:34
test123Surprise is the spice of life. I have 'located' the README files in the project.. there are 150 of them16:35
test123Where should I start reading?16:35
test123sorry ,.. I meant 10016:36
ignasdepends on what you want to do16:38
ignasand about which readme files you are talking a bout16:38
ignasby the way - you can probably skip all the readme files that are not in eggs/schooltool...16:39
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test123Hi ignas19:54
Lumiereignas is gone19:59
mgedmingone ignas gone20:12
* mgedmin feels stuck in a gnarls barkley song20:12
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