IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2007-11-20

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test123please can ignas contact me when he has a moment?14:28
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test123time passes15:08
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mheathjhancock: heh18:41
jhancockSo everybody this is MHEATH18:41
jhancockhe is looking for some course tracking software stuff18:42
jhancockhelp him out a little18:42
mheathjhancock: ?18:42
jhancockdoes anyone know where jelkner is?18:43
jhancockthey usually are pretty active18:43
ignaswe are?18:44
jhancockI thought so18:44
ignashi ;)18:44
mheathWell, to repeat what I told jhancock I was looking for18:44
mheathIt's for a youth group where the kids have to complete certain requirements to advance18:44
mheathMost of these requirements will be classes taught in person18:45
mheathBut I'm looking for a grade-like system to track which classes a kid has had so far18:45
mheathSecond part is, they have to complete a multiple choice packet.18:45
mheathThese are currently in PDF form18:46
ignaswell - if it's requirements and stuff aelkner, jelkner and cando should be able to help you i'd guess18:46
mheathSo I need a facility to easily distribute the PDF files, and then a facility for having them submit multiple choice answers.18:46
ignasas for that - not sure shooltool will help you with distribution18:47
ignasschooltool is more suited for managing of grades/timetables not for guiding the teaching process ...18:47
ignasso content management, and testing is mostly considered out of scope18:48
ignasthere are things like moodle that do that better than we do i think18:48
mheathignas: ah, I didn't even really know what schooltool was. I was asking about this in another channel and jhancock told me to join here.18:49
ignasi see18:50
jhancockI thought cando could work for him18:50
ignascando can store the grades18:50
ignasand make it easier to manage them18:50
ignaswhat cando can't do18:50
ignasis distribute tests, and check them for correctnes18:51
mheathignas: doesn't need to be checked for correctness18:51
mheathOdd requirement: tests are handgraded.18:51
mheathBut I do want to distribute them18:51
mheathand have a facility/form for _submitting_ the multiple choice answers18:51
ignassubmitting is a vague word, sorry18:52
ignassubmitting answers - no18:52
ignassubmitting final grades - yes18:52
mheathignas: answers are what I meant. Sorry.18:52
ignascando can't do answers18:53
ignasonly grades from what i can recall18:53
mheathAh, ok. Apparently I was directed to the wrong place :)18:53
jhancockI guess i did not really understand what you needed18:54
ignasmheath: look at moodle and drupal18:54
ignasmaybe one of these can do what you need18:54
mheathignas: I've looked at moodle, and probably will end up with that. The only complaint is that it is a bit heavy for what I need.18:54
mheathBut, hmmm.18:55
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