IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2007-10-30

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balorIs schootool on Gutsy simply broken (I get a failed depend on python2.4-schoolbell)?12:30
mgedmincould be12:39
mgedminthe packaged version is ancient12:39
Fujitsubalor: Yes, it is broken in Ubuntu Feisty and Gutsy.12:40
FujitsuWe were promised a new version for Gutsy... but...12:40
balorFujitsu: is there an ETA on fixing it?12:40
mgedminwe vere promised a zope 3.4 release before gutsy, but... :(12:40
FujitsuWe would have probably removed it from the archive if we knew there wasn't going to be a new release.12:40
Fujitsubalor: In Gutsy? Probably never.12:40
FujitsuMaybe for Hardy.12:40
Fujitsumgedmin: Isn't 3.4 never going to release, though?12:41
mgedminI've no idea12:41
mgedminthe zope 3 world is in the middle of the egg revolution and nothing is settled12:41
balorFujitsu: I have a student working on some plug-ins for Schooltool.  Should I tell them simply to work on the main branch from launchpad?12:41
balorFujitsu: or is there a better "main" source?12:42
Fujitsubalor: The main svn branch is better, but I have minimal dealings with SchoolTool. I'm more an Ubuntu person, though I have attacked bits of schooltool a couple of times.12:43
balorFujitsu: thanks.  Is that on Launchpad?12:43
balorI just cant find the SVN source on the homepage12:44
Fujitsubalor: It will be mirrored on Launchpad as a bzr branch, but I think the original is on
balorFujitsu: many thanks12:44
FujitsuNo problem, hopefully I was helpful.12:44
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jelknerAnyone here?14:44
* Fujitsu hides, though very probably not someone you're looking for.14:45
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Lumierebalor: here still?15:25
balorLumiere: yeah15:25
LumiereI would assume those could work15:26
Lumierebut using a trunk svn and making a bzr branch of the plugins may be the best way to go long term15:28
Lumiereif you plan on continuing development15:28
ignassomeone wants to develop a new schooltool "plugin" or rather a "configuration" ?15:28
Lumiere05:10:42 < balor> Fujitsu: I have a student working on some plug-ins for  Schooltool.  Should I tell them simply to work on the main  branch from launchpad?15:31
ignasmain branch being schooltool's main branch?15:31
ignasand what kinds of plugins are they?15:31
balorignas: rollbook stuff15:33
balorignas: rollbook as in whether students are in or out of class15:34
ignasso your plugin has it's own persistent objects and stuff, but is still meant to be added to an existing school15:35
ignasor is it a part of CanDo?15:35
balorignas: probably part of CanDO15:54
balorignas: It's a student project, I'm the lecturer.  So I want them to figure out the solution themselves15:55
ignasi see :)15:55
ignasa bit cruel knowing that there is no defined way of doing schooltool/Cando plugins15:56
balorignas: Is there a concept of  a list of students in a class in SchoolTool?15:56
ignaswhat are you calling a class?15:57
ignasa section meeting?15:57
balorignas: I'm imagining ST as an administrative tool for teachers (I may have this all wrong) and that there would be a list of students in their class on the ST system.15:57
ignaswhat are you calling a class?15:58
balorignas: I want the student to extend ST so that the teacher can use it as an electronic roll book15:58
balorignas: Excuse my Irish educational system :) class == form == assignment of students to a teacher for a subject15:58
ignason one hand - there is attendance module in schooltool for what it's worth, just that it's not turned on by default15:59
ignasthe thing you are calling a class15:59
ignasin schooltool is called a section15:59
ignasso yes - there is a list of students in a section15:59
balorI actually don't want them to write the attendance module, just make it a web-service and write a fat-client attendance GUI.16:00
balorBut that's just me :)16:00
balorBut if the attendance module needs to be extended, they'll have to do it.16:01
ignasare you using REST for communication with schooltool then16:02
ignasi mean it would be more appropriate for a fat-client GUI16:02
ignaslocalhost:7001/sections/section_id/relationships/ (if you turn it on in the schooltool.conf)16:04
balorignas: that's the idea16:04
ignasi see16:04
ignasi assumed that you are trying to write a new schooltool module16:04
balorI  didn't know that REST was built in by default though16:04
ignaswell - you must enable it in schooltool.conf16:04
balorignas: I'm not used to the school tool development language.  So I just use the term "module" generically.16:05
ignasif using trunk checkout or a tarball it will be on a different port16:05
ignasin buildout configuration it moved to localhost:7080/api/ ...16:05
* ignas just realized that balor is Ireland related nickname :)16:07
balorgot to go...late for class17:02
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Lumierejinty: how's the east coast of the US?19:39
Lumiereoh wait... jinty's here19:39
jintyHey Lumiere, pretty sunny right now19:39
Lumierein DC19:39
jintywanna catch a drink somewhere?19:39
Lumieredamn it... XD you should have told us :)19:39
Lumierewell... I am at work19:39
jintyI'll be here till sunday19:40
jintyI wanted to organize a meetup with the cando people19:40
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Lumiereit' sstill doable probably19:40
th1a_jinty: hi.19:40
jintyhey th1a_19:40
jintyI want to phone you about the zope3 release19:40
th1a_Yes... I sent you one of my periodic spastic emails.19:41
th1a_I'm in Vilnius, though.19:41
jintyth1a_: you have a skype id?19:41
jintyor some other way of speaking by voice?19:42
* jinty get's tired of typing19:42
th1a_I do...19:42
* Lumiere -> video conference19:42
jintyLumiere: basically I'm free most evenings19:42
th1a_I think I'm tom_hoffman.19:42
th1a_I don't know for sure that my sound works, either.19:42
jintyth1a_: not sure I'm seeing you19:43
jintylot's of tom hoffmans around19:44
th1a_I am tom_hoffman.19:44
Lumierebrb... going for a walk to get my conference room19:45
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