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th1a_ignas: OK... I'm awake.11:23
ignasth1a_: hi :)11:23
th1a_What's your street address again?11:26
ignassierakausko 30a - 1711:26
ignashmm, i guess i could walk and pick you up11:26
ignaswhat's your street address?11:27
th1a_Vytenio St. 9/25.11:27
th1a_I still need to take a shower.11:27
th1a_I'll ping you.11:27
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ignasjfroche: good morning11:49
th1a_ignas: OK.  Meet you in out front in 10 minutes?11:49
jfrocheignas: good morning11:49
ignasi should make it ;)11:49
th1a_hi jfroche.11:49
jfrochehey th1a_ already awake ?!11:49
th1a_It is noon!11:49
jfrochealready in lithuania ?!11:51
th1a_Got here yesterday.11:52
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WatersevenubDear all, after reading school tool website news and the mailing lists, I could not form a correct picture of the current state of the school tool development. Things I would like to know:13:00
Watersevenub(a) Is school tool ready for implementation in primary to secondary schools?13:00
Watersevenub(b) If not, when is it scheduled the first major release?13:01
Watersevenub(c) Are there any opensource schooltool alternatives nowadays, namely focusing in student management and better than for example, cLASS?13:02
WatersevenubThank you.13:02
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Lumiere|DCUnitedhi th1a_, ignas15:24
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th1a_Hi Lumiere.15:24
th1a_What time is it there?15:25
th1a_OK.  Almost meeting time then.15:25
th1a_We kind of forgot about that.15:25
th1a_But Ignas was just asking me what aelkner has been working on lately.15:26
th1a_So this is the correct timing.15:26
ignasLumiere: hi15:27
Lumierenot sure on the schooltool front15:27
Lumierebut we had 2 or 3 meetings on cando stuff15:27
Lumiereand have 2 blueprints15:27
Lumierethe current system of 'journals' are being renamed into a messaging system15:28
Lumiereand a journaling system (something more like one of those black composition books) is being written15:28
Lumiereand we put together a bunch of reports15:28
ignasnice, less confusion, now if you would move it from app['journal'] to app[]15:29
Lumiereand started looking at some grading issues15:29
Lumiereignas: let aelkner know15:29
th1a_OK, let's get started.15:31
th1a_hi jfroche_, aelkner.15:31
* th1a_ says 'hi' to ignas.15:31
th1a_Lumiere: I always thought "journals" was the wrong term in CanDo.15:32
th1a_I'm not sure what you mean about black composition books, though.15:33
th1a_*tap* *tap* Is this thing on?15:34
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th1a_jfroche__: Hi.15:35
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jfroche__th1a_: hello15:36
th1a_This reminds me that I need to book my flight to Brussels...15:37
th1a_Did we lose Lumiere & aelkner?15:39
Lumierewaking up15:40
Lumiereslowly <_<15:40
Lumiereth1a_: basically... the journaling system is gonna be such15:40
Lumierethat a student writes a journal edits whatever15:40
Lumierethen turns it in15:40
Lumiereand can't edit anymore, the teacher can write notes (using messaging) and unlock if needed for the student to make more changes15:41
th1a_What kind of notes?15:43
th1a_The assignment itself or information about the assignment?15:43
Lumiereit could really be anything15:44
Lumiereit could just be15:45
Lumierewhat they did this week15:45
Lumiereit could be evidence of a competency15:45
th1a_But there is also a different messaging system?15:45
Lumierebut... we don't really have 'assignments'15:45
th1a_More lightweight?15:45
Lumierethe current journaling becomes messaging15:45
Lumiereand will be linked to from the new journaling15:46
th1a_I guess I'm just going to have to see this in action at some point.15:47
Lumiereso will we15:47
th1a_So... I'm feeling like I need to go schedule my flight to Brussels.15:47
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th1a_And to be a little more forceful about the agenda next week.15:48
th1a_We're in a little bit of a downward spiral in meeting attendance/attention.15:48
th1a_jfroche__: Do you have anything pressing to say?15:49
Lumiereth1a_: better then last week15:49
th1a_mgedmin is telling me the traffic is going to get worse now and we should go.15:49
Lumierewhen the meeting didn't happen15:49
jfroche__euh nothing really new in here15:50
th1a_ignas and I chatted on Tuesday...15:50
jfroche__th1a_ we better speak thursday evening15:50
th1a_OK, we're going then.15:50
th1a_We'll get everyone together next week, regular time.15:50
* th1a_ prematurely drops the bag of gravel.15:50
th1a_Have a great week and see you soon, jfroche__.15:51
jfroche__have a nice time there too !15:51
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th1a_aelkner: ayt?18:08
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