IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2007-10-25

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ignasth1a: hi16:54
th1ahi ignas.16:55
th1aI heard you've been poking at CAS.16:55
ignasyes, looked at WSGI middleware in paste16:58
ignasand reimplemented it for schooltool16:58
ignasbut apparently the approach used in there is not very good16:58
ignasbut everything is solvable16:58
ignasthere even is a Zope2 plugin for CAS16:58
ignasso i have a place to look for ideas16:58
th1aYou didn't try to use it as a middleware right?16:59
th1aI mean, we can't really take advantage of that yet.16:59
ignaswell - it had to be fixed before using it as a middleware16:59
ignasbut i have tired using it that way17:00
ignasunfortunately it does not work with POST forms17:00
th1aIt didn't seem like it would really work very well that way.17:00
ignasand is too heavy on CPU resources17:00
ignasif you use it for every request17:00
th1aBut I have a very hazy understanding of WSGI middleware.17:00
th1aBecause it has to decrypt something?17:01
th1aDid you try it with a server?17:01
ignasno, because it does ST -> CAS -> LDAP ->CAS -> ST -> CAS17:01
ignason every request17:01
ignaseven images17:01
ignasso 20 queries into 3 web services for every single click17:02
ignasa bit *heavy* i might say17:02
ignasso i'll take a bit less secure way and do it the way17:02
ignaswhich is only use CAS for the first step in authentication17:03
th1aSounds like the sane approach.17:03
ignaswell - it adds some problems with single signoff17:03
ignasbecause then you have to log out from both schooltool and CAS and wordpress17:04
ignasbut it can be solved17:04
ignasespecially if all the services are on the same site17:04
ignasthe bad news is that lyceum website is only going to be ready for November 5 ...17:05
th1aI see.17:06
ignasthe student that is doing it is going to spend a lot of time on it during his autumn holidays17:06
th1aWait, I'm confused.17:07
th1aWhat does this have to do with SchoolTool?17:07
ignaswell - they are planning on launching both things at the same time17:08
ignasbecause the server they are setting up is the same17:08
ignasfrom what I understand17:08
ignasi will get an instance up with all the most up to date data i have17:09
ignasbut i am not sure whether i will get schooltool running on their servers17:09
ignasbefore that date17:09
th1aAre we going to visit the school?17:11
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ignasyes, i certainly hope they did not forget that (though i am reminding them about your visit)17:13
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th1aDo we have a day/time?17:16
ignaswe agreed that it was Tuesday, but i am waiting for one more confirmation17:16
ignasas that was discussed a while ago17:17
ignasand you can see how stable the things are on my side ...17:17
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aelknerignas: hi17:32
aelknerquestion: how do you test an individual package from the buildout?17:33
ignas-s ?17:33
ignasbin/test -s schooltool.course17:33
aelknerthat's it?17:33
ignasi think so17:33
aelkneri'll try it17:33
aelknerthat worked, and adding -u or -f narrows it further to unit or functional test.  sweet!17:35
ignasth1a: is launchpad/schooltool a super-project ?17:36
th1aignas: ?17:36
ignasi see17:37
ignaswell - launchpad apparently provides an option to have your project as a super project17:37
ignasso you could have sub projects17:37
ignasI will try to find out more about it17:37
ignasas we have schooltool.jelkner2007 schooltool.cas schooltool.devtools and will have many more in the future17:38
th1aThat makes sense.17:38
ignaswe could/should probably convert schooltool into a super project17:38
ignasand have them under schooltool17:38
Fujitsuignas: A project group can't behave as a project too.17:39
ignasFujitsu: could you elaborate on that?17:40
th1aignas: Did you get a CAS server running?17:41
Fujitsuignas: See (which is a project group) for an example. You would need a normal project inside it to do what the schooltool project currently does, as project groups don't have bugs/blueprints/etc. on their own.17:41
ignasth1a: ruby one, yes17:42
ignasth1a: with LDAP as a backend17:42
ignasth1a: and a little bit of ruby code17:42
ignasFujitsu: i see17:43
th1aignas: Does it seem like the Ruby one is reasonably packageable?17:43
ignasFujitsu: i'll be consulting with folks at launchpad about it anyway before taking any action17:43
Fujitsuignas: Yep, probably the best idea. You need an admin to take any such action, anyway.17:44
ignasFujitsu: is a super project17:48
ignasi think17:48
ignasbut it seems that it has blueprints and bugs17:48
Fujitsuignas: It is, yes, but note that the listings have a project column, and reporting a bug asks for a project.17:49
FujitsuIt's just an aggregate of all the projects it contains.17:49
ignaswell - we could probably pull it off with something named schooltool.core, but yes that shouldn't be done without  thinking about it ...17:50
FujitsuThat would probably work.17:51
ignaseither that, or naming schooltool superproject like17:57
ignasbut that would be rebranding17:57
ignaswhich might be better to avoid17:57
FujitsuThe lack of docs was actually discussed during the meeting, to an extent.17:59
ignaslack of docs? are you referring to my question in #launchpad?18:00
ignasi see :)18:00
ignashmm, i see CanDo is using cando-project18:12
ignasas a super project18:12
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