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aelknerignas: I have a question19:24
ignasoh, and you had some failing tests19:25
ignasare they still failing?19:25
ignasoyu told me that attendance tests were failing19:25
ignason your machine19:25
aelknerlet me get my bearings19:25
ignasok :)19:25
aelkneri had trouble getting jelkner-buildout to work (until i realized how to cehckout schooltool into it)19:26
aelknerso in the meantime, i checked out trunk in a separate plave19:26
ignasi see19:27
aelknerso i developed the gradbook changes directly there19:27
aelknerand that's where the tests were failing19:27
aelknercould you try that?19:27
ignasby the way19:28
ignasi forgot to tell you how to test schooltool when it is in the same buildout as jelkner200719:28
ignas(not with make test in the schooltool directory)19:28
ignasas that duplicates all the Zope3 eggs19:28
ignaswhich is not very convenient19:28
ignasor did you already found that out ?19:28
aelknernot yet19:29
aelkneri guess i would have found that out when I get there19:29
aelknerso what would i need to do?19:29
ignastry adding:19:29
ignasrecipe = zc.recipe.testrunner19:29
ignaseggs = schooltool19:29
ignasdefaults = ['--tests-pattern', '^f?tests$', '-v']19:29
ignasinto your buildout.cfg19:30
ignasand add test-schooltool to parts19:30
ignasand bin/buildout19:30
ignasthat should add a bin/test-schooltool script19:30
ignasthat will run tests for schooltool19:30
ignasthough if you like testing both schooltool and jelkner2007 together19:30
ignasyou might just add schooltool to the eggs of [test]19:31
ignasrecipe = zc.recipe.testrunner19:31
ignaseggs = schooltool19:31
ignas       jelkner200719:31
ignasdefaults = ['--tests-pattern', '^f?tests$', '-v']19:31
aelknerhold on, i'm confused19:31
aelknerfirst, I'm going to develop schooltool from within jelkner-buildout by checking out schooltool into it19:32
aelkneras you had suggested19:32
aelknerso why refer to schooltool asa an egg?19:32
aelkneralso, shouldn't I also check out jelkner2007 into the buildout and add it to the .cfg file?19:33
ignasthe point is - schooltool checkout19:36
ignasas well as jelkner checkout19:36
ignasin the buildout19:36
ignasare both treated as "eggs"19:37
ignasto be precise19:37
ignasso the idea is - testing schooltool as an egg as well19:37
ignasbecause that means that jelkner2007 and schooltool are both using the same set of eggs19:38
aelknerbecause until recently, the only way to test schooltool was from a checkout, but you changed all that, right?19:39
ignasno, actually i am not using checkout for like 3 months already19:39
aelkneri see19:39
ignasthat's why i am recomending others to do it that way as well19:40
aelknerand what of the tests failing from a direct checkout of schooltool?19:40
ignasi am trying to run the tests19:42
ignassomeone deleted 3.4.0 from PYPI!19:42
aelknerso, so far, all i changed to buildout.cfg was to add schooltool to the develop = section on line two19:47
aelknercause you said i need to do that in order to get it to work with the schooltool checkout19:48
aelknerand jelkner2007 is an egg19:48
aelknerbut if i wanted to develop jelkner2007, i would need to remove the egg and replace it with a checkout, right?19:48
ignasbut that does not require any changes to buildout.cfg19:50
aelkneri figured that19:50
aelknerthere's a "sctipts" paragraph there.  is that misspelled?19:51
ignasyes ;)19:51
ignasall stipts should be replaced with scripts19:51
ignasand svn commited ;)19:52
aelkneri'll do that right now19:52
aelknerthen i'll have a question about the complete procedure for going from a fresh checkout to being development-ready19:52
aelknerbefore that, why was it not a problem to have that paragraph misspelled?19:53
ignasbecause it was misspelled twice19:54
ignasthe name is an identifier19:54
ignasso if you have "stipts" in parts19:54
ignasand "stipts" as a part name19:54
ignasit's ok19:54
ignasit does not mean anything19:54
aelkneroh, i didn't spot the presense of stipts in parts, so I'll have to fix that now19:56
ignascool :)19:57
aelknerfor my sanity, i'd like to start with a fresh checkout of jelkner-buildout and follow steps that i have been accumulating20:01
aelknermay i show the the steps as i understand them?20:01
aelknerhere goes:20:02
aelkner        svn co svn+ssh://
aelkner        cd jelkner2007-buildout20:02
aelkner        svn co svn+ssh://
aelkner        rm -rf jelkner200720:02
aelkner        svn co svn+ssh://
aelkner        edit buildout.cfg20:02
aelkner            add schooltool to the end of the line that starts with develop20:02
aelkner            add schooltool to the end of line in test paragraph that starts with eggs20:02
aelkner        make20:03
aelkner        make test20:03
aelkner        make ftest20:03
aelkner        make run20:03
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ignasno need for "rm -rf jelkner2007"20:04
ignasif you haven't run make20:04
ignasthere is nothing to remove20:04
aelknersvn co replaces?20:04
aelkneri.e. does the rm -rf itself?20:04
ignasno, there is no jelkner2007 in there20:04
ignasin that point in time20:04
aelknerthat was there as a result of the make20:04
aelkneri get it20:04
ignasadd schooltool to the end of line in test paragraph that starts with eggs - not really20:05
ignasi think you have to add it in the next line20:05
ignaseggs = jelkner200720:05
ignas    schooltool20:05
aelknerwhy does there need to be newlines there and not in develop20:06
aelkneron line 2?20:06
ignasask J1m20:06
ignasaelkner: all tests are passing in a clean schooltool checkout20:10
ignaswhen you update to depend on == 3.4.120:10
aelknerso i started from sratch with the following steps:20:11
aelkner        svn co svn+ssh://
aelkner        cd jelkner2007-buildout20:11
aelkner        svn co svn+ssh://
aelkner        svn co svn+ssh://
aelkner        edit buildout.cfg20:11
aelkner            add schooltool to the end of the line that starts with develop20:11
aelkner            add a line with just "   schooltool" in it after the line in test paragraph that starts with eggs20:11
aelkner        make20:11
aelkner        make test20:11
aelkner        make ftest20:11
aelkner        make run20:12
aelknerrunning make now20:12
aelkneri noted the following as the make runs:20:15
aelkneris that ok?20:15
ignasthat means that it is still in there20:15
ignasbut somehow our original in schooltool didn't find it20:16
ignasmaybe a missing find_links20:16
aelkneruh oh, make test is failing20:17
aelknerFile "/home/aelkner/buildouts/jelkner2007-buildout/schooltool/src/schooltool/attendance/browser/tests/", line 98, in schooltool.attendance.browser.tests.test_sparkline.doctest_AttendanceSparklineView_call20:18
aelknerFailed example:20:18
aelkner    print image.encode('base64')20:18
aelknerException raised:20:18
aelkner    Traceback (most recent call last):20:18
aelkner      File "/home/aelkner/buildouts/jelkner2007-buildout/eggs/tmp27a6c9/zope.testing-3.5.1-py2.4.egg/zope/testing/", line 1356, in __run20:18
aelkner      File "<doctest schooltool.attendance.browser.tests.test_sparkline.doctest_AttendanceSparklineView_call[14]>", line 1, in ?20:18
aelkner        print image.encode('base64')20:18
aelkner    NameError: name 'image' is not defined20:18
ignasseems like there is no PIL20:18
aelkneron my machine?20:19
ignasis your schooltool checkout up to date?20:19
ignasif it is the gradebook branch it might be out of date20:19
ignasand you should be using trunk anyway20:19
aelkneri followed the steps i outlines above20:19
aelknerwhich is completely from sratch20:20
aelkneri.e., i'm not using the gradebook branch anymore20:20
aelkneryou folded it into trunk, so i've been using trunk20:21
ignascan you do this:20:21
ignasin eggs20:21
ignasfind PIL egg20:21
ignasand rm -rf it20:21
ignassudo apt-get build-dep python-imaging20:22
ignasand then bin/buildout20:22
aelknerthat seems ugly, and what of my steps from scratch20:23
ignasit might be that you were missing some PIL dependencies20:23
ignasi know i had a problem like this before20:23
ignascould you look at schooltool/setup.py20:23
ignasand see if there is PILwoTk in there?20:23
aelknerit is20:24
ignashow does test section in your buildout.cfg look?20:25
aelknerbtw, the failed test doesn't mention the PIL library20:26
aelkneron sec20:26
aelknerrecipe = zc.recipe.testrunner20:26
aelknereggs = jelkner200720:26
aelkner       schooltool20:26
aelknerdefaults = ['--tests-pattern', '^f?tests$', '-v']20:26
ignaslet me see20:28
ignastests seem to be passing20:33
ignasso my assumption is that you are missing python-imaging build deps20:33
ignassudo apt-get build-dep python-imaging20:33
ignasand then remove and reinstall PIL egg20:33
ignasbecause it compiled wrong20:33
ignasif that does not help20:33
ignaslisppaste5: url20:33
lisppaste5To use the lisppaste bot, visit and enter your paste.20:33
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ignaspost your bin/test in there20:34
aelkneri'll go ahead and try that.20:35
aelknermake test worked!20:42
ignascool :)20:42
aelknerso i didn't have my machine set up correctly20:42
aelknerwhere is the latest instructions for setting up a development machine, and could you check to make sure it is up to date?20:43
ignasthere are none, they are still for a simple checkout, but yes I should create something like that20:45
ignasjust that up to date, you are the only person who had to start using a buildout-sandbox20:46
ignasso i was not sure whether it is usable yet ;)20:46
ignasbut when you will get everything smoothly working20:46
ignasi'll fix our website to recomend buildouts for installation20:46
ignasinstead of svn co + all the 17 steps ..20:47
aelknergreat, thanks20:50
aelknerbtw, make ftest and make run also work!20:50
aelknerthat was a very productive couple of hours20:52
ignascool :)20:53
aelknerso i'd like to ask you another question about the Requirements package20:53
aelknerAm I the only person using is, i mean cando.virgina?20:53
aelkneruding it20:53
aelknerusing it20:54
aelkneri ask cause i'd like to remove New Requirement and Edit Requirement from the actions menu if i may20:54
aelkneralso, schooltool.gradebook use it20:55
ignasschooltool.requirement is considered a part of schooltool.gradebook20:55
ignasfrom my point of view20:55
ignasso you can do whatever you want with it ;)20:55
ignasas long as tests on trunk are passing20:56
aelknerah, the freedom, how sweet20:56
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aelknerof course i would not check anything into trunk without passing tests20:56
ignasok, i have to go now, must make it until shops close20:57
aelknerthanks for your help20:57
ignasit's my job ;)20:57
aelknerthanks just the same20:57
ignasif you will see th1a online tell him that CAS authentication works with schooltool20:58
ignasat least in the prototype20:58
ignasbut might need some improvement20:58
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aelknerhey tom21:03
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aelknerignas asked me to pass along that CAS authentication works with schooltool21:04
aelkner at least in the prototype21:04
aelknerbut might need some improvement21:04
aelknerhey jeff21:04
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aelknerth1a: did you get my last message?21:05
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aelknerabout CAS21:05
aelknerjelkner: what it is?21:05
aelknerthat was for Tom21:05
aelkneri'm just saying hi to you21:06
jelknerdid someone here say "hey jeff"?21:06
aelknerthat would be me21:06
jelknerwell hey to you to!21:06
aelknerso igans gave me the goahaed to remove those stupid action menu items21:07
aelknerNew REquirement for instance21:07
aelknerSince apparantly, schooltool.gradebook and cando.virginia are the only packages using Requirement21:07
aelknerand those are both for you, so aren;t you important21:08
aelknerjelkner: so i'l remove those menu items and all other menu items in lieu of buttons on the forms as we discussed yesterday21:09
aelknerth1a: ping21:09
th1aaelkner: Hi.21:10
aelknerdid you see the message about CAS?21:10
aelknerignas asked me to pass it along21:10
th1aWere you talking to him earlier on IRC?21:10
th1aWell, that's good news.21:11
th1aI've been thinking we should probably push Chris to get his sys admin to do most of the work on getting CAS working on the other apps.21:12
th1aThat's not really our job.21:12
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th1aPlus it isn't programming really, just getting the right plugins working.21:13
aelknergood thinking21:13
th1aBut that's one good reason to work with them... they have their own sys admin.21:13
aelkneryes, very good21:14
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aelknerth1a: did you receive my provate chat?21:16
th1aDid you receive my response?21:18
th1aI may not be registered on this computer.21:18
th1aAnyhow, aelkner, the answer is no.21:19
aelkneri din't receive your response.  can i call you?21:19
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