IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2007-08-21

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sudinfjelkner: ping00:33
sudinfpcardune: ping00:34
pcardunehi sudinf00:34
sudinfI checked out the doctest module00:35
sudinfbut when I tried to make it gave an error00:35
sudinfit said /bin/sh: python2.4: command not found00:36
pcardunesudinf: you must have python2.4 installed00:36
sudinfso I went to makefile and changed python 2.4 to 2.5 as I have python 2.500:36
pcardunecurrently, zope only runs on python2.400:36
pcardunethere is a summer of code project to port it to python2.500:36
pcarduneI'm not sure what the status of that is00:36
pcardunesudinf: the issue is changes to python's C API, which zope uses in a number of places for performance00:37
sudinfbut after changing it to 2.5 it did work to an extent but gave another error00:37
pcarduneyes, I hope support for 2.5 comes soon, I want to use the ternary operator00:38
sudinfImportError: No module named pkg_resources which is the error which is present in the setup.py00:38
sudinfso you suggest me to install python 2.4 is it?00:39
sudinfpcardune: ok, thankyou00:40
pcarduneyes, that would be key00:41
pcardunesudinf: and make sure you have followed the other instructions on as far as dependencies are concerned00:41
sudinfyes I have00:42
sudinfanyway thanks a lot00:42
jelkneri'm here00:42
jelknerbut i'm busy00:42
jelkneri'll be able to talk in 20 minutes00:43
sudinfjelkner: no problems00:43
sudinfjelkner: sorry for the disturbance00:43
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aelknerth1a: ayt?18:39
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Lumierehi pcardune, aelkner20:01
aelknerhey Lumiere20:02
pcarduneHi Lumiere20:02
aelknerLumiere: who's the moderator of cando-checkins?20:05
aelknera recent checkin of mine was rejects20:06
aelknerMessage body is too big: 54540 bytes with a limit of 40 KB20:06
aelknercould we make that 100KB limit20:06
Lumiereaelkner: uh20:11
Lumierejeff is20:12
Lumiereand the limit should be 1mb20:12
LumiereI've had a few 250k oens20:12
Lumiereerr ones20:12
aelkneri could get jelkner to hand moderator control to you20:12
aelknerwould that be ok20:12
Lumierehe doesn't have the password20:14
Lumiereor he would have already20:14
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sudinfpcardune: ping20:31
pcardunesudinf: Hi20:31
sudinfI have screwed up my suse!!20:32
sudinfwith various python environments20:32
sudinfits completely screwed up20:32
sudinfI will start afresh with gentoo tomorrow20:32
pcardunereally? what happened?20:32
sudinfsuse is *comletely* screwed up20:32
sudinfit is not working from top to bottom !!20:33
Lumieresudinf: go with ubuntu fiesty20:33
sudinfok I 'll try20:34
Lumiereubuntu is what schooltool and cando are designed for at this point20:35
Lumiere(I am sure they can be made to work on other stuff... but all the devs use ubuntu at this point)20:35
aelknerpcardune: i seemed to have lost you on skype.  could you call again?20:41
pcardunei just did and I got voicemail20:41
th1aaelkner: What's up?20:48
aelknerth1a: oh, it was about the cando-checkins list, and i found out that jelkner was the moderator20:49
Lumiereaelkner: when jinty returns from za21:02
LumiereI'll get him to change it21:02
aelknerLumiere: you'll change it to be you, right?21:06
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