IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2007-07-27

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Lumierepcardune: here?04:50
pcarduneLumiere: yep04:50
LumiereI am thinking namespace.s.o/competency/stuff04:50
Lumiere*tries to find his xml schema04:50
pcarduneyou need to have protocol:// to make it a proper URI04:52
pcarduneLumiere: ok, I'll take a look04:54
pcardunethanks for starting that page04:54
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bvuongwhats the password for the cando app?05:29
bvuongits schooltool actually05:29
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ignasth1a: ayt?12:09
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ignasanyone from US?16:18
ignasLumiere: ping16:18
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Lumiereignas: here now17:06
ignasLumiere: when should i come to US? 08-04 or 08-05?17:08
th1aignas: Hi.  I'd say on the 4th.17:08
ignaswill i find anyone if i will be 08-04 in washington that is17:08
ignasso: Washington, should be in there 2007-08-04, going back 2007-08-09.17:11
th1aignas: Yes.17:11
ignasthank you17:11
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bvuonghey guys, I'm looking through the cando schooltool application for documenting, but what is the username and password?20:08
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bvuonganyone know the username and the password for the cando application? I'm running it on the terminal20:23
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bvuongWhat is the username and password for the cando application? I need to document.21:05
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