IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2007-07-26

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jhancock_Hey aelkner03:05
aelknerdiner's coming to the table03:05
aelknercould we wait for 20 mins03:05
jhancock_aelkner: what database should I install03:08
eldarjhancock, why do you need sql?03:09
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aelknereldar, i'm trying to get a couple of people involved with me on dabo03:23
aelknermaybe some day we could create a nice gui front end to zope apps03:23
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aelknerjhancock_ i'm back03:35
aelknerthe tummy is full03:35
jhancock_see if you can join #dabo03:35
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jelknerbvoung: can you see my private chat?16:01
bvuonganyone know how to use the find command. I'm trying to find the pkg_resources module on my computer16:38
eldarfind . | grep pkg_resources16:39
mgedminfind /usr/lib -name 'pkg_resources*'16:40
mgedminbut then it could be in /usr/local16:40
mgedminfind / -name 'pkg_resources*'16:40
mgedminbut it will be slow16:40
mgedminlocate pkg_resources is faster, if you have slocate installed16:40
bvuongok, thanks, I just found it, but its in my python2.5 site-packages folder. Do I just move it to the python2.4 site-packages folder?16:42
eldarbvuong, no. Are you having problems with your python-setuptools?16:44
bvuongyeah, kinda, I installed python2.4, but when I installed the setuptools, I think the computer put it in the python2.5 folder, instead of python2.416:45
eldarsudo apt-get remove python-setuptools; sudo apt-get clean; sudo apt-get install python-all-dev python-setuptools16:46
eldarrun those commands, ; means a new line16:46
bvuongoh, I don't have ubuntu on my computer, I use fedora16:46
bvuongsorry :p16:46
eldari don't know exact yum commands, or package names, so i'm just going to blindly throw commands16:46
eldarsudo yum remove python-setuptools16:47
bvuongit works16:47
eldarsudo yum clean (or whatever else removes the .rpms it downloaded)16:47
Lumiere... eww fedora ... <_<16:47
bvuongoh well, blame my dad :p16:48
eldarbvuong, did you clean?16:49
jelknerbvuong: can you give me a phone number i can use to call you?16:49
bvuongdidn't work, it said it required an option, I guess it meant a parameter16:49
bvuongjelkner: sure, should I give you my cell or home number?16:50
jelknerwhich ever you would like me to use16:50
bvuongwell, I'll give you my home number, even though I'm not at home. (703) 532-901616:50
jelknerthen how can i use it?16:51
jelkneri want to call you now16:51
bvuongok, my cell is (703) 336-387016:51
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bvuongjelkner: I'm not sure if I could come to the ACC until 12, no one can take me til then.17:16
jelknerbvuong: ok, see you then17:26
bvuongok, thanks, sorry17:26
bvuongso, you can't install ubuntu unless you have a disk?17:26
jelknerbvoung: btw see if you can figure out how to register with freenode17:27
jelknerso that you can have private chats17:27
jelkneryes, you need a disk17:27
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ignasth1a: ayt?19:05
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th1ahi ignas.19:21
ignasth1a: i need some destination address for my trip19:21
ignasas in - where i will be staying19:21
ignaswhich city or even airport should i fly to19:22
th1ajelkner: Can you answer ignas's query?19:22
th1aWe're staying at
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th1aWe are staying on campus... somewhere.19:24
th1aeldar: Do you know the dorm?19:24
eldarth1a, jelkner knows, he's looking it up19:25
jelknerth1a: Carlin Hall19:25
ignasi see19:27
ignasshould be good enough19:27
ignas(the info)19:27
eldarignas, is there a magical function, that will give me the catalog if i give it the catalog name?19:27
ignasgetUtility(ICatalog, PERSON_CATALOG_KEY) ?19:28
ignasfor example19:28
eldarthank you :)19:30
eldarit's like magic19:30
bnguyenis trunk broken?19:52
bnguyenwhen i try to run i get the error:19:52
bnguyenAttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'IBeforeObjectAssignedEvent'19:52
mgedminaccording to, trunk is not broken19:53
bnguyendoes anyone know why i would be getting that error?19:53
mgedmincould you pastebin the full traceback?19:53
bnguyen sure19:54
wjohnstoLumiere: do you know what the sobby protocol is?19:55
wjohnstoe.g. TCP, UDP..19:55
wjohnstothanks eldar19:56
lisppaste5bnguyen pasted "trunk error" at
ignasbnguyen: do you have Zope3 installed on your ubuntu machine through apt-get?19:58
bnguyeni believe i do19:58
bnguyenlet me check19:58
bnguyenoh no i don't19:59
ignasit would have caused the error19:59
ignasbut if you haven't got it - then it's strange ...20:00
bnguyenwell since maddog went down I have to re-do everything on a new computer because I run Windows20:01
eldarbnguyen, maybe it's time to follow that advice i gave you about installing ubuntu20:02
bnguyeni was afraid you would say that20:02
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bnguyeni have zope now but i'm still getting the same error20:05
wjohnstoshe doesn't need ubuntu as long as she can ssh into my computer20:06
wjohnstoI dual boot20:06
eldarhow is she going to work on her own then?20:08
wjohnstoI leave my computer on all the time20:08
eldarhmm, not the best idea because of 2 things20:09
eldar1. she is dependent on her neighbor for internet20:09
wjohnstobut bnguyen's problem is that she does not have the SchoolTool directory20:09
eldar2. she will be dependent on you for a work machine20:09
eldarthat is 2 dependencies, if #1 goes down, she loses #2 as well20:09
wjohnstowell hey, I'm not telling her she shouldn't get ubuntu20:09
wjohnstoit is easier though, since we're partners, to have our stuff in the exact same place20:10
wjohnstoeldar: when brittney went into her cando directory and ran the Makefile, shouldn't it have added the schooltool directory?20:11
eldarno, schooltool is an egg now20:12
eldarschooltool  can be found in the eggs directory now20:12
wjohnstooh ok20:13
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fsufitchhello evbody20:13
wjohnstowhois evbody?20:14
fsufitch /whois evbody20:14
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aelknerpcardune: eldar and i were looking at the newskin and there's something you should know about what srichter had us do20:44
aelknersrichter wanted us to use z3c.form for our skin and NOT use page macros20:46
aelknerfor better of for worse that's what he sugstd20:46
aelknerso since all of our views use page macros, his suggestion was to derive new view classes from the existing ones20:47
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fsufitcheldar, could u take a look at the new logo look?20:48
fsufitchi'll PM u the url20:48
eldari don't really like the idea of redoing every view20:48
aelkneri agre with eldar20:49
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fsufitchjust the question of a newbie, but wouldnt it take a while to redo all of the page views? (time we don't have?)20:50
eldarfsufitch, yeah, it would be a big pain in the ass20:50
fsufitchnicely put20:50
pcarduneaelkner: yeah, that might work out in the long run, but not in the short run20:55
pcarduneI'm working on overriding schooltool's macros20:56
pcardunewith new ones that look like the cando skin20:56
aelknerpcardune: so you're working on getting the newskin to inherit from SchooltolSkin and then the macors will be usable?20:56
eldarpcardune, are you doing it in your old version of the newskin or in the newskin branch?20:58
pcardunethe newskin branch20:58
eldarhow does it look to you?20:59
pcardunealright, the login screen is kind of intense though21:03
pcarduneI've always been against those borders that make things look raised, unless it is done very carefully and in a subtle way21:03
pcarduneeldar: ok, I got it to work sort of21:04
pcarduneit will need more work, but it's a start21:04
eldaralrighty, what did you do?21:04
Lumierehi pcardune21:06
pcardunehi Lumiere21:06
pcarduneeldar: i'll commit it in a second21:06
pcarduneeldar: ok, you can check it out21:08
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eldarok, there are some bumps on the road21:12
eldarlike some batching error21:12
eldarbut competencies work XD21:13
pcarduneeldar: basically you need to modify that I just added to include all the slots that are in schooltool's view_macros.pt21:13
eldarit shouldn't be too hard, right?21:13
eldarno, as in hard or not hard?21:14
pcardunejust do a diff between and in the newskin branch and you will see how I modified template.pt21:14
pcarduneas in not ahrd21:14
eldarfsufitch, you have your new assignment then21:16
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Lumierehi ignas21:16
pcarduneeldar: I'm merging newskin into my evidence linking branch... should be interesting21:16
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th1aaelkner_: you have a fix for TinyZIS?21:19
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fsufitcheldar, thanks.21:22
eldari already fixed the batch-search thingy, will commit it soon21:22
eldarour table css killed the gradebook lol21:23
eldarbut i won't worry about that21:23
pcarduneyeah don't worry about that21:23
eldardamn, it all works now XD21:23
eldaralright, the batch-search thing is fixed now21:25
eldarfsufitch, first, fix the quick bar for adding competencies and groups21:25
fsufitchwhat's wrong with it?21:25
eldaryou'll see it when you go to competencies and just select any of the 321:25
eldari guess it didn't find the js21:25
eldarand its css21:25
eldarit's supposed to be all red and nice21:26
eldarand actually do something when you click add, it doesn't21:26
fsufitchuh, do i need to make data for this?21:26
fsufitchcuz i dont see 3 options, i only see "global"21:26
fsufitchand that links to the schooltool skin21:26
eldarnah, you can just use global21:26
eldarsee the quick bar?21:27
eldargo to global21:27
eldaryou'll see plain text21:27
fsufitchwell, i do see it21:27
fsufitchbut it's in the schooltool skin21:27
fsufitchso it works21:27
eldarupdate -_-21:27
fsufitchit doesnt use the newcando skin21:27
fsufitchgr fine21:27
fsufitchsame thing...21:27
fsufitchupdating didnt fix nuttin21:28
fsufitchwait, u changed python code21:28
fsufitchi'll recompile21:28
fsufitchthat's better :)21:28
fsufitcheldar, the javascript for the page is literally:21:29
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eldari know21:31
eldarmake it not so21:32
fsufitcheldar, do you mean write all the javascript?21:36
fsufitchor would it work if i stole schooltool's JS?21:36
eldarno ....21:36
eldaryou need to make it find its own javascript21:36
eldarwherever it is21:36
fsufitchuh, ok21:36
fsufitchwell, cando.js is the only place for javascript, and it's not there21:37
fsufitchso i'm going to need to find schooltool.js or something21:37
eldarthe quickbar, is part of the virginia module21:37
eldarhow about you go look at the original quickbar source21:37
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AVN`hey, what happened to global competencies?21:41
AVN`I don't see them21:42
AVN`let me look a bit more21:42
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AVN`yeah, why isn't it in the Navigation menu?21:44
fsufitcheldar, so what now?21:47
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eldarfix journals21:49
eldarapparently it relies a lot on the existing css21:50
fsufitchand the existing css is bad?21:50
eldarwell, it uses our newcando skin's css21:51
eldarand we do some table css that kills it21:51
fsufitchso i need to get the old table css and put it in?21:53
fsufitchor rewrite some css so that it looks good in the newskin?21:53
eldari would rewrite it, as in in the journal templates put it on top in there21:53
eldarso it'll look good in both skins21:54
eldarbut yeah, make the journal view independent of global css21:54
eldaras in use its own css declarations21:54
eldaryou can use the extra-head to declare the css21:54
fsufitchi'll have a field day with that :021:55
AVN`Are competencies now called commendations?21:55
fsufitchwtf, commendations?21:55
fsufitcheldar, could u send me a Data.fs file i could use?21:56
fsufitchi'm too lazy to make my own21:57
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wjohnstowhere is jelkner?22:00
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Lumierepcardune / eldar is trunk stable enough22:01
Lumiereto push to semi-stable?22:01
eldartrunk as far as i know is older than newskin and paul's branches22:01
pcarduneso, yes22:02
fsufitcheldar, did u forget about the Data.fs?22:02
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AVN`filip do you stilll have compentencies in the old schooltool skin?22:10
fsufitchAVN`, havent i told u to tall me fsufitch  too?22:15
Lumierepcardune: here?22:17
pcarduneLumiere: yes22:17
fsufitcheldar, what does ":" do in a tal string?22:17
fsufitchwait, he's not at his comp...22:17
Lumierehaving an odd svn issue: svn: The URL '' has a different repository root than its parent22:17
pcardunefsufitch: that is just the syntax22:17
pcardunefsufitch: your question is synonymous with what does the ":" do in "for something:"22:18
AVN`fsufitch, i'll 'tall' you fsufitch  from now on22:18
pcarduneLumiere: hmm, I've seen that before22:18
Lumiereand XD22:18
pcarduneLumiere: try doing svn info on plugins_available and seeing if it is different than doing svn info elsewhere22:19
Lumierehad to use my username <_<22:20
Lumiereit was auto adding it22:20
pcarduneeldar: you will want to merge my last commit to pcardune-evidence-linking to newskin.  Maybe Lumiere can do that for you22:25
pcardunethat's revision 1044 to be specific22:25
eldaruh. let's hope we didn't edit the same file22:25
LumiereI can try in a sec22:26
Lumieregotta figure out how to resolve conflicts on am erge22:26
Lumierefor a directory22:26
pcarduneeldar: we did, but the merge should work I think22:27
Lumierepcardune: resolving dir conflicts?22:28
LumiereI mean... how would one22:28
pcarduneLumiere: just 104422:28
Lumierefor cando-semistable22:28
eldaroh yeah, he just added some lines22:28
Lumiereto svn:ignore22:29
pcarduneLumiere: just blast away the directory in cando-semistable and do an svn copy from trunk22:29
pcardunefor just that directory22:29
Lumiereit's root22:29
LumiereI just edited manually22:30
wjohnstowhat does this error mean?22:32
wjohnstoPTRuntimeError: ['Compilation failed', 'zope.tal.taldefs.METALError: fill-slot must be within a use-macro, at line 2, column 1']22:32
mgedminit means that you have a fill-slot outside of a use-macro22:32
mgedminthe way you use macros in page tempaltes22:33
wjohnstofailed by syntax again22:33
Lumierepcardune: changes
mgedminis you add a metal:use-macro="..." on some element22:33
wjohnstoI got it22:33
pcarduneLumiere: yeah22:33
mgedminand then inside that element you can have others with metal:fill-slot="..."22:33
mgedminto replace bits of that macro22:33
wjohnstoinstead of metal:use-macro22:33
wjohnstoI had metal use-macro22:34
wjohnstoI always make those errors22:34
Lumiereth1a: here?22:44
wjohnstowhere can we change the port that our Schooltool instance runs on?22:49
Lumierecopy the to cando.conf22:50
Lumiereand edit web port22:50
eldaruh... everyone disappeared22:58
Lumieredid we miss eldar in the picture?23:08
eldarno we didn't23:09
eldari can be photoshoped in later23:09
bnguyenwhat about me :(23:10
Lumiereyou're a bit harde23:10
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fsufitcheldar, i'm almost done making the journals pretty, but there's a problem23:18
fsufitchthere is no way for people to write in the journals23:18
fsufitchthe old way was the actions menu23:18
eldaryeah, we're gonna put the actions menu in23:22
eldardon't worry23:23
eldarM-x replace we with you23:23
Lumierei18n merged23:26
bnguyenthank you very much23:26
bnguyennow i don't have to bother you about it23:26
Lumiereyea I read that23:26
Lumieremerges occur when paul or eldar say "go for it"23:26
fsufitcheldar, >_<23:26
Lumiere*tries tests again*23:26
* pcardune drives to Portland to go to OSCON BoFs. Bye all23:30
Lumierebnguyen: soooooooooo23:34
Lumierebnguyen: update your trunk svn23:34
Lumiereand run make ftest23:34
Lumierefix the ftest :)23:35
bnguyenoh alright...23:35
Lumiereand ask fsufitch to help if needed23:35
Lumierescratch that... work with fsufitch on it :)23:36
Lumierehe's being a pain in my ass23:36
fsufitchi thought that's what the hammer was for...23:36
Lumiere"you had to open your big mouth" -> fsufitch23:36
bnguyenah crap, wjohnsto turned of his computer...23:38
eldaralright, this is why i told you to install ubuntu23:38
ccareyhow can we get an old instance of schooltool that still uses demographics person?23:38
ccareywe need it for "research"23:38
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bnguyenyes eldar, you were right23:39
eldarccarey, you can go 2 ways:23:39
eldar1. find the revision that the change was made, and check out the revision before it23:39
eldar2. check out the 2006 schooltool23:39
fsufitchccarey, i hope PETA won't be called in to take care of your "research"23:39
Lumierewho cares if PETA is called in23:40
Lumierewe'll just eat steaks23:40
Lumieretill they run away23:40
bnguyenok i have to install ubuntu23:41
bnguyeni'll fix the ftests when it's done23:41
*** wjohnsto has quit IRC23:41
*** bnguyen has left #schooltool23:41
LumiereI'll get fsufitch to look at it ^^23:41
mlinnellhow do we check out an old version of schooltool?23:45
eldaryou can specify a revision23:48
eldarwhen checking out23:48
*** mgedmin has quit IRC23:48
mlinnellwhat's the command?23:48
*** AVN` has quit IRC23:49
eldarsvn co -r revision_number url23:49
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mlinnelllet me try that23:50
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