IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2007-07-24

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Lumierefsufitch: kill the id-cards branch00:45
Lumiereand branch off the barcodes stuff00:45
fsufitch:( fine00:45
Lumiereif you need merges etc00:45
Lumierelemme know00:45
Lumiere(just got home)00:45
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th1apcardune: Is nick wheeler at ubuntu live?06:46
pcarduneth1a: supposedly06:53
th1aIsn't this the back of his head:
pcarduneth1a: yep, that's him06:57
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jinty_th1a: just to let you know, ogra's probably going to take a look at the packages, perhaps this week16:06
jinty_I'm pretty busy right now so not really able to do much16:07
jinty_and I leave for a holiday on the 2'nd august16:07
jinty_(perhaps you can bribe my girfriend to allow me to work a little on schooltool)16:07
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mgallaghjeff, is alan around?17:28
eldarmgallagh, no he isn't here yet17:28
th1ajelkner is his brother's keeper.17:28
mgallaghwell i'm at the school17:29
mgallaghwas tinyzis stored on maddog before?17:29
eldari don't know17:31
eldarmgallagh, what are you trying to do?17:31
mgallaghthe one stored on his server was copied incorrectly,can't remember if that was me or him17:31
jelkneri know what he is trying to do17:32
mgallaghso its very harc to convert to bzr withouit losing the svn data17:32
jelknermgallagh: did you see my message?17:35
mgallaghim not identified17:36
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mattva01im at school17:37
mattva01copying tinyzis17:37
mattva01i'll head there as soon as im done17:38
jelknermattva01: did you see my message?17:41
jelknerwhere are you? in room 217?17:41
mattva01room 21717:42
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Lumieremattva01: talk to launchpad guys about svn2bzr17:47
mattva01i understand how it works17:51
Lumierehi pcardune17:53
pcardunehi Lumiere17:53
mattva01who are they though ,just in case :)17:53
mattva01oh ok17:53
mattva01wjohnsto,what files do you need recovered?17:54
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mattva011 sec wjohnsto18:26
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mattva01william, its sent18:36
mattva01anyone else need stuff off maddog?18:37
aelknermattva01: TinyZIS is located at
mattva01ah ok18:40
aelkneralso, you didn't include in your note the paths to the repos, i. e., "bzr co ???"18:41
mattva01that makes it easy18:41
aelknerplease email me those18:42
mattva01oh , it would be ' bzr co sftp://<username><branch name>18:42
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wjohnstomattva01: thank you very much18:49
mattva01aelkner, what branches do you want?18:51
aelknermattva01, there are three repos you set up for us, right?18:52
mattva01by repo you mean branch right?18:53
mattva01Do you mind if I just used launchpads service?18:59
aelknermattva01: talk to me19:00
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mattva01jeff,you don't have any server install disks in your room do you?19:52
mattva01feisty ones i mean19:52
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jelknermattva01: look at my private chat20:02
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Lumierehi ignas20:10
jelknerhi ignas20:11
jelkneri have a question for you20:11
jelknerthat everyone tells me only you can answer20:11
jelkneris there an easy way for us to pack our schooltool Data.fs files?20:12
Lumierethis is something that should be in schooltool/bin20:12
ignasi think - no20:12
ignasthere are views that would allow you do this20:13
ignasbut ... security policy for schooltool is not applying to the server20:13
ignasso you can't use your Manager user when it comes to server administration20:13
ignasas for some utility20:13
ignasit is possible to create one20:13
ignasso you would shut down the server20:14
ignasand pack the database then20:14
jelknerhere is my use case (why i'm asking this)20:15
jelknerwe loaded all the state competencies into our running cando instance20:15
jelknerthere are *lots* of competencies20:15
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jelknersince there is currently no way to add only the ones i wanted20:16
jelkneri loaded them all, and then deleted the ones i didn't want20:16
jelknerthis made the Data.fs way bigger than it needed to be20:16
jelknerand now i want to make it smaller again20:16
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fsufitchhello, all20:17
ignashow big is it now?20:18
jelkneri'll get back to you on that20:20
jelknerbut the point is still valid even if it isn't "too big"20:20
jelknerat some point we will want to pack the data20:20
jelkneram i wrong?20:21
ignasat some point20:21
jelkneranyway, it isn't a big deal now20:22
jelkneri was just asking20:22
jelknerif it is too difficult20:22
jelknerwe have other higher priorities for the now20:22
ignasit's not too difficult I even think we had some utility to do that20:23
ignasnot sure now though20:23
fsufitcheldar, the breadcrumb options problem may be due to the fact that there are <li> tags outside of any <ul> or <ol>20:29
jelknerok, i'll ask you about it when i see you in dc20:29
fsufitchcould that cause a problem?20:29
fsufitchi don't see a way to fix the problem with <li> tags being used, but i can put an <ul> around them20:30
tdoggettehey, does addPerson() allow for a first name?20:30
Lumierejust a full name20:31
eldarwhy don't you look at the method?20:31
Lumierethat too20:31
fsufitchthe method is deeply buried in Zope source code20:31
fsufitchdon't you remember?20:31
AVN`well, when you are trying to add an instructor,20:32
tdoggetteSchoolTool uses first name as the label for certain chekcboxes20:32
ignasjelkner: if you are using zeo - there is zeopack script20:32
tdoggettewhich is bad20:32
ignasthat comes with ZODB20:32
AVN`it stupidly uses the first name as the label20:32
tdoggettebecause if you don't have a first name, the label is "None"20:32
tdoggetteany there are several20:32
ignasAVN`: and how is that stupid?20:32
ignasand how do you get a person without a first name?20:32
AVN`because addPerson doesn't allow you to make a first name20:33
LumiereAVN`: in some places people are sorted by first name not surname20:33
AVN`Shouldn't that be standard?20:33
tdoggettelast name, that is20:33
ignasAVN`: it seems that you are using the wrong person20:33
Lumieredepends on language20:33
ignaswith add person or something like that20:33
Lumiereignas: <_<20:33
ignasbecause by default "first column" is the label20:33
Lumiereignas: we have too many people in schooltool20:33
ignasso with simple person - "title" is used as the label20:33
tdoggetteignas: which, in this case, is first name20:34
ignaswhat part are you testing?20:34
ignasand anyway - i'd assume that you are using the wrong addPerson20:34
tdoggetteignas: adding teachers to sections20:34
ignasas addPerson function is for schooltool.person Persons iirc20:34
tdoggettealso: there are plural addPersons?20:34
ignastdoggette: CanDo or schooltool20:35
tdoggettebut using the SchoolTool interface20:35
ignastdoggette: because there are 3 different Person classes20:35
tdoggettethe Manager account20:35
Lumierehttp:// -> trunk20:35
Lumierehttp:// -> newskin20:35
ignasdepending on the school configuration20:35
Lumiere(internal only)20:35
AVN`I thought there were only 220:35
LumiereAVN`: ignas added one20:35
Lumierein the last 2 weeks20:35
tdoggetteGee, thanks.20:35
ignasAVN`: now there are 3 of them in trunk20:35
ignasanyway it seems that20:36
ignasyou have one thing set up in ftesting.zcml20:36
ignasand are using different helper functions20:36
tdoggetteYou can't pin this on us, we're using a trunk checkout20:36
tdoggettewhatever we have is off-the-shelf20:36
tdoggetteso to speak20:36
ignasso which schooltool functional test are you editing?20:36
Lumierelol ignas: all they're doing is writing ftests for cando stuff20:37
ignasso it's not schooltool off the shelf functional test?20:37
tdoggettewe're in the newskin package20:37
AVN`Wait, newskin is not being developed?20:37
tdoggettein trunk20:37
ignasnot schooltool trunk from what i know20:38
tdoggetteSorry, there's discussion here in the ACC that's not online20:38
LumiereaddPerson probably is schooltool20:38
Lumiereignas: eldar will help them out20:38
ignasbut ftesting.zcml is in cando20:38
ignasas these 2 don't match20:38
Lumierethey're using the wrong svn anyways20:38
ignasyou get bad things (tm)20:38
AVN`It works now20:50
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mattva01Last call for maddog data is today, as it will probably be formatted tomorrow21:00
mattva01I have everything from the bzr directory21:00
bvuongcan anyone help me setup the cando environment for my linux computer?21:00
fsufitcheldar, a little question about viewlets:21:00
fsufitchwhat method do they use to render the html?21:00
ccareymattva01 meet us in #stagent21:01
fsufitchwhen they're asked for it by a tal:content="structure: blah"21:01
ccareywe need to talk21:01
eldarfsufitch, render!21:02
bvuongcan someone help me out?21:02
AVN`What's your problem? its hard to know if someone can help you if you don't say what the problem is21:06
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bvuongok, I made the cando directory, and got everything in it, but when I type the make command, I get an error21:07
AVN`what error?21:08
bvuongit says:21:08
bvuongCouldn't retrieve index page for 'zc.datetimewidget'21:09
bvuongerror: Could not find suitable distribution for Requirement.parse('zc.datetimewidget>=0.6.1dev-r72453')21:10
AVN`donno, sorry, maybe Lumiere or eldar will know21:10
ignasjinty_: ?21:10
bvuongeldar: do you have an idea about the error I got?21:11
ignasbvuong: seems strange, i can see the egg in the repository21:12
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fsufitchhaha, dependencies!21:12
ignaszc.datetimewidget-0.6.1dev_r72453-py2.4.egg is in there21:13
ignasmaybe you are using python2.521:13
ignasby mistake21:13
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bvuongoh yeah, I don't have python2.4 though21:16
dcoxhey bao21:16
bvuongI tried to install it, but I don't think it worked21:16
bvuongsup cox21:16
dcoxgmail is better21:16
bvuongoh well21:17
bvuongis there a command to install python2.4? like apt-get install python2.4 or something like that?21:18
bvuongis that how you type it?21:18
eldarsudo apt-get install python-all-dev21:19
eldardo that21:19
Lumiereif you have cando trunk21:19
Lumierejust make feisty-environment21:19
bvuonghmm, didn't work21:19
Lumierewhat did it say21:20
bvuong"Nothing to do"21:20
ignaswhich means that you already have python2.421:21
Lumiereignas: you should grab that piece of make magic21:22
ignasLumiere: i don't have any interns to give it to ;)21:23
bvuongweird, I typed python2.4, but it said, "command not found"21:23
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jelknerbvuong: did you see my private message?21:26
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AVN`Lumiere, what's your email address?21:42
tdoggetteSay, does anyone know why adding a competency to a course would throw a KeyError?21:43
mgedminsomeone fell asleep on their keyboard21:43
Lumiere*sent in PM*21:43
AVN`Are there multiple compentency imlementations21:47
ignastdoggette: can't answer without a traceback21:48
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lisppaste5tdoggette pasted "traceback" at
lisppaste5ignas annotated #45061 with "Add these lines before the line that clicks "add"" at
ignastdoggette: and then paste the new traceback21:52
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lisppaste5tdoggette annotated #45061 with "new traceback" at
ignasemm - that line in the template "row/object/information:blah"21:57
ignaslooks bogus to me21:57
ignaslooks like someone started working on a tal path traverser and didn't finish21:58
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tdoggetteignas: Oh.21:59
tdoggetteThat's bad.21:59
ignasthough the add operation should be completed, the line is in the edit view displayed afterwards i think21:59
AVN`ignas, so what do we do21:59
ignasbzr annotate cando/newskin/src/cando/virginia/browser/templates/competencieseditor.pt22:00
ignasand see who messed up that line22:00
ignasthen yell at him22:00
tdoggette'cept it don't work.22:01
tdoggetteI be usin' svn.22:01
tdoggetteAnd it don't work with svn neither.22:02
ignassvn annotate then22:02
tdoggettesvn: 'cando/newskin/src/cando/virginia/browser/templates' is not a working copy22:02
ignasit's by pcardune it seems22:03
tdoggetteOh my.22:03
ignasweird kind of22:03
tdoggetteWell, I'll go fire off an angry email or something.22:03
ignashmm, might be that the competency object created is broken22:05
ignasand that the path expression works22:05
ignasthough who would use "blah" in working code22:05
ignashmm, my psychic guess is that the new something that you have added is not implementing "IHaveInformation"22:10
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ignasso InformationPath is not being applied22:11
ignasrow/object/information:blah should be more like "row/object/information|nothing"22:11
ignastry that and see if it works22:12
* ignas adds a huge disclaimer that he hasn't seen the CanDo code nor touched any parts of it22:13
AVN`where is this code that we are 'fixing'?22:13
ignas cando/newskin/src/cando/virginia/browser/templates/competencieseditor.pt22:13
ignaslike 143 i think22:13
ignaswell - the line with the "information:blah" in it22:14
tdoggettechange information:blah to information|nothing22:14
tdoggettewith the pipe?22:14
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tdoggetteIt worked.22:16
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AVN`now it can't find the ++skin++NewCanDo/go.html22:26
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Lumiereth1a: ayt22:33
th1aI am here.22:33
aelknerI have an announcement to make re: SIF22:34
aelknerWe have just demonstrated our first end-to-end test22:34
aelknerTest included22:34
aelknerrunning tinyzis on one machine22:34
aelknerrunning schooltool on machines 2 and 322:34
aelknerschooltool on machine 2 adds a person22:35
aelknerthen syncs with tinyzis22:35
aelknerschootool on machine 3 syncs with tinyzis22:35
aelknerthe new person magically appears in schooltool on mahcine 322:35
th1aExellent work.22:36
aelknerThanks on behalf of the schooltool.sifaent team22:36
th1aI truly thought the SIF announcement would be "Screw this."22:36
aelknersuch an optimist22:37
th1aIt has taken some persistence to get this far.22:37
Lumiereand the room is rofllling22:37
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Lumieredoes anyone know where the original source cando logo is22:39
aelknerthla: we were able to get his working while only changing one line of code in line 35022:42
aelkneryou can see that the code says add/update/update22:42
aelknerthat needed to say add/update/delete22:42
aelkneranyway chesty didn't need to change22:42
aelknerand we did update prettyPrint to handle self-terminating xml tags22:43
aelknerbut we haven't been updating to the repository yet22:43
aelknerwe've been keeping it locally22:43
aelknerSo point is: you can be proud of what you did with tinyzis and chesty22:45
th1aAh.  It works!22:45
th1aI need to get rolling again on my ZIS rewrite.22:45
th1aOf course, the real test is if they can talk to other SIF implementations.22:45
th1aI might have to go to a SIF meeting now.22:46
aelknerphysicall or syberspace22:46
th1aThey have meetings.22:46
th1aI don't know where the next one is.22:47
aelknerlet me know when you do so i could attend22:47
aelkneralso, so you have another SIF implementation we could use to test?22:48
th1aNo... that's the problem.22:48
th1aThey do "connect-a-thons" where you try it for real.22:48
aelknerFor that we would need to have implemented the entire spec, not just StudentPersonal22:49
th1aNo... *nobody* implements the entire spec.22:49
th1aAnd I think a lot of applications don't go much further than StudentPersonal to get the certification.22:50
aelknerso we could ask someone to send us StudentPersonal and we would already be ready22:50
th1aThere is a project which hopefully will be starting very soon to create an open source test suite (a funded project).22:50
aelknerso when's the next "connect-a-thon" ?22:50
aelknersounds interesting22:51
th1aI'm sure it says at http://sifinfo.org22:51
aelknerwell, we'll be continuing to refine our views and supporting other record types leading up to the Galludet Sprint22:52
th1aExcellent.  I'm looking forward to the full demo.22:52
aelknerI'm syched about what we will be able to accomplish at the sprint with everyone here together22:53
aelknerAnd now we have a LOT of developers with SIF experience22:53
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th1aSIF experience is a marketable skill.22:53
aelknerpsyched, indeed?  spelling isn't my strong suit22:54
th1aI'm synced.22:54
Lumieresync; sync; sync22:57
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eldarjfroche, or anyone who knows, how would i access a skin from a browser test23:17
eldaropening http://localhost/++skin++NewCanDo/go.html returns ++skin++NewCanDo object not found error23:18
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