IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2007-07-23

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Lumierepcardune: changed isp?00:18
pcarduneLumiere: you've got a keen eye00:19
pcarduneLumiere: changed cities00:19
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jfrocheignas: hello, i need a factory utility for activity, interesting for trunk ?15:48
jfrochegradebook activity15:49
ignastalk to pcardune i'd say, as i haven't looked at gradebook code for quite a while15:50
jfrocheok will do15:50
ignasare you sure you could not just extend the activity in some way to work for all the cases?15:51
jfrocheuhm i need activity to be related to a term15:51
jfrochecreating an activity for the moment is just hardwired by calling the Activity class in the gradebook package15:52
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jfroche :4415:59
bvuonganyone know eldar's email?15:59
jfrocheignas: should i override this addform and set my own content_factory ?16:02
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ignasoverride the form, you can have the same Activity class even16:03
ignasjust add a new relationship16:03
Lumieremorning all16:10
jfrocheok, no confident with relationship, i am trying16:12
ignasjfroche: the schooltool.relationships package has quite nice docs16:18
th1aPhew.  ALmost overslept.16:29
th1aNice and cool -- good sleeping weather here.16:30
th1aI'm going to pour myself some tea...16:30
th1aOK.  Ready now.16:32
th1aHi jfroche, ignas, Lumiere.16:33
jfrochegood morning16:33
th1aI guess no jinty today.16:33
th1ajfroche: I'm glad you're reusing the activity.  That was the original intent.16:34
jfrochei does a nice job but need to extend it somehow16:34
th1aPerhaps just use the Requirements base class?16:35
jfrocheat the moment i just need a relation to a term there16:36
jfrochei am trying not to touch the factory16:37
th1aWant to start us off with a general update, jfroche?16:37
jfrocheyup, i met with the school on friday and today morning16:37
jfrochespoke mainly about gradebook16:37
jfrochei might have an electronic version of the future timetable of the school16:38
jfrochewhich would help a lot to be able to use thing like attendance16:38
jfrochegot few more details about the gradebook report16:39
jfrochei ll meet the person again next friday16:39
jfrocheto give him access to some kind of production instance16:39
jfrochefor him to play with16:39
th1aI'm glad you're in touch with the school.16:41
th1aThat's my biggest worry right now.16:41
jfrocheyup the person will be in holiday from friday afternoon to the 20 august16:42
jfrochei ll be able to show him the results of the gradebook dev there16:42
th1aYes, it is difficult... make sure to get as much as you can out of them this week.16:42
jfrocheyup he already told me that september is a really stressing month16:43
th1aAch.  That's one of the reasons this is such a tricky project to get going.16:43
jfrochewe spoke about how to use schooltool for the next year16:43
jfrochewe spoke about the teachers reluctant to changes16:44
jfrochethey would like to use if at first with motivated teacher without bothering the other teachers16:44
th1aThat is reasonable.16:44
jfrocheand i really hope that the 20 i will be able to get some electronic version of the timetables16:45
jfrocheto give schooltool more sense for them16:45
jfrocheor i ll have to encode it by hand16:45
th1aYes, that's rather key.16:46
th1ajfroche: Anything else?16:48
jfrochenothing else16:48
th1aThanks.  ignas?16:48
th1aSo what angle do I need to put on your letter?16:48
ignasbussiness meetings16:49
ignascan't do any work in there16:49
ignasbut can do all bussiness meetings i want ;)16:49
th1aThat's probably more accurate than calling it a conference.16:50
ignasas for work - not much, buildout stuff mostly16:51
ignasfreezed most of the buildout egg versions16:51
ignasthinking of how to merge16:52
th1aSo they won't automatically switch to broken versions?16:52
ignasmy journal and sprint work16:52
ignasth1a: no they won't but apparently someone from zope corp removed a released egg from the repository16:52
ignasso it might be broken at the moment again :/16:52
th1aOh, dear.16:52
th1aignas: Anything else?16:54
ignasi am going to try and meet with lyceum this week16:54
ignasas Bronius should be back from vacation16:55
th1aAh, good.16:55
ignasseptember is going to be the difficult month16:55
ignasso i'll have to talk about how are we going to handle it16:55
ignasas whole school is going to be quite busy16:55
th1aExactly.  Not getting lost in the shuffle will take some persistence.16:56
LumiereI think september is the month for us all to quietly sit back16:56
Lumiereand fix bugs that may or may not come up16:56
th1aLumiere: ignas and jfroche can't be quiet or the school will forget they exist.16:57
th1aThis is the problem with not picking schools that *have to* have SchoolTool ready to go.16:57
th1aBut I'm not sure how to find those schools and good local developers at the same time.16:58
th1aAnything else ignas?16:59
Lumierewe're doing pretty well17:00
Lumierethere are still some issues for cando internally to work out17:00
Lumieremostly related to how much we can actually complete for august 917:00
Lumiereand how much we're going to be pushing off to our October Gutsy and December releases17:01
Lumiere(october is going to be a bugfix release mostly)17:01
Lumieredecember adds stuff needed for the 2nd semester VA pilot17:02
Lumiereand unfortunately17:02
Lumieredue to an emergency at my one of my offices17:02
LumiereI am going to have to head out17:02
* Lumiere goes to cast resurrection on one of his servers17:03
th1aOK.  ttyl Lumiere.17:03
th1aI'm ready to start cranking out help files.17:03
th1aI have to ask jinty if August 9 (after the DC sprint) makes sense for a string freeze.17:03
th1aI'm using Page Templates for the help files -- is there anything I need to do to make them translatable & show up in the .pot's?17:04
ignasth1a: add i18n:translate="" to tags that contain translatable content in them17:05
th1aAh.  To every tag.17:05
th1aAll right, that's about all I've got.17:06
th1aAnyone else have any issues?17:07
ignasnot me17:07
jfrochenothing else for me17:08
th1aOK... stay in touch with your schools!17:08
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:08
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Lumierehi all18:29
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Lumierehi jinty20:22
jintyhey Lumiere20:22
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Lumierehi fsufitch20:31
fsufitchLumiere, any special stuff happening since i last did work?20:41
Lumierenot really I guess20:41
fsufitchnot many ppl seem to be online...20:42
Lumierenoone was on for the dev leads meeting this morning20:43
Lumiereincluding me20:43
LumiereI had an emergency call to deal with20:43
fsufitchi c20:45
fsufitchso, what can i work on?20:49
fsufitchLumiere, ping20:49
Lumierehow is newskin going20:51
* Lumiere wishes eldar was around20:51
Lumieredo you have easy access to ie?20:52
fsufitchi'm on linux and using firefox20:52
fsufitchoh, btw20:52
fsufitchie7 does not have support for :hover in the CSS20:52
Lumiere(not that I mind that at all)20:52
Lumiere. o O (WHAT?!?)20:52
fsufitchbasically, when in the css we do :hover to change the styling when something's hovered over, it's not interpreted in IE20:54
fsufitchi know this from my website20:56
fsufitchcuz i made some buttons that were supposed to change color, and they did with evbody using firefox20:57
fsufitchnot ie tho20:57
fsufitchso i put a news post up saying that IE sucks20:57
fsufitchso what can i work on?20:58
fsufitchLumiere, ping20:58
LumiereI wonder what screwball stuff21:02
Lumierehas to be done21:02
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fsufitchLumiere, well?21:17
fsufitchany ideas?21:17
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fsufitchLumiere, there's always the ID cards thing21:30
Lumierego for it21:30
fsufitchwow, that was quick21:31
fsufitchall right21:31
fsufitchLumiere, how do i make a new branch using svn?21:34
Lumiereask eldar21:34
fsufitchi hope i'm not being too bothersome >_>21:34
fsufitcheldar ain't online21:34
Lumieregimme a sec ;)21:34
fsufitchnvm i figured it out21:46
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fsufitchLumiere, nvm, i figured it out21:47
th1aAnyone know if this is correct: <li i18n:translate=""><b>Calendar table</b>: fills the main (lower-right) part of the page.  This represents the calendar for one day.  Specific events for the day appear as notes on this table.</li>21:50
th1aThat is, can I just put the <b> tag inside the 18n:translate tag?21:50
th1aI suppose I should use <strong>...21:51
fsufitchi think u can use <b> in there21:53
fsufitchbecause strong may be translated, but <b> can't be21:53
fsufitchwhen the translation is done21:53
fsufitchthe person translating will see that they have to translate an HTML tag21:53
fsufitchand they'll leave it alone21:54
fsufitchso do whatever :)21:54
th1aWell, that's not really the intent.21:54
th1aIdeally they wouldn't see the <strong> at all.21:54
fsufitchi dont think that's possible...21:54
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fsufitchLumiere, stupid me, i didn't realize that id cards can only be created after barcodes are integrated into trunk23:28
fsufitchbecause barcodes and id cards go hand in hand23:29

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