IRC log of #schooltool for Saturday, 2007-06-16

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eldargood morning/evening15:29
eldarpcardune: you there?15:29
ignashi, it's more like the middle of the day ;)15:38
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jelknerpcardune: a bunch of us are here.... let us know when you arrive.15:48
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jelknerglyph: mounika is setting up16:07
jelknerdo you want to meet her here or #twisted?16:07
Lumiereignas: for eldar it's early morning, for pcardune it is early evening16:07
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filip101good morning16:07
filip101evening for pcardune16:07
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*** Lumiere changes topic to "SchoolTool development | IRC logs at | Dev meetings Mon, 13:30 UTC (15:30 EET) | Use for pasting | CanDo dev meeting Tuesday 1600 UTC/Noon Eastern || CanDo Sprint Today 9 am - 4 pm US/Eastern"16:10
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glyphjelkner: Either is fine.  What is the plan?  I never did here from Stefan.16:12
jelknerglyph: give me 1 minute16:13
wjohnstojelkner: is bnguyen there?16:14
wjohnstoshe has my laptop!16:14
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mgarlapahi glyph16:15
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glyphmgarlapa: hello16:17
mgarlapato do you wanna meet on aim or is this oka?16:17
jelknerwjohnsto: not yet16:18
jelknerpcardune: where are you?16:19
wjohnstohe might be eating16:20
jelknerwjohnsto: are u coming in?16:20
glyphmgarlapa: It depends what we're doing, but why don't we discuss that briefly on AIM :)16:20
wjohnstojelkner: yes, but it doesn't make any sense until Brittney will be there because without her I have no computer16:20
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wjohnstojelkner: brittney is online, we should be there within an hour16:39
jelknerwjohnsto: okly oakly16:40
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pcardunewait a second17:06
pcardunewhat time is it there?17:06
Lumiere|Sarcasm10 am17:06
pcarduneah crap17:06
pcarduneI got the 1 hour difference the wrong way17:06
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pcarduneI thought it would be 8am now17:07
pcardunewell I'm here and ready to help17:07
filip101k good, cuz eldar is looking like a stretched rubber band :)17:08
Lumiere|Sarcasmnx is working on maddog17:08
pcardunethat is very good17:08
smalekghNe-ways.... Question about trying to access your branch we've been commiting to of Jama's and mine mini-project thinger...17:08
pcardunedid matt figure out vnc+nx?17:08
Lumiere|Sarcasmjust use a free nx client17:08
pcardunesmalekgh: yes, what is the question17:09
Lumiere|Sarcasmit stores sessions17:09
smalekghIs your bazaar launchpad account working?17:09
smalekghBecause we can't access it17:09
smalekgher, the branch17:09
pcardunewhat URL are you using?17:09
pcardunesmalekgh: and this is for scheduling yes?17:09
pcarduneand why are you trying to access it?  don't you have your own working copy?17:09
smalekghProblem, Jama's server is consistently breaking down because of power outtages17:10
smalekghafk a sec...17:10
pcardunesmalekgh: the link you gave me in fact does not work (not that I doubted you)17:12
pcarduneI'm going to find you a working link on launchpad17:12
pcardunethis is something you guys can do in the future too... you can search for bzr branched in launchpad17:12
smalekghJama is coming in again with a CD, he resetted his server and the pull didn't work, sooo, yeah.17:13
pcardunesmalekgh: it seems the problem is that launchpad change it's urls around17:15
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smalekg1oye, thanks17:15
pcardunehopefully they will quit doing that in the near future17:15
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pcardunejelkner, or anyone, is matt ghallager here?17:19
Lumiere|SarcasmI am here too17:19
Lumiere|Sarcasmbleeding all over everyone17:19
filip101stop your sarcasm pl0x17:19
pcarduneipcop needs to go, and timeclock needs to be back up17:19
Lumiere|Sarcasmhe's getting it up now17:19
pcardunefilip101: hows it going17:20
Lumiere|Sarcasmand I am grabbing the wet noodles17:20
filip101it's going fine17:20
pcarduneLumiere|Sarcasm: what about ipcop?  did that get fixed?17:20
filip101with me being as clueless as ever :)17:20
pcardunefilip101: did someone show you some of the ropes?17:20
Lumiere|Sarcasmpcardune: it wasn't ipcop17:20
Lumiere|Sarcasmit was a flintism17:20
filip101eldar sort of did, but i think we both fail17:20
Lumiere|Sarcasmflint pulled an omg so many open ports... and so matt locked it all down17:21
filip101it took ~30 mins to find where the student name was being displayed in the gradebook17:21
Lumiere|SarcasmI've reopened it17:21
filip101when the student name was in the place saying "Student Name"17:21
eldarheh, it's been a while since i had to look at gradebook.py17:21
Lumiere|Sarcasmtimeclock is up17:22
pcardunefilip101: do you feel like you need some more advice?17:22
pcarduneLumiere|Sarcasm: yay17:22
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pcardunehi mattva01, thanks for timeclock17:23
pcardunenitromaster101: ?17:24
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mattva01no problem :)17:24
filip101pcardune: i'll need a bit more advice ina while17:24
filip101for now i'm fine17:24
pcardunefilip101: ok cool17:24
pcardunejelkner: ping17:29
pcarduneLumiere: ping jelkner in real life for me17:29
Lumierehe's poof17:29
Lumieresomeone find me a lasso17:30
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pcardunehi rjelliso!17:30
pcardunetell me how those doctests are going?17:30
smalekghpcardune: Sir... paul... all of our revisions have disappeared from your branch... I think I'm just going to wait for Jama to get here with the cd...17:30
pcardunerjelliso:  and if you are sick and tired of doctests I have a feature request17:30
pcardunesmalekgh: yes, I'm pretty sure you were not actually uploading them to my branch17:31
rjellisopcardune: pretty good, I need to get them on maddog17:31
pcarduneotherwise, they would in fact be there17:31
rjellisobut apart from that they're coming along well.17:31
pcarduneok good17:31
rjellisowhat would the feature request be?17:31
pcardunedocument upload17:32
pcardunefor additional expenses that need to be reimbursed17:32
pcardunelike plane tickets and the like17:32
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rjellisothere a description of that anywhere on launchpad?17:34
pcarduneno, i will put that description in17:35
rjellisocool, thanks17:35
pcardunerjelliso: so, i looked on launchpad for your branch and can't find it17:35
pcarduneis it registered?17:35
pcarduneif not, register it please17:35
rjellisowill do17:35
pcardunerjelliso: then send me the link when it is finished17:43
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* pcardune steps out for a sec18:07
* pcardune steps in for a while18:08
pcardunerjelliso: do you have that branch registered yet?18:09
rjellisoonly just now got timeclock working on maddog, I'm afraid18:11
rjellisohad a few problems with it, it's up now though18:11
eldarpcardune: is it just me, or did the cando checkout randomly stop working?18:11
pcardunedum dum dum, what do you mean "stop working"18:11
pcardunestop checking out? stop running?18:11
eldarwhen you start Schooltool the cando stuff18:11
eldarisn't there18:11
eldarand all the slugs aren't in schooltool-ske/etc/package-includes18:12
eldaris it the makefile's job to put them there?18:12
pcarduneit is the job of schooltool's makefile18:12
Lumiereit is possible that you need to run svn up again18:12
Lumierethat the ACPS network cut off the connection mid-streem18:12
Lumiereerr stream18:12
pcardunepovbot: any ideas as the sole representative of schooltool?18:12
povbotpcardune: (any [<channel>] [--user <name>] [<nick>]) -- Returns the last time <nick> was seen and what <nick> was last seen doing. This includes any form of activity, instead of just PRIVMSGs. If <nick> isn't specified, returns the last activity seen in <channel>. If --user is specified, looks up name in the user database and returns the last time user was active in <channel>. <channel> is only necessary if the (1 more message)18:12
pcarduneeldar: is this on maddog?18:13
Lumierepovbot: be quiet18:13
povbotLumiere: Error: "be" is not a valid command.18:13
pcardunecan I have a look?18:13
eldarnot only on maddog, it is on my machine as well18:13
pcardunewhat is the path on maddog?18:13
eldar /home/eldar/cando18:14
pcarduneodd indeed18:15
pcarduneyes schooltool still runs?18:15
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* pcardune looks at revision log18:18
rjellisoanyone have any idea what to do about this error? I googled and didn't find much.18:19
rjelliso    ConfigurationError: No registered publisher found for (GET/)18:19
rjellisogot it when trying to run doctests18:19
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eldarpcardune: so any reason the makefile is letting us down?18:27
pcarduneyes, zpkg got ripped out18:28
pcarduneeldar: this is somewhat problematic18:31
pcardunefor now you will have to manually copy the slugs I guess18:31
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pcarduneeldar: i'll send an email to schooltool-dev18:31
Lumierejinty was around earlier18:32
eldarto get room of schooltool18:33
eldarand from import ISchoolToolApplication18:33
eldarto import the adapter18:33
pcarduneor, app = ISchoolToolApplication(None)18:33
eldarhaha, yeah, doesn't really matter what you pass to it18:34
eldarsort of18:34
Lumierethose of you logging into timeclock18:40
Lumieremake sure you go to
pcardunerjelliso: ping where is your branch I want to look at it!18:52
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rjellisooop, sorry, had stepped out a moment18:58
pcardunerjelliso: do you have that branch link for me?19:03
pcarduneMakorihi: do you have a branch for me to look at?19:04
rjellisoin two seconds here, registering a branch on launchpad now.19:05
pcardunerjelliso: thanks19:05
rjellisoon 'register a branch'19:12
rjelliso'Branch URL' -- what exactly is this?19:12
pcardunerjelliso: maybe you should actually host the branch on launchpad19:13
pcardunethat would be best19:13
rjellisogotcha, doing that.19:20
rjellisohopefully won't be too much longer here19:20
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rjellisonot registered to the timeclock project yet, but you can see it at
rjellisonothing at all new or exciting there yet though19:31
pcardunecool, thanks19:31
rjellisohopefully I'll get the doctests working in a few minutes and there'll be something to look at19:32
MakorihiThis is smalekgh stealing jama's account to say that I have submitted the stuff we had not submitted to the correct place19:34
Makorihiand uhhh, yeah, it's submitted, I hope, to the correct place19:34
pcardunewhat is "the correct place"19:35
pcardunehave you guys hosted your branch on launchpad?19:35
pcarduneMakorihi: you can ask rjelliso how to do it (he just did it for his branch)19:36
wjohnsto`ACCpcardune: the timeclock site says that I have been clocked in since 3:50PM (15:50)'s 12:4119:36
pcardunetimeclock goes by UTC19:36
pcarduneIt hasn't yet been made to work with different timezones19:37
wjohnsto`ACCsounds good, I was just wondering if it was supposed to work with different zones, but for some reason it didn't19:37
MakorihiNo, we have not set up a trunk/branch on launchpad, and the 'correct' place I thought was the URL you gave us earlier on this IRC19:37
* pcardune looks19:38
pcarduneMakorihi: what did you guys do to "submit" it?19:40
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pcarduneMakorihi: ping19:42
MakorihiHe said that he commit19:42
pcarduneah well when you commit with bzr, it does it locally19:42
pcardunenot like subversion19:42
pcarduneso you have to use the push command19:43
pcarduneand you need a place to push to19:43
pcarduneMakorihi: you can't push to my branch because launchpad won't (or atleast shouldn't) let you.  So you need to have set up launchpad to host it for you19:43
pcarduneMakorihi: and you should ask rjelliso how to do that19:43
rjellisoso. launchpad.19:44
rjellisoare you logged in to launchpad?19:44
Makorihinot yet19:45
Makorihii am somewhat lost, seeing as i havent done this before19:45
rjellisothat's not a problem, it's not hard.19:46
rjellisolog in (You have an account?)19:46
Makorihino, i dont19:46
Makorihiat least i dont think i do19:46
rjellisoahh. if you don't think you do, you probably don't.19:46
rjellisogo to launchpad.net19:46
rjellisoin the top right corner of the page, click "Log In / Register"19:47
rjellisowhen you're there, at the bottom of the page, where it says "not registered yet?" type in your email address. Whatever email you want to use for launchpad19:47
rjellisolet me know if you have any problems with that19:48
Makorihiok, done19:48
rjellisonow, check that email, and follow the instructions in it19:48
Makorihii'm registered19:48
rjellisoawesome. log in.19:48
rjellisohold on just one sec19:50
rjellisothe email probably sent your password to you, right? Been a while since I've registered.19:50
rjellisoif so, you should probably change it (I'll tell you how to do that)19:50
Makorihii've created my account with a password19:51
Makorihiand i'm logged in19:51
rjellisoall right. Click your account name in the top right corner of the page to go to your profile19:52
rjellisoif you want to, you can change your password via the link on the left side of the page, but you probably don't need to worry about that now19:53
rjellisoclick "Update SSH keys"19:53
rjellisoyou're on an ubuntu machine? logged in to maddog, or...?19:54
Makorihii'm on my personal laptop19:54
Makorihiwhich is not linux19:54
Makorihii'm using putty19:54
Makorihito get on maddog19:54
pcarduneMakorihi: you should check out nx :)19:54
rjellisogotcha. so, on your maddog account19:55
rjellisoYou'll need an SSH key, you probably don't have one yet.19:56
rjellisossh-keygen -t dsa19:56
rjellisointo putty.19:56
rjellisothen, take a look into the file19:57
rjellisoand copy what's there.19:57
rjellisopaste it into the 'add an SSH key' box on the launchpad page19:58
rjellisoand click 'import public key'19:58
rjellisolet me know if that doesn't work. if it does, you should be able to put your branch onto launchpad. how you do that is...19:59
pcardunerjelliso: I have another job for you... take all these instructions you are giving and put them on the cando wiki :)19:59
rjellisopcardune: will do19:59
rjellisoMakorihi: cd to the bzr branch you want to put onto launchpad, commit any changes you need to, and type:20:00
Makorihiok, give me a second20:00
rjellisosure, tell me when to go on20:00
Makorihiok, i'm good now20:02
rjellisoall right. so now, in your bzr directory20:02
rjellisobzr push s
rjellisowhat that means is20:03
rjelliso~your-account is obviously just your account name on launchpad, so I would put ~rjelliso20:03
pcardunefor project put cando20:04
Makorihion launchpad, it asked for20:04
Makorihimy name, so i put Jama Mohamed20:04
pcardunefor branchname put scheduling20:04
Makorihiand when i log in20:04
Makorihiit asks for my email20:04
Makorihiso what should i put in>20:04
pcarduneMakorihi: you probably had to type in a short name for yourself20:05
rjellisothere are three things accounts go by on launchpad20:05
pcarduneif you click on your name in the top right, and go to Overiview, and go to Change Details, you will see it20:05
rjellisoyour email, which you sign in with, your full name... Jama Mohamed for you, and your short name. which is like rjelliso for me, or pcardune for Paul.20:06
rjellisolike paul said, you can view and change that in 'change details'20:06
pcardunenote that if you change it, it can mess up urls (that happened to me), so change it sparingly20:07
Makorihimine is makorihi20:07
rjellisoso then what you would type to put your branch on there:20:07
Makorihiit gave me an error20:07
rjellisobzr push s
Makorihi'bzr: ERROR: Unable to connect to SSH host bazaar.launchpad.net20:08
rjellisoWhat was the error?20:08
rjellisotry this20:08
rjellisovi ~/.ssh/config20:08
rjellisoand in that file, type20:08
rjellisoHost bazaar.launchpad.net20:09
rjelliso   User makorihi20:09
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rjellisoand save it20:10
Makorihion different lines?20:10
rjellisothen try the bzr push command again, let me know if you get the error again20:10
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Makorihii have a different error20:11
Makorihia permission20:11
rjellisopaste it in here?20:11
MakorihiDirectores directly under a user directory must be named after a product name registered in Launchpad20:11
rjellisoand what command exactly did you type?20:12
rjellisopaste it in20:12
Makorihii am working on diff computers20:12
Makorihiits somewhat hard20:12
rjellisoah, sorry20:12
rjellisotake your time, I can wait20:12
Makorihibzr: ERROR: Permission denied: '/~makorihi/scheduling/scheduling': [Errno 13] Directories directly under a user directory must be3 named after a product name registered in Launchpad <>20:13
pcarduneyou want ~/makorihi/cando/scheduling20:14
Makorihiit said20:15
Makorihicreated new branch20:15
rjellisoso you can access that branch by going to
* pcardune looks20:16
Makorihihow can i fetch it?20:17
rjellisojust like you would any other branch, I think20:19
pcardunebzr pull or bzr branch (depending on what you want to do)20:20
pcarduneMakorihi: it seems like there are some files missing?20:20
*** cpcarey11 has quit IRC20:20
pcardunerun bzr stat to check for unknown files20:20
rjellisomaybe you still have to commit those files?20:20
pcardunebut you have to add them with bzr add first20:21
rjellisooops, sorry20:22
rjellisothat's right.20:22
rjellisoyou added some new files since you got the branch, probably?20:23
rjellisoto add them to the branch, type20:23
rjellisobzr add filename20:24
Makorihii ran20:24
Makorihibzr add *.*20:24
rjellisothat works20:25
pcarduneif you do bzr add with no filename thing, it will do that also20:25
Makorihithen push again?20:25
rjellisosave your changes20:25
rjelliso(bzr commit)20:26
rjellisoactually you'll probably want20:26
rjellisobzr commit -m "description of changes you made"20:27
rjellisoif you just use bzr commit, you have to mess around with the nano text editor, which is kind of ugly20:27
Makorihii've pushed20:29
pcarduneMakorihi: and you should use more explanatory messages :)20:30
Makorihiwill do20:30
rjellisohey, better than what I used to do20:30
rjellisowhen I couldn't think of anything it was20:30
rjellisobzr commit -m "OMG TOASTER"20:31
pcardunei'm glad you passed that phase :)20:33
rjellisothis is being saved to a log, right?20:35
* rjelliso reads the IRC topic20:35
rjellisopcardune: let's talk about functional testing. The TimeClock equivalent of zope's bin/test is the found in the top timeclock directory, right?20:40
*** gpaci has joined #schooltool20:41
rjellisoany idea why it might not be seeing (for the functional tests?) The tests run by src/timeclock/ (In README.txt) run fine, but in the same directory doesn't seem to be running20:42
pcardunewhat is your run command?20:45
pcardunerjelliso: did you include a -f?20:45
rjellisothat would be the problem20:46
rjellisoThat is one loooong error. The last part of it is20:48
rjelliso  AttributeError: 'wrapper_descriptor' object has no attribute 'im_func'20:48
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Lumierepcardune: so20:50
pcardunehi Lumiere20:51
LumiereI need you to tell me how to change managers to employees in timeclock20:51
Lumiereelkner was a dumb... and added lhuynh as a manager20:51
pcarduneummm, i think the easiest way right now would be deleting and readding20:52
Lumiereconsider that a spec20:52
pcarduneput it in lp or i'll forget about20:52
LumiereI have a bug too20:54
wjohnsto`ACCI have flees20:57
wjohnsto`ACCbut on that subject, thank god for bzr.... \20:58
wjohnsto`ACCgood for everything except what it is meant for20:58
pcardunewjohnsto`ACC: ?21:01
pcardunehow is it going on your project wjohnsto`ACC?21:01
wjohnsto`ACCits not going21:02
wjohnsto`ACCI mean21:02
wjohnsto`ACCit is going pretty well21:02
wjohnsto`ACCbut the XML document is just a document21:02
wjohnsto`ACCpcardune: apart from the duplication errors we were getting21:03
pcardunedid jason and eldar ever talk to you about that?21:04
wjohnsto`ACCsome of the courses have "/" in them (e.g.Digital Input Technologies / Word Processing)21:04
wjohnsto`ACCnot yet21:04
wjohnsto`ACCwe talked to Jason about the "/" problem21:04
pcarduneoh, yes... slashes are no good21:04
wjohnsto`ACCwe don't really know exactly what to do21:05
pcardunedid will dickerson show you some xml parsing stuff?21:05
wjohnsto`ACCas far as the slash problem21:05
*** gpaci has quit IRC21:05
wjohnsto`ACCwhen a class has an ampersand in it21:05
wjohnsto`ACCsuch as "Business & Communication"21:05
*** gpaci has joined #schooltool21:05
rjellisopcardune: let me know when you have a free moment?21:05
wjohnsto`ACCthe XML uses the html code "&amp;21:06
wjohnsto`ACCso we figured we could use the same html code for the slash (&#47;)21:06
wjohnsto`ACCwe also tried &frasl;.......doesn't work21:06
wjohnsto`ACCneither of those seem to work21:07
wjohnsto`ACCJason told us it was a bad idea to use HTML code in the XML document anyway21:07
wjohnsto`ACCand he said to get rid of all the &amp;21:07
pcardunewell, I imagine you are doing something like container['Business & Marketing'] = somethingorother21:07
wjohnsto`ACCwe're using variables21:08
wjohnsto`ACCso self['Divisions of Interest'][division]=Division()21:08
pcarduneyou should convert stuff like that to a string that takes out all punctuation, makes everything lowercase, and adds a '-' for all the spaces21:08
pcarduneyou should use this handy thing called a name chooser21:09
wjohnsto`ACCcould you clarify that please21:09
pcarduneso you do something like this:21:09
pcarduneobj = Division(division) #pass the title as the first arg to the constructor21:10
pcardunename = INameChooser(self['Division of Interest']).chooseName(obj)21:10
pcarduneself['Division of Interest'][name] = obj21:11
wjohnsto`ACCso what exactly would the name chooser do?21:11
pcardunethe name chooser would take the obj, look at obj.title, convert that to lower case, remove punctuation, replace spaces with dashes21:11
pcarduneor that is what the chooseName function would do21:12
wjohnsto`ACCbut then when it is added, wouldn't it come out to something like "business-communication??"21:12
*** gpaci_ has joined #schooltool21:13
pcarduneand that is what you want21:13
pcardunebecause that is what shows up in the url21:13
pcarduneand it is much better to have that than Business%20%28%20Communication21:13
pcarduneOnce you make more progress on the user interface, you will have the user interface display obj.title21:14
pcardunerather than obj.__name__21:14
*** gpaci has quit IRC21:14
wjohnsto`ACCin the zope.View21:14
wjohnsto`ACCyou can see the title21:14
*** gpaci_ is now known as gpaci21:15
wjohnsto`ACCso we could do the namechooser21:15
pcarduneeldar has some time now to show you more about the name chooser21:16
wjohnsto`ACCthen we do self['Division of Interest'][division].title=Division()21:16
wjohnsto`ACCI mean21:16
wjohnsto`ACCnot Division()21:16
wjohnsto`ACCand the title will appear correct21:16
wjohnsto`ACCsounds good21:16
pcardunerjelliso: did you have a question from earlier?21:17
rjellisoI did indeed21:17
rjellisoso the error I get now when I try to run functional tests (python -fvvp -s timeclock)21:17
rjelliso ZopeXMLConfigurationError: File "/home/rjelliso/timeclock/etc/ftesting-base.zcml", line 16.2-16.7721:17
rjelliso    ZopeXMLConfigurationError: File "/home/rjelliso/timeclock/etc/../Zope3/zopeskel/etc/package-includes/sqlscript-configure.zcml", line 1.0-1.3921:17
rjelliso    AttributeError: 'wrapper_descriptor' object has no attribute 'im_func'21:17
rjellisoGoogled and haven't found anything on it, and nothing about the tests seems to be unusual... they just don't run.21:18
pcardunedid you take a look at the file where the error is being thrown?21:19
pcardunerjelliso: are you working on maddog?21:19
rjellisoand: took a look at the files, but I'm not really sure what I should be looking for21:20
pcardunerjelliso: I just tried running the test in your home directory and I got a different error21:22
pcarduneare you using python2.4?21:23
pcardunetry python2.4 -fvvpm timeclock21:23
pcardune(don't forget the m21:24
rjellisoThat works, thanks21:24
pcardunethe m tells it to just look in timeclock21:24
pcarduneglad I could be of service :)21:24
rjellisoI have to head out soon, but I'll get on to writing doctests and submit them sometime today or tomorrow21:24
pcarduneok, good21:24
pcarduneI am now subscribed to your branch21:25
pcardunerjelliso: are those instructions on the wiki yet?21:25
rjellisonot yet21:26
pcarduneMakorihi: do you guys want to give me a walk through of the user interface for scheduling?21:27
rjellisopcardune: want me to paste the stuff from IRC until I've written up a guide, or should I just leave it as is and just do a walkthrough as quickly as possible?21:27
pcarduneLumiere: I think we can put that bounty thing on the wiki21:27
pcardunerjelliso: I'm not sure i understand the latter part of your sentence, but yes just paste the stuff from irc for now21:28
rjellisowill do21:28
pcarduneMakorihi: ping21:30
*** whaddon has joined #schooltool21:31
Makorihiwe are trying to get schooltool working somewhere so taht we can test what we wrote21:31
rjellisopcardune: where IS the cando wiki?21:32
whaddonpcardune: I submitted a bug report for CanDo (#120737)21:32
pcardunewhaddon: ok, i'll check it out21:32
wjohnsto`ACCpcardune: I am getting an error when I try and assign obj to DIvision(division)21:36
pcardunewjohnsto`ACC: what's the error?21:36
wjohnsto`ACC    obj = Division(division)21:36
wjohnsto`ACCTypeError: __init__() takes exactly 1 argument (2 given)21:36
pcarduneah yes, you need to modify the Division class21:37
wjohnsto`ACCdivision should only be 1 argument21:37
pcardunewell, when you call a class method, it implicitly passes the "self" argument21:38
wjohnsto`ACCoh ok21:38
pcarduneso it always adds on to 121:38
wjohnsto`ACCright now it is of course ""21:38
wjohnsto`ACCso I should add another argument?21:39
eldarthe argument should be in your __init__21:39
pcardunewhich you will have to create21:39
pcarduneand you will have to call the super class constructor as well21:39
pcarduneMakorihi: as per a working schooltool,21:40
pcarduneon maddog you can copy /home/eldar/cando to your home directory21:40
pcarduneand that should run21:40
wjohnsto`ACCkind of like the SEPG __init__()?21:41
pcarduneso... super(NameOfYourClass, self).__init__()21:42
pcardunemattva01: say, do you know what ports are open on maddog?21:43
wjohnsto`ACCeverything is open21:44
wjohnsto`ACCeverything you should need is open21:44
wjohnsto`ACCit's only on the router that they are not open21:44
wjohnsto`ACCthe firewall is temporarily disabled21:45
pcardunewjohnsto`ACC: what port are you running your server on?21:45
pcardunewjohnsto`ACC: do you think you could whack Jason for me ?21:47
wjohnsto`ACCI could21:47
wjohnsto`ACCbut he might want a reason ;)21:47
rjellisogah, got to go... will send you the launchpad thing and doctests soon.21:48
*** rjelliso has quit IRC21:48
pcardunethe reason is that he is not responding to my pings : Lumiere ping21:48
wjohnsto`ACChe seems to have disappeared21:49
*** tdoggette has quit IRC21:49
wjohnsto`ACCpcardune: I am still getting the error21:50
wjohnsto`ACCdef __init__(self):21:50
wjohnsto`ACC        super(Division, self).init__()21:50
wjohnsto`ACCthat should be all I need?? but I still get the same error21:50
pcardunewjohnsto`ACC: yes, you want your constructor to take more arguments than just self21:51
pcarduneyou want self and title21:51
pcardunethen in the constructor, self.title=title21:51
pcardunewjohnsto`ACC: If you start a sobby session, I can look at your file with gobby21:51
wjohnsto`ACCpcardune: jason is here21:52
pcardunedon't worry, you don't need to whack him any more21:53
pcardunemattva01: where on trac?21:56
pcarduneI can't find it21:56
pcardunewjohnsto`ACC: do you want to gobby?21:57
pcarduneMakorihi: did you guys manage to get schooltool working?21:57
wjohnsto`ACCwe don't have sobby or gobby?21:58
pcarduneon maddog21:58
wjohnsto`ACCwe could screen21:58
pcardunewhat laptops are you using?21:58
Makorihii cant figure out how to get to scheduling21:58
Makorihifrom the page21:58
Makorihias in21:58
Makorihithe url21:58
Makorihisomethign like
Makorihibut that doesnt work21:58
pcarduneare you sure the scheduling package is being loaded?21:59
pcardunedid you copy the slug?21:59
Makorihiinto schooltool-skel/... package-includes/21:59
wjohnsto`ACCif I knew how to sobby I would do gobby21:59
pcardunei'll start sobby22:00
Makorihiif i have the slug22:01
Makorihiit should work, right>22:01
Lumierepcardune: feel free to use my sobby22:02
pcarduneLumiere: ok22:02
pcardunewjohnsto`ACC: connect with gobby to maddog on port 612822:02
* wjohnsto`ACC is working on it22:05
wjohnsto`ACCpcardune: we should be connected22:07
*** mlinnell has quit IRC22:14
Makorihii still cant find scheduling22:17
pcarduneyou can make sure the package is being loaded by putting a print statement or something in inside the package22:21
*** lhuynh has quit IRC22:25
*** whaddon has quit IRC22:36
*** bnguyen has left #schooltool22:47
*** filip101 has joined #schooltool22:48
*** wjohnsto`ACC has quit IRC22:49
*** ignas has quit IRC22:52
pcarduneeldar: Lumiere, are people leaving about now?22:55
eldarpcardune: yeah, we're wrapping up22:55
eldarok, bye22:55
eldargood night22:55
*** eldar has quit IRC22:55
*** Makorihi has quit IRC22:57
*** filip101 has quit IRC23:01
*** mattva01 has quit IRC23:08
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