IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2007-06-15

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kjcoleIf you're asking me which server, I haven't a clue, not being in Arlington (nor really connected in any way to the running of the place).00:01
kjcoleI pinged Lumiere earlier, but I guess he's not close to an IRC channel at the moment.00:02
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Lumiere1 hour to CanDo pre-sprint meeting16:03
*** Lumiere changes topic to "SchoolTool development | IRC logs at | Dev meetings Mon, 13:30 UTC (15:30 EET) | Use for pasting | CanDo dev meeting Tuesday 1600 UTC/Noon Eastern"16:04
eldarI'm here16:49
eldargreets to all16:49
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pcardunei'm here17:01
eldarare jeff and dave coming?17:01
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pcarduneeldar: did you ever check out that code?17:03
Lumierewell I guess I'll poke welsh17:03
eldarpcardune: yeah, ooh i see you made a new commit17:04
eldarlemme update17:04
pcardunethe rounded corners look even nicer in firefox 3 alpha17:05
pcarduneeldar: you'll have to kill the instance to, because data structures changed a bunch17:05
eldaroh ok17:05
pcarduneLumiere: this is called advanced planning17:05
Lumiere*pulls out a mallet*17:05
eldarso what's the agenda for the meeting>17:06
pcarduneso what if -moz-border-radius isn't standard css...17:06
pcarduneit's not like the ie folks play by the rules...17:06
Lumiereok, dwelsh in 2 minutes17:06
Lumierehe's walking into ACC now17:06
Lumiereelkner... not so sure17:06
eldarjelknre? should I call him?17:06
pcardunethe agenda is, what are people working on at the sprint17:06
LumiereI tried the office line17:06
pcarduneI know you guys got my email regarding that17:07
pcarduneI can resend if necessary17:07
LumiereI got it17:08
Lumierethe time for the sprint is 9-4pm17:08
Lumiereat 4 I am kicking everyone out, because I need to leave and I'll be the last ACPS employee there17:08
eldaralright, let's start from the top17:09
eldaralan, what does he need17:09
Lumieredwelsh will be out of town, jelkner is leaving mid day17:09
pcarduneI'm also leaving mid day17:09
pcarduneunless I feel like staying up rediculously late17:09
pcardunein fact, I think I have to leave for the airport before the sprint even finishes17:10
pcarduneand I leave for the airport at 4am :)17:10
Lumierethat's about the time when the sprint ends I think17:10
pcardunethen oddly enough, I get in to seattle at 7am on the same day... *weird*17:10
pcarduneanyhow, is there any particular person we'd like to start with?17:11
pcarduneotherwise I'll just start with Alan17:11
pcarduneas he is already first on my list17:11
Lumierejust start with Alan17:11
pcardunealan is working on threaded journal entries17:11
pcardunefrom the commits he is partially there17:12
Lumierethat's good to hear17:12
pcarduneI believe he just needs to work on the UI part17:12
eldarwhat is he committing to?17:12
pcarduneI can help him with that17:12
eldari'm not getting anything on the cando-commit list17:12
pcardunehe is committing his own branch17:12
pcardunefor some reason those are not showing up in the cando-commit list17:12
eldari see17:13
pcardunei pinged jinty about it, but never got back to him on more debug info he wanted17:13
pcardunebut you can subscribe to an RSS feed of any src tree via trac (it is sweet)17:13
pcarduneso that is what I'm using at this point17:13
pcarduneSo I'll help alan with the journal threading stuff17:13
pcarduneNext on my list is Will and Brittney17:14
pcardunethey've been working on parsing the xml file for SEPG17:14
pcarduneI recently gave them some tips on possible architectural changes they should make17:14
pcarduneI think the main thing they need help with form a high level perspective, is understanding how the XML should map to data structures17:15
pcarduneparticularly with respect to global IDs and references17:15
pcarduneWill Dickerson is our resident XML parsing no it all, so I think he should help them out on that17:16
eldardo they have a grasp on the entire data structure?17:16
pcardunethey have a grasp, but there are some flaws17:16
pcarduneit seems like the XML file itself might be kind of odd as well17:17
pcarduneit might be a good idea if we could somehow get in contact with welsh's brother, and ask him what his intent was with the xml stuff17:17
pcardunefrom what I saw, it seems like there is some duplication going on, which makes parsing less trivial17:18
pcarduneespecially trying to decide where the objects should be stored, and where just references to the objects should be stores17:18
pcarduneso, I want Will Dickerson to do a little training session in xml parsing with them17:18
LumiereI have a feeling on this17:18
Lumierewhich is that the XML data is built off actual classes17:19
pcardunewhile either me eldar or jason can work with them on the data structure stuff17:19
Lumiereand the SEPG doesn't really care about the classes... but I don't know how much data has to be held17:19
eldarwhat is this SEPG thing?17:19
Lumiereand what can be dumped17:19
LumiereStudent Elective Planning Guide17:19
Lumiereit's a program to let people see how a technical set of classes could go for them17:20
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Lumiereif the ACC website was working17:20
LumiereI'd point you to it17:20
pcardunethey are converting that windows app to a zope3 app17:20
pcardunewhat was it written in again?17:20
eldari see17:20
Lumieregreat, welsh got grabbed going into ACC17:21
pcarduneI think either Lumiere or eldar should work with them on deciding what needs to be included17:21
pcarduneor maybe both of you17:21
Lumieremay have to be both of us for 5-10 minutes at a whiteboard17:22
pcarduneyeah, that would be a good idea17:22
eldaralright, i'll need a run through the way17:22
eldarthe app works though17:22
eldaris there like a layout17:22
pcardunemaybe Lumiere can find a windows box to demo it on17:22
Lumierethat I can do17:22
eldarthat'd be great17:22
LumiereI just have to break into the office17:22
Lumiereand with my luck17:23
LumiereI may have to break into the ACC network closet17:23
pcarduneso, jason + eldar on SEPG design and Will Dickerson on nxml API tutorial17:23
pcardunenext up we have Will Dickerson, who is working on SIF stuff17:23
pcarduneHe needs some help with handling schooltool events17:24
eldarrest suff?17:24
pcardunewhich may also involve modifying schooltool code, or at least seeing where it *should* be modified to throw some more helpful events17:24
pcarduneno, not REST, but SIF17:25
eldari don't really know how to handle schooltool events17:25
eldaris there a handler in schooltool?17:25
pcardunewell, schooltool events are just like any other events17:25
pcarduneyou just register subscribers for them17:25
pcardunethere aren't actually any schooltool specific events17:25
pcardunethe containers just use stuff like IObjectModifiedEvent and the like17:26
pcardunewhich should probably be enough17:26
pcarduneAnyhow, I think Will Dickerson has some inertia going as it is, so we should work with other folks first17:26
pcarduneor rather... momentum17:27
pcarduneinertia and momentum are the same thing right?17:27
Lumiereas long as Will's got continued momentum in the +x direction let him be17:27
eldarlol ...17:27
pcardunei always confuse myself with that17:27
Lumierepcardune: close17:27
eldarinertia is mass, momentum is inertia in motion17:27
pcardunei knew it!17:27
LumierePhysics, YAY!17:27
LumiereI am hoping my laptop ships today :)17:28
pcarduneyeah, it would be nice if you eldar could peak over his shoulder and find out as much as you can about the SIF stuff, because Will Dickerson won't be doing SIF over the summer17:28
pcardunei've only had the time to take a cursory look at it17:28
LumiereI will have to join him17:28
pcardunenext on my list is Filip17:29
eldaralright, i've never dealt with it, i'll need to get familiar with it so i can help whoever is taking over17:29
Lumieredwelsh wants me to coodinate the SIF people17:29
pcarduneyeah, that is the idea with the shoulder peaking :)17:29
pcarduneLumiere: I think the more people who have an idea of how SIF is working the better17:29
pcarduneso go to it17:29
eldaralright, so Filip needs help generating forms17:29
eldarwhat forms?17:29
pcarduneit is a spec on launchpad17:30
pcarduneteachers want printable forms where they can manually write in numbers on paper on a clipboard17:30
Lumiereignas: ayt?17:30
pcarduneFilip has yet to do anything with schooltool/cando, so he needs help building momentum and knowing where to start17:30
Lumiereignas: are there any documents on the pdf creation libaries use in schooltool?17:31
pcardunehe should be worked with early on17:31
pcardune*that* would be slick17:31
eldaralright, i can walk with him through the virginia module17:31
Lumierepcardune: pdf generation seems to me to be the easiest/safest way to generate it17:31
pcarduneI wouldn't mind if we had a pdf generation person on the CanDo team, as reporting is going to become more and more important17:32
pcarduneLumiere: the easiest way is html17:32
Lumiereyea that'd be the other reason for it17:32
eldarso you want filip to start laying groundwork for that?17:33
pcarduneso, while Dickerson gives William and Brittney the nxml tut, you eldar can help Filip find his way around cando17:33
ignaswell - it's reportlab, so you can read about it on the net17:33
ignasand yes - html with print CSS is more convenient17:34
pcarduneand if you need pdfs for transportability... "print to pdf" :)17:34
Lumierethat works17:34
ignaspcardune: do you have my print.css in cando already?17:35
pcardunePDFs will really be necessary for generating antialiased graphs17:35
pcarduneignas: no17:35
ignashmm, i thought it was in trunk already17:35
pcarduneunless your print.css is in schooltool trunk17:35
pcardunein which case yes we do have it!17:36
pcarduneso yeah, i guess we do have it, just no one has used it yet17:36
ignastry print preview17:36
ignasit should work automatically17:36
eldardo skill drivers even work?17:37
eldaryou rewrote it?17:37
pcarduneskill drivers work like nobody's business17:37
pcardunei did some refactoring yes17:37
eldarwhat do you mean by quarterly group17:37
eldaron the spec17:37
pcarduneplus some really crazy stuff with traversers17:37
pcardunequaterly group is *not* implemented yet17:37
Lumierequarterly group hopefully is related to skill drivers17:38
pcarduneyes, we need more discussion on that stuff17:38
pcardunebut that will be for another meeting I think17:38
pcarduneshall we move on to the next person on my list?17:39
pcardunehe has been on a brief hiatus due to schooling17:39
pcardunehe is working on attachments for journal entries17:39
pcarduneI am working on some curriculum infrastructure updates that will probably supersede what he is doing, so I might pull him in to what I'm working on17:40
LumiereI think you're right, I'd pull him now17:41
pcarduneBut i'm planning on working a lot with andrew, as I'll be meeting him in vilnius17:41
Lumiereif you find that you still need his work we can put him back on it17:41
pcardunewell his work is being integrated into my work17:41
pcarduneso he can work on it under my modifications17:41
pcarduneso i'm looking to bring his momentum back up and hopefully he will be more in the clear as far as school work is concerned17:42
pcarduneanyhow, those all the people I have on my list17:43
pcardunethe rest are working on non zope stuff17:43
eldarmasood and his group17:44
eldarwhat to do with them?17:44
Lumiereand I assume that gpaci, jelkner and company are going to deal with that part17:44
Lumierewhat is their group on?17:44
gpaciWho invoketh the name of gpaci?17:44
eldarhey george17:44
eldarhow are ya17:44
pcardunethey were once upon a time going to be working on scheduling17:44
pcardunelike, submitting schedules ttw17:44
gpaciHola, SeƱor Omuraliev.17:44
LumiereI think they're playing with it17:45
Lumiereimo we should get them off it asap17:45
Lumiereit's a time sink17:45
eldari think17:45
eldarwe need17:45
pcardunebut I haven't heard anything from them in quite some time17:45
eldarto split them17:45
eldarfrom each other17:45
eldaris really hyper17:45
Lumiereyou are probably right17:45
eldarand drags the group17:45
eldarin different directions17:45
pcarduneI think the ball is in your guys' court on this one17:46
eldaryeah, we'll deal with i17:46
Lumieremore likely it is in elkner's court and we don't know it17:46
Lumierebut yea, we'll deal with it17:46
pcarduneoh, and Chris Beacham and thomas doggette are going to be learning about SIF with will dickerson as well17:47
pcarduneand matt gallagher... needs to make timeclock up again17:47
pcarduneand make pretty init scripts17:47
pcarduneand figure out why maddog can't access svn.zope.org17:47
eldarit's because of ipcop17:48
eldarprobably, he just needs to open svn ports17:48
LumiereI need to get elkner to give me root on bonnieb17:48
Lumiereso I can do this stuff17:48
eldarit's matt's responsibility17:48
eldaryou shouldn't worry about it17:48
Lumierenot really17:48
eldari thought he was the admin in training17:48
Lumierewhen it comes down to it, any CanDo infrastructure is my responsibility17:48
pcardunewell Matt should work *first* if not right now today on making sure people have working environments on maddog17:49
eldari made sure17:49
eldarto upload17:49
eldarcando trunk17:49
eldaralready built17:49
eldaronto my maddog account17:49
eldarand it works17:49
eldarso people can just copy17:49
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pcarduneooh ... that is *very* good17:49
Lumieredoes cando trunk not-built work?17:49
pcardunenot without
pcarduneso that is super big first priority17:51
eldaryeah, we're not having an oopsies like last time anymore, and 2006 thing is still hanging, but jeff said it doesn't matter anymore17:51
LumiereI agree partially with jeff17:51
eldarso we got a working trunk, we're set in terms of that17:51
pcarduneLumiere: in any case, it does not matter for the sprints17:51
pcarduneeldar: what about a straight up zope build?17:52
pcardunecould you make a copy of that on maddog17:52
pcardunefor those folks who aren't integrating into cando yet (SEPG)17:52
eldaryeah, i can do that too17:53
eldarlemme do it right now17:53
pcarduneoh, and Linda is also on the list of attendees17:54
eldaroh yes, she was asking me for the bounties17:54
eldarto work on, but i didn't have the list on me when she asked17:54
eldari haven't been following her work, what can she work on?17:54
LumiereI don't have a list of bounties at this point either17:54
pcardunewell that is a problem!17:55
pcarduneI don't think we have enough bounties17:55
pcarduneor at least, bounties that are within reach of most folks17:55
pcarduneoh, and I suppose we should also give something to Fred Drake :)17:56
Lumierefred's going to be there?17:56
pcarduneaccording to
pcardunewell that is about all I got17:58
Lumieresame for me17:58
LumiereI am really disappointed in welsh and elkner17:58
pcardunedum dum dum17:59
eldarwell, guys17:59
eldari gotta go graduate17:59
pcardunehe he17:59
eldartalk to you tomorrow17:59
pcarduneis your graduation today?17:59
pcardunesoon you can kiss arlington good bye18:00
pcarduneoh wait... i wasn't supposed to say that...18:00
eldarlol, chantilly18:00
Lumierecongrats eldar18:00
eldarthank you18:00
eldaralright, i'm off18:00
pcardunegood thing jelkner and and dwelsh weren't here to hear me18:00
*** eldar has quit IRC18:00
Lumiere*looks at the logs*18:05
LumiereI gotta go18:05
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jelknerpcardune: good evening...18:40
jelknerplanning meeting for tomorrow at noon EST, yes?18:41
pcarduneno... it was at 1018:42
pcardunebut you can read the logs18:42
pcardunejelkner: ping18:42
* jelkner goes to read the logs...18:43
pcardunejelkner: rounded corners of zcontact look great in firefox 3 alpha18:55
jelknerwhat is the release schedule for firefox 3?18:55
jelkneri read the transcript18:55
jelknererr... log18:55
pcardunesupposedly it will be released sometime in the latter half of this year18:56
jelkneri don't agree with you that it is ok for firefox to break standards18:56
jelknerit makes compatibility a mess18:56
pcarduneyeah i know, it was a joke :)18:56
pcarduneand don't worry... on non-firefox, the rounded corners just appear without roundedness, and it looks fine too18:56
jelknerthat sounds good18:57
pcardunestrictly ornamental18:57
pcardunenothing too hackish18:57
jelknerwhat happened with the bounty question?18:57
jelknerit was raised, but never addressed18:57
pcarduneabout needing more bounties?18:57
jelknerif we have folks who want work, and we can't give it to them, we are hurting18:58
pcarduneI believe that needed you and welsh's input18:58
jelknertop priority for interns is keeping everyone engaged18:58
jelknerit is really welsh18:58
pcarduneI have a number of jobs that would be great bounties but might not be relevant to what you guys see as necessary18:58
jelknersuch as?18:59
pcardunelike various reports18:59
pcardunelike, help pages18:59
jelknerwelsh will be totally in support of that!18:59
pcardunewell I think he really wanted other things to be a priority19:00
jelkneri've been battling back and forth with welsh and lumiere for weeks about how to thing about this19:00
jelknerthis is what i propose:19:00
pcarduneat least I think i've mentioned it every once in a blue moon but it doesn't seem to stick much19:01
jelkner1.  top priority items much be done by you and eldar19:01
jelkneror at least they need to be your responsibility19:01
jelkneryou can farm out part to folks you trust as you see fit19:01
jelkner2. interns work on non-critical pieces that help them learn the system19:02
jelknerthat is the only way it will work19:02
pcarduneI agree with you19:02
jelknerwe can make up any pie in the sky list of jobs for interns we wish, but if they lack the skills to follow through, we get nowhere19:02
*** jfroche has quit IRC19:03
jelknerdave is the customer, he sets the priorities19:03
jelknerbut it is my job to work with you and eldar to figure out who works on what19:03
jelknerso tomorrow, you can assign the interns to any worthwhile task you like19:04
jelkneri want them working and learning19:04
pcarduneI think the assignments I've given so far are good19:04
pcarduneI just need one more thing for Linda19:05
jelknerwe don't need to get anyone else's approval to do that19:05
jelknerand robbie19:05
pcarduneoh robbie... I didn't see him on the list19:05
pcarduneis he going to be there tomorrow?19:05
jelkneri think so19:05
jelknerhe told me in class he would be19:05
pcarduneok, it's just not on the wiki19:05
pcardunethere are also timeclock related tasks that I wouldn't mind seeing happen19:06
jelkneryeah, i asked him to add his name, but he didn't19:06
jelkneroh, about timeclock19:06
jelkneri already have another customer for it ;-)19:06
pcarduneare they paying customers?19:06
jelknerour NHS (National Honor Society) advisory group is responsible for keeping track of all the community service hours of all NHS members.19:07
jelknerit is a nightmare of paper work19:07
jelknerand timeclock would be just the thing to make it manageable19:07
jelkneri'm sure i could get yorktown to put in some funding for it19:08
jelkneri'm going to write up the user stories and ask you for an estimate19:08
jelknerand then approach the committee and our principal with the request19:09
pcardunebecause i don't think we'll be able to divert much more funds to timeclock19:09
pcarduneit does mostly what we need at the moment19:09
pcarduneam I here yet?19:09
pcarduneoh, well that sounds good19:10
jelknerwe still have a few things to add19:10
pcardunemy wireless went down for a few seconds19:10
jelknerlike tracking the workflow of the timesheets19:10
jelknerwe need reports19:10
jelknerso we can show concrete data on how long it takes to get you folks paid19:10
pcardunewell at the moment, it takes a long time19:11
pcarduneare you going to see Matt today?19:11
jelknertoo long!19:11
jelkneri don't think so19:11
jelknerwe are in finals now19:11
jelknerin fact, i need to get back to work19:11
pcardunebecause is still down and I have hours to track!19:11
jelknermatt will be there tomorrow morning19:12
jelknerso will you19:12
pcarduneyeah, i'll remind him then19:12
jelkneri'll call him tonight to let him know what a priority that is19:12
jelkneranyway, i only have two big concerns:19:12
jelkner1. is everything we need to get folks working on maddog there now?19:12
jelkner2. are you prepared to improvise tomorrow morning with giving useful tasks to interns?19:13
pcarduneyes and yes19:14
pcarduneas per 1.19:14
jelknerremember the following distinction:19:14
pcardunewe still can't reach from maddog19:14
pcarduneand that should really be Matt's top priority19:14
jelkner1. interns - they get paid an agreed amount to work and learn all Summer19:14
pcardunebut Eldar put up a fully functional cando build on maddog so people can copy from that if all else fails19:14
pcardunehe also has a zope3 build just in case19:15
jelknerwe can be a little less clear with them, since it won't be a hardship if they work on something one week, and something else the next19:15
jelkner2. consultants (linda, robbie, whaddon, aelkner)19:15
jelknerthey get paid by bounty19:15
pcarduneI'm sticking with all the assigments we discussed in the meeting19:15
jelknerso we need to be sure that they have clear tasks that they can complete and for which they can receive payment19:16
pcardunefor linda robbie and whaddon, we need some more bounties19:16
pcardunei.e. reporting and help docs and timeclock stuff19:16
Lumierebounties need to be for portions of a user story19:16
jelknerand for andrew as well19:16
Lumieresome of the user stories are too big to be 1 bounty19:16
jelknerand perhaps for filip19:16
jelknerwho may want to just go after bounties19:17
pcarduneis filip not going to be an intern?19:17
pcarduneoh i see19:17
jelknerwhat do you think?19:17
jelknerhe seems *highly* motiviated19:17
pcarduneyeah, that is the most important thing19:17
LumiereI think being an intern and doing bounties can be done at the same time19:17
Lumiereas long as working on bounties happens outside the 20 hours of intern time19:17
jelknerno, it can't19:17
jelkneroh, yes19:17
jelknerbut i don't think that is necessarily a good idea19:18
jelknerfor the following reasons:19:18
pcarduneyeah, that line will be kinda fuzzy19:18
jelkner1. we don't yet know what they are capable of19:18
jelkner2. we don't want to get into a situation where we are wrangling with them over payment19:18
jelknerlet's keep it simple and clear19:19
jelknerone or the other19:19
LumiereI just have a feeling19:19
Lumiereif they start on bounties19:19
Lumiereand aren't quite up to it19:19
Lumierenow they're also screwed out of the 150019:19
Lumierebecause they won't be interns19:19
jelknerthe only one we are talking about is filip19:20
jelknereveryone else is an intern, period19:20
pcardunefilip should be an intern19:20
pcarduneperiod also19:20
jelknerif you say so19:20
jelkneri'll go along with that19:20
pcarduneI think he has the best grasp of zope3 at this point19:21
Lumierewe may want to have some way of giving bonuses to people who are interns who make critical mass19:21
pcarduneout of all the interns19:21
Lumiereand are really able to do dev19:21
pcarduneI think the bonus is being hired as a dev for a nice hourly wage :)19:21
jelknerthat's true19:21
jelknerthe big difference now is what kind of work we give them to do19:22
LumiereI guess19:22
Lumierejust because they're an intern19:22
jelknerinterns get non-critical work19:22
Lumieredoesn't mean we can't give them good work19:22
jelknerconsultants get more critical work19:22
LumiereI don't care whether they're intern or consultant19:22
pcardunehere is the thing I'm looking for... i'm looking for an intern who starts doing critical work for fun19:22
Lumierework goes to anyone who is qualified19:22
Lumierepcardune: I agree19:23
pcarduneI want an intern to come in one morning and say, "i was playing around with traversal adapters last night and check out this cool thing I did"19:23
jelknera few other issues:19:24
Lumierepcardune: we should let them know that there is that chance to move up19:24
Lumiereif they are motivated to learn things like that19:24
jelkner- there seems to be a confusion between chris carey (who is working with wdickers on stAgent)19:24
jelknerand chris beacham, who is not19:24
pcardunewhy can't they just have different names?19:24
jelknerand one of either mounika or mary is moving to stAgent tomorrow as well19:25
jelknerso you may have over booked wdickers19:25
pcarduneok, well we'll see tomorrow morning19:25
jelknerso be ready to be flexible19:26
jelknerand quick on your toes19:26
jelknerthe last thing i wanted to ask about is the folks doing course scheduling19:26
pcardunewhat is that management rule again... one person can only reasonably manage 7 other people?19:26
pcarduneyes, I haven't heard from them in weeks19:26
Lumierepcardune: sounds about right19:26
pcarduneif not months19:26
jelkneryes, so you should really schedule work with alan for some other time19:27
jelknerand let him help you manage others tomorrow19:27
Lumiereas far as I am concerned, the course scheduling people are to be split up and put on other projects19:27
jelknerthat is the other part of the plan i didn't like when i read the log19:27
jelkneri will talk to them tomorrow19:27
pcardunelike I said, ball's in your guys' court on this one19:27
Lumiereit has nothing to do with cando, and it seems to be a time sink19:27
jelknerit has a lot to do with schooltool19:28
jelknerand it is a good project if they actually do work on it19:28
jelknerbut if they don't, of course, then it isn't worth anything19:28
Lumiereimo it's too big a project to start them on19:28
LumiereI am going to get some food19:28
Lumiereback in 1519:28
jelknerparticularly if they don't do any work19:28
jelkneri'll be gone by then19:29
jelknerpcardune: to finish up19:29
jelkneryou, eldar, alan, wdickers, and i should make it our top priority to manage and help interns19:29
jelknerdon't plan to be getting much done yourself19:30
pcarduneoh I wasn't planning on that at all19:30
jelknerit sounded like you wanted to pair with alan?19:30
pcarduneno no, i was just going to give him some pointers19:30
jelkneroh, fine19:30
pcardunei just said me because I have a very specific idea of the pointers I'm going to give him19:31
jelknerfor the summer, i plan to tell everyone the following:19:31
pcardunewhere as I don't have specific pointer ideas for other folks19:31
jelknerwhen they have a problem, they bring it to eldar19:31
jelknerwhen eldar has a problem, he brings it to you19:31
jelknerand when you have a problem, you bring it to ignas ;-)19:31
jelknerso that will keep you from spending too much time dealing with questions19:32
pcardunethen to marius then to jim, then to...19:32
pcardunemaybe guido.. and and then god19:32
jelkneranyway, i will be always encouraging them to help each other before asking you19:32
pcarduneyeah, helping each other is a really great thing.19:33
jelkneras the summer progresses, we will be successful if they are doing that more and more19:33
jelkneri know william and brittney will be a big helpd19:33
jelknerthey were great with other students in class during the year19:34
jelknerok, sounds like we're ready19:34
jelknersee you tomorrow morning, 8:30 am my time19:34
pcardunebye bye19:34
jelknerover and out...19:35
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