IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2007-05-18

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filip101hey pplz02:38
filip101about the meeting saturday at the ACC02:39
filip101is there anybody i can carpool with in the morning?02:39
filip101i live in Chantilly02:39
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datruaznlegendfilip, see me now?03:20
filip101uh, plz get off this channel03:20
filip101this is #schooltool03:20
filip101meet me on #tjpbem503:20
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filip101so anyway, can I carpool with anybody from the chantilly area?03:25
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wdickersth1a: you there?15:38
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ACSpike[Work]well, I think I have found people at two of our private schools in the area that would be willing to help me write up some requirements and test schooltool, if I wanted to start doing some "for me" development16:38
ACSpike[Work]kinda hard to get motivated though when I don't know if they are really interested in using it16:39
ACSpike[Work]is there any write up on the "school year switch" problem on the website or on the ml?16:46
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ACSpike[Work]I don't think I have the right words to talk about it16:58
ignasACSpike[Work]: no there is none17:01
ignasACSpike[Work]: why do you need it?17:01
ACSpike[Work]to get up to speed on the discussion17:02
ACSpike[Work]with the hope that I might have somethign to contribute17:02
ACSpike[Work]I've been thinking that our system doesn't really have a big magical single switch17:03
ACSpike[Work]we've got a number of semesters in the database17:03
ACSpike[Work]there is a default current semester17:04
ACSpike[Work]but the people who need to make reports for past semesters and enroll students for upcomming semesters can move their own current semester to do their work17:04
ignaswhat about objects that persist among semesters?17:26
ACSpike[Work]as I was saying the other day, problems is that some semesters tend to overlap (I won't point fingers for that ;-) )17:27
ignaslike - a group that is in 2 semesters but had different members in the last semester for example17:27
ACSpike[Work]ok, my system doesn't deal with groups like that17:27
ignashaving 2 semesters isolated would make it easier, but i am worried about current semantics of schooltool.relationships ...17:28
ACSpike[Work]I have some groups that exist for the web portal based on properties of the object and which semster it is though17:28
ACSpike[Work]like I have a sophomors group17:28
ignasi see17:28
ACSpike[Work]oh, you know I'm doing this in a realtional database, so it isn't exactly objects17:28
ACSpike[Work]but I have students and student instances17:29
ACSpike[Work]students stores student data that is unique to the student17:29
ACSpike[Work]instances stores data that is unique to the student in a specific semster17:29
ACSpike[Work]I need to look more at schooltools architecture17:32
ACSpike[Work]I have noooo clue17:32
ACSpike[Work]students, instructors, courses all have that setup17:36
ACSpike[Work]trying to think of a better example of my dynamic groups setup17:37
ACSpike[Work]eh, after looking the groups aren't that impressive. I've got class groups (which should be based on credits dynamically, but currently aren't)17:46
ACSpike[Work]also have things like "newstudents" which is student that are new in the particular semster17:47
ACSpike[Work]ignas: some of the sis's I've heard of sound like they might have some concept of "district" as well as individual schools17:51
ACSpike[Work]schooltool have that?17:51
ignasno, not really17:52
ACSpike[Work]I think it is outside of the scope of anything I would use it for17:52
ACSpike[Work]maybe it would be possible to "federate" a number of schooltool instances into a district using xmlrpc17:52
th1aWe're just trying to get one school at a time right at this point.17:53
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ACSpike[Work]and have a districttool17:53
ACSpike[Work]th1a: of course! I was just wondering17:53
th1aIt wouldn't be too hard to create a district container that would hold multiple SchoolTool instances.17:53
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ACSpike[Work]I apologize for being consistenly so clueless, I've been to busy with SoC and end of year to do much study17:55
ACSpike[Work]um, so someone else owns the trademark on schooltool?
ACSpike[Work]that is less than cool18:26
ACSpike[Work]oh, actually it looks to be dead
ACSpike[Work]dunno about this one
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