IRC log of #schooltool for Saturday, 2007-05-05

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ignasanyone who remembers which parts do we want to exclude from installation?17:45
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* ignas has created a working buildout sandbox that installs schooltool egg18:52
ignaswith all the dependencies18:52
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ignaspcardune: have you ever developed any eggs?19:03
pcarduneignas: yes19:03
ignaspcardune: how do you run unit tests for an egg with zope3 testrunner?19:03
ignaswithout passing it --test-path19:04
pcarduneI don't know19:04
ignasbuildout schooltool egg edition ran all unit tests successfully19:05
ignasand functional now19:15
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ignasjinty: svn co svn+ssh://
ignaspcardune: you do that as well ;)19:35
ignasok, it won't work unless someone will update the nightly build19:35
ignasas it lacks 90% of schooltool19:36
jintyyeah, I'll get that done...19:42
ignasjinty: i have commited a hacky patch that gets the egg working19:43
ignasand tested it out with the buildout setup19:43
ignasso you just gave to python bdist_egg19:43
ignasand upload it19:43
jintythay's fine. I just had no idea what packages to actually include19:44
ignasyou just reminded me that i forgot some files ;)19:45
ignasok, st-buildout fixed19:46
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* jinty builds the egg again19:48
Lumierehi all19:51
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ignasLumiere: maybe you want to try out commands i have written above ?19:52
Lumierewhere to try it19:53
jinty_ignas: seems your buildout made my mac kernel panic ;)19:53
ignasjinty_: omgwtf!19:53
ignasLumiere: what do you mean - where19:54
ignasanywhere you want to install schooltool :)19:54
Lumierelike what server19:54
ignasas if you were a user ;)19:54
ignasubuntu feisty recommended, but should work on dapper i'd guess19:55
Lumiereno feisty boxes availalbe19:55
ignasthen anything will do ;)19:56
ignasthe more different machines the better19:56
* Lumiere changes svn+ssh -> http19:56
Lumierehow do I reattach detachtty?19:56
ignasattachtty ?19:56
ignasand pass it a scoket19:56
jinty_ignas: europython, are there going to be pre-conference sprints?19:56
ignasjinty_: no, no space dedicated for that19:56
* jinty_ tries to figure out when to arrive19:56
jinty_ok, so no point in arrivint before the 9th then19:57
ignasjinty_: but if you want to, i can talk to Aiste and get you some space in our office19:57
jinty_hmm, might be interesting19:57
jinty_I'll see how my travel plans fall19:57
Lumierehow do i check this out19:58
Lumierewithout svn+ssh access?19:58
ignassvn co
Lumiereextra directory to remove19:59
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ignasLumiere: which step are you at? :)20:08
Lumieregetting new distribution for ZODB320:09
Lumiereare we grabbing eggs20:11
Lumierefrom zope20:11
Lumiereor ones we made20:11
ignasfrom zope20:12
jinty_ignas: perhaps we should do things without package-includes if removing them means you break things badly20:12
ignasjinty_: i could go the lyceum way20:12
ignasthat does what is required20:12
ignasand does not include anything20:12
jinty_and save this hook mechanism for things that can be added and removed20:12
ignashook mechanism is not the best way to do that anyway20:12
ignasit should be either separate eggs and entry points20:13
ignasor it should be manual coding in site.zcml20:13
jinty_hmm, but for the near term, I know Lumiere is going to need package includes to get schooltool-cando working20:13
LumiereI can't say yes or no20:14
* jinty_ knows next to nothing about entry points or if they can be made to easily work for this usecase20:14
Lumierebut I'll trust your judgement20:14
jinty_but I know pacakge includes will work for this20:14
ignasjinty_: well - they work at the moment, i mean creating CanDo-buildout should be quite easy20:15
Lumiereany chance we can get a couple zope corp people to put a little time in helping?20:15
ignasjinty_: what is the usecase20:15
jinty_Lumiere, I was imagining schooltool providing an apache2 style tree in /etc/schooltool where schooltool-cando can drop a package-include file in20:16
jinty_apt-get install schooltool schooltool-cando20:16
ignasjinty_: the problem is - you can't deselect it then20:16
ignasjinty_: 2 separate site.zcml files20:17
ignaswork better20:17
ignasuntil i come up with a way to semi-install a zope package20:17
jinty_ln -s /etc/schooltool/available-includes/cando*.zcml /etc/schooltool/package-includes/cando*.zcml20:17
ignasjinty_: and suddenly schooltool instances have cando in them ...20:18
jinty_so the admin must perform an action to enable cando (linking the package includes)20:18
ignasbut hmm20:18
jinty_only the one schooltool instance20:18
ignasin that case20:18
ignaswe can do that this time20:18
jinty_as the schooltool package only contains one20:19
jinty_if you want more, build another schooltool package, or use mkschooltoolinstance20:19
ignasjinty_: what about conditional includes and a zcml in which you <meta:provide> stuff?20:19
jinty_it's a simplification to make things easy to install20:19
ignasinstead of symlinks20:19
jinty_beacause that happens automatically20:20
ignaswhich part?20:20
ignassorry i'm slow today20:20
jinty_no, the conditional includes20:20
ignasyou misunderstood me20:20
ignashave standard-school.zcml20:21
ignasand cando.zcml20:21
ignasboth included with *.zcml20:21
ignasbut in cando.zcml20:21
ignasyou have <if cando is provided>all the content</if>20:21
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ignasand you have config.zcml in /etc20:21
ignasthat you edit20:21
ignasso after installing cando20:21
ignasyou go and add <meta:provide "cando" /> in the config.zcml20:22
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ignasand voila - cando is enabled20:22
jinty_yeah, though editing an xml file is difficult to explain20:22
ignasnot really20:23
ignasi mean all you do is add 1 line20:23
jinty_not to you :)20:23
ignasand add that line anywhere20:23
ignasin a semi empty file20:23
ignaswith header and footer20:23
jinty_it's very difficult to automatically edit a file20:23
ignaswhy would you edit it automatically?20:23
ignasi mean like in apache20:23
ignasmodule directives20:24
jinty_whereas it's trivially possible to build a robust script that does the links20:24
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jinty_think "a2enmod" and friends20:24
jinty_I mean "a2enmod svn_dav" is just poetry20:24
ignasyou want a script to enable cando?20:25
ignasi thought you wanted users to enable it20:25
ignasbecause i think it is easier for users to add a line simmilar to "LoadModule alias_module /usr/lib/apache2/modules/"20:25
ignasto a config file20:25
jinty_yes, I want them to have to take an action to enable it after installing the schooltool-cando package20:26
jinty_but I want that action to be as easy to take as possible20:26
ignasand i though that the easiest way was to add 1 line to a config file20:26
jinty_no, "schooltool-enmod cando" is probably easier20:27
ignaswell, if that's easier for you, we can do that20:27
ignasi initially misunderstood your idea20:28
jinty_it doesn't matter too much anyway20:28
jinty_all this is package specific stuff20:28
ignasLumiere: does it run?20:28
jinty_I mean, I think that in the schooltool egg there shouldn't be a package-includes directory20:28
ignasjinty_: there isn't one in the egg20:29
jinty_and the buildout is also really separate from the package20:29
ignasyes it is20:30
jinty_which is cool:)20:30
ignaslook at it ;)20:30
ignasjinty_: you are better at makefiles, maybe you could convert 2 shellscripts into 1 Makefile20:32
jinty_I really like it, very small..20:32
jinty_pkg_resources.VersionConflict: (pytz 2006p (/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages), Requirement.parse('pytz>=2007c'))20:33
jinty_hmm seems it doesn't work on etch20:33
jinty_with python-tz installed20:33
ignasi will have to talk to j1m, maybe he can help20:34
ignasthe docutils part in buildout.cfg is a workaround for another buildout bug20:34
jinty_I think it's because the python-tz debian package is actually an egg in disguise20:35
ignasor is this schooltool telling you that?20:35
ignasnot just that - on feisty it doesn't work20:35
jinty_I ran ./schooltool-server.py20:35
ignasdid you run ./ first?20:36
ignasid downloaded a bunch of eggs20:36
ignasand is still finding your old pytz?20:36
ignasis there a pytz2007 egg in eggs?20:36
jinty_I think its because all eggs-in-debian-packages are installed --single-version-externally-managed20:37
ignashmm, you might want to try adding 'pkg_resources.require("pytz>=2007c")' before the require("schooltool")20:38
ignasor just fix the egg to just depend on plain pytz20:39
ignasi did that trying to work around a buggy pytz in feisty20:39
jinty_it's probably better to have as loose dependencies as possible20:40
ignasmakes sense, and it didn't help with feisty anyway ;)20:40
ignasthus you can see the monkeypatch code in :/20:41
jinty_what's buggy about pytz in feisty?20:41
ignasimport pytz20:41
ignasand it fails20:41
ignasany timezone fails actually20:41
ignasthe bug has been reported for more than a month20:41
* jinty_ is very glad he didn't port the ubuntu patch causing this breakage to debian...20:42
jinty_can you give me a link to the bug report?20:42
jinty_wow that's evil20:43
ignasthe workaround?20:44
jinty_naa, the bug20:46
jinty_hmm, ok, back to getting this to work somehow20:47
ignasok, good luck, i must go now ;)20:48
ignassee you20:48
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jinty_wonderful, zc.buildout fails in exactly the same way20:56
Lumieretrying now21:01
* jinty_ thinks apt is still about 10 years ahead of setuptools/buildout21:05
jinty_but if it makes python programmers not put everything in one tarball, that's just fine by me21:06
jinty_Lumiere, what distro/version are you using?21:13
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* jinty_ uploads a schooltool package based on the nightly tarball23:14
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