IRC log of #schooltool for Sunday, 2007-04-29

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NinnoSchooltool dont work in the edubuntu 7.04 ?10:34
ignaswhich one?10:37
ignassvn trunk checkout10:37
ignasor a tarball10:38
Ninnoschool tool is not installed of default10:40
Ninnoif I try to install it from synaptic me from' error10:40
ignaswhat kind of?10:41
FujitsuNinno: schooltool is known to not be installable in 7.04.10:43
FujitsuIn fact, I thought it was removed.10:43
FujitsuBut apparently not.10:43
FujitsuBecause the current released version of SchoolTool doesn't work with Zope 3.3, which is what we have in 7.04.10:45
NinnoI am very desolate of this. I will maintain therefore the version 6.1010:46
NinnoI hope both a momentary thing10:46
FujitsuIt won't be installable through Synaptic again until Ubuntu 7.10.10:47
ignasand even then - i am not sure we will fully support migration from the old version10:48
Ninnook thanks very kind10:48
FujitsuThe version in 6.10 and before is somewhat prehistoric.10:48
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Masood_*starts to celebrate* thank you for the awesomeness in the e-mail tellerness thinger that is now making the doc-testing-ness work-ify, paul!22:20
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