IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2007-03-20

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Lumiere'morning ignas15:00
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Lumierehi pcardune, wdickers17:03
wdickersgood morning Lumiere17:04
Lumierewdickers: can you get jeff to call me?17:08
wdickerssure, one moment17:08
LumiereI'm in welsh's office17:08
Lumiereit'll just take a moment17:08
wdickersHow can I access the SchoolToolApplication instance? I don't see it in the database17:29
Lumiereth1a: ayt?17:30
wdickersOh wait, I see it now. I could have sworn it wasn't there before...17:32
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filip101hello, pcardune18:14
filip101yay it doesnt crash anymore18:14
pcardunehi filip10118:14
filip101yay i can be a manager!18:15
filip101what's the default "Forum Page" object that Zope can add?18:16
filip101you know how it has a bunch of default objects in the table on the left18:17
filip101to click on them to add a new one?18:17
filip101there's one called a "Forum Page"18:17
filip101wait, that's mine18:17
filip101i thought i named it forum post...18:17
pcarduneok, i was about to ask, "are you sure that is not yours?"18:17
filip101but yeah, it's in
filip101i guess i should rename it18:18
* ignas needs a volunteer to write a "How to write a functional test for schooltool!" howto18:18
filip101i would, but i dont know how to do it well enough XD18:18
ignasif you will write it wrong - fixing it will be quite easy18:19
filip101well how long does it have to be?18:20
pcarduneignas: what is so special about writing a functional test for schooltool versus writing a functional test in general?18:20
ignaspcardune: hmm, a general how to is not provided with schooltool, it is not on, it is not saying anything about where to put users18:21
ignasit is not saying anything about how to log in faster18:21
pcarduneoh ok18:22
ignasusers can't contribute to it when they find out stuff18:22
pcarduneignas: a lot of the functional tests in schooltool don't utilize things like fast login, what is a good example of a functional test that utilizes a lot of the special cases for schooltool functional testing18:23
ignaspcardune: we don't want users to do that most of the time anyway18:23
ignasbut a walk through that gets users up to speed would be nice18:23
ignaslike - let's add a txt file in here, now run it this way, you can use these editors for syntax highlight18:24
ignasthis is how you add a user18:24
ignasand this is how you check a checkbox18:24
ignasi will think about adding a dedicated directory for functional tests that run with the current configuration18:25
ignas(layers are only turning on the functionality they are testing so most of the functional tests don't have 100% of features)18:25
ignasso that users would have an empty directory (or a directory with a howto and an example)18:25
ignasor an "Example"+"Howto" in one file18:26
pcardunethat sounds like a good idea18:26
pcarduneand a good project for an intern18:26
ignasbecause our functional tests are explaining "what is being tested" not "how is it done and why"18:26
ignasand when we will have that, i will start asking people who want to contribute in at least some ways to go through bug reports for cando/schooltool and create a functional tests for bug reports18:28
ignasbecause that check whether bug is fixed or not, gives precise steps to reproduce, and a metric (is it fixed)18:28
ignas./ --run-test ./some-test.txt !18:29
ignas./ --run-test ./some-test.txt -c ./some-schooltoo.conf18:29
ignasbecause we want users to be able to test things if they have a schooltool installed one way or another18:30
ignasdo we have something like an easily accessible schooltool wiki?18:48
Lumiereignas: I can18:51
ignaswould be nice if you would18:54
ignasif you will have questions i will gladly answer them18:54
ignasjinty: ayt?18:55
Lumierethat runtest is nice18:55
Lumiereother then the fact that it doesn't work18:58
Lumierethe --run-test flag to schooltool-server doesn't exist18:59
jintyignas: yep19:00
Lumierejinty: did you get my email?19:01
ignasLumiere: yes it does not exist ;)19:01
ignasjinty: what do you think about putting such flag in there, or maybe we should have schooltool-run-test or something like that in debian?19:01
ignasi want to make it as easy as possible for users who installed schooltool to run/write a functional test19:01
ignasbecause that is the most feasible contribution that 99% of schooltool users can make19:02
jintyI like it, but I'm not sure that the schooltool-server program is the best place to put it19:02
jintyI much prefer schooltool-test19:03
ignasi would put it in ./ but we are not putting it into the deb package19:03
ignasa separate script might be a good idea19:03
jintyLumiere, I'm not seeing it19:05
Lumierejinty: well... I'll say exactly what I said there... please make a new cando-06 package19:05
jintyok, ok19:06
Lumiereignas: I would love making a little easier to use19:07
ignashmm, like how?19:07
Lumiereexactly how you had it above19:07
Lumiere--run-test ./some-test.txt19:07
Lumierethat'd be perfect19:08
ignasLumiere: if the test is in standard location you do ./ . some-test.txt and test runner finds it19:11
ignasthe problem is with a non standard location19:11
ignasbut these are tricky because there is not default setup teardown for these19:11
Lumiereso if I do ./ . security.txt19:11
LumiereI can run the ftest I just wrote?19:11
mgedminignas: the z3 test runner has a nicer syntax: -t some-test.txt19:12
mgedminand you can specify multiple -t args, iirc19:13
ignasoh :) cool :)19:13
Lumiereis there a way to pop the data out to a file on data test?19:14
LumiereI got it19:18
Lumierethe resource security test fails on 149...19:19
Lumierechecking to see that the classroom is booked as well.19:19
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pcarduneLumiere: did you see my update of the resource import bug?19:32
Lumierenot yet19:37
pcarduneLumiere: you should take out cando-auth from the url for specification links... otherwise you have to log in to the cando wiki in order to see the specification19:41
LumiereI thought I had...19:45
LumiereI am not a huge fan of trac for wiki19:45
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pcardunedwelsh: I'm here19:48
dwelshare you phonable???19:48
dwelshhere with Elkner and Straw19:48
pcardunecan we skype?19:48
dwelshyes, think so19:48
pcarduneok, let's do that19:48
dwelshsetting up19:48
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Lumierelots of pain20:33
ignasoh, trac wiki20:34
Lumiereconference call between pcardune, me, dwelsh, and jelkner20:34
mgedminoh yeah20:34
Lumiereand yea trc wiki sucks20:34
ignashmm, and another thing that we need a volunteer for is <drum roll>20:51
ignasscreenshot walkthrough of all the modules in schooltool20:51
ignasshowing what schooltool can do20:51
ignasand how to do it20:51
Lumierethat should be dwelsh imo ;)20:52
ignason the website20:52
Lumiereth1a: hi?21:00
th1aLumiere: Hi.21:00
Lumieredo you have a moment for a skype conference with pcardune, jelkner, dwelsh,  and me?21:00
th1aLet me get on my Mac.21:01
pcarduneth1a: since when do you have a mac?21:03
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