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jintyBhaskar, hi11:34
Bhaskarjinty: we want to collaborate with your team11:35
jintyin what way?11:36
* Fujitsu notes that a schooltool trunk checkout will explode if you make run or test, due to an old version of the zc.catalog egg going missing.11:36
jintyhow does an egg go missing...11:36
Bhaskarjinty: officially11:36
Bhaskarjinty: we should  have to customise schooltool also11:37
jintyBhaskar, well, I guess you'd better co-ordinate with th1a (Tom Hoffman)11:37
Fujitsujinty: The Makefile downloads it.11:37
Fujitsu(but now downloads a newer version, which another of the eggs doesn't like)11:37
Bhaskarjinty: ya,11:38
jintyFujitsu, aah11:38
Bhaskarjinty: so discuss with th1a, and convey me how to procced for collaboration11:39
jintyyes, th1a is the official organizer11:39
Bhaskarjinty: i think your team discuss officially, then think how can we collaborate coz we should deploy schooltool in Nepal with localize and customize, so collaboration is better, to go together11:41
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jelknerwhat is the "regular time" for the schooltool meeting tomorrow?14:49
jfrochejelkner: 14:30 UTC14:50
jelknerjfroche: thanks!14:50
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jfrocheignas: hello, are you there ?17:02
jfrochei see what is circular import, could i move ...17:03
lisppaste5jfroche pasted "moving this ?" at
jfrocheto the person package ?17:03
jfrochefor the moment it's in src/schooltool/app/__init__.py17:04
jfrocheand that's where the circular import happen17:04
ignasprobably - no you can't, these are there for database backwards compatibility17:05
ignasif we are to break it completely - we should consult with Tom first17:05
ignasjfroche: you still didn't manage to solve the problem?17:06
jfrocheit's solved if i move it to person17:06
ignaswell - it breaks backward compatibility, as well - you can't import Person or PersonContainer from app ... and in some old databases there might be old instances of such classes17:07
jfrocheproblem come from the import in for the function in
ignascan you post me the link to the repository17:11
ignasand email me the patch with your changes17:12
jfrochegetSchoolToolApplication == getSite17:12
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ignaskind of, yes17:12
jfrochegetSchoolToolApplication is in app.py17:13
jfrochemay i just call getSite in Person instead ?17:13
ignasno, replace getSchooltoolApplication with ISchooltoolApplication(None)17:14
jfrocheuhm it wont change things cause there is other links to app's __init__.py17:18
ignascan you post me the url to the svn repository you are working with17:21
ignasand email me your local changes17:21
ignasso i could just resolve the circular imporyt17:21
jfrochecan you checkout my branch ?17:21
ignasyes i can17:21
jfrocheand run ./ -m jacqmain17:21
jfrocheyou will see it directly17:22
ignasoh, you have commited it17:22
jfrochebut i see no solution without removing the person import in app.__init__17:22
jfrocheuhm wait17:23
jfrocheforgot one change17:23
jfrochesvn up17:24
* ignas is checking out at the moment17:24
lisppaste5ignas pasted "A solution to the circular import problem" at
jfrochecalling app/ before all solves it ?17:46
ignasnot calling17:46
ignasbefore either Person or PersonContainer17:46
jfrochei see17:47
ignassrc/schooltool/app/browser/tests/ has a comment "import # sacrifice to appease circular import gods"17:47
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jfrocheignas: overlaid_calendars is a container of calendars in the user ?18:31
ignaskind of18:33
ignasbut not at all18:33
ignasit's more like an insane mess that i would like to rewrite, but have no time for18:33
jfrocheignas: there is an event to add "clerks" uppon initialization. i dont need this, i suppose that i have to also add an event to remove it ?18:52
ignasin a perfect world - you would refactor default groups and make them pluggable in some way18:53
ignasbut you can try with events (which won't work, as you can't actually depend on the order subscribers are being invoked)18:54
jfrocheshould i set default groups in schooltool.conf ?18:55
ignasdon't think so18:57
ignaszcml is better suited for "this affects the database initialization" stuff18:57
jfrocheso i have to define a new directive/meta18:58
ignasyou can try and mark the application with a marker interface when it is added, and then register some schooltool-initialization subscribers on specific interfaces or so ...18:58
ignasthough - you can try whatever works for you :)19:00
ignasi am trying to keep schooltool trunk identical to schooltool for lyceum, but if it is not feasible for your setup, well ...19:01
jfrocheignas: in the ideal world what would be the best ?19:01
ignasjfroche: i don't know exactly, i don't know how current groups are being set up, i don't know which permission groups are affected by some groups being present, i don't know what would be the best way of configuring it, etc.19:02
ignasit's a complicated issue :) so you can think, design and resolve it :)19:03
ignas1 way - add a marker interface so you could tell the difference between jmain school and simple school19:11
ignasapply it some time very early19:11
ignasmaybe define the interface in the configuration in some way ...19:12
ignasregister initialization adapters for specific interfaces19:12
ignasdo all the initialization in them19:12
ignas2nd way - add some databaseInitializationutility19:12
ignasglobal utility19:12
ignasand refactor all current group/user setup into it19:13
ignasand either override it in your plugin19:13
ignasor make the utility named and set the name in schooltool.conf19:13
ignasboth require quite significant amount of work, the second one is probably easier to do, especially with just using overrides19:14
ignasyou would only have 1 event fired on schooltool app initialization then, or something like that19:15
ignasif you think it is not very nice - you might define a utility for every module that is hooking into app-init-event19:15
ignasand override only those utilities that you need19:15
ignasor only add groupInitializationutility, and override it so it would be faster to implement19:16
ignasjfroche: ^19:16
jfrochei like the second way yes19:19
jfrochewith 1 global utility for initilization19:19
ignaswell - it has the flaw of making it a bit difficult to disable Courses or Sections or Timetabling19:20
ignasthrough zcml19:20
ignasthough if you can keep that part intact - do that ...19:21
jfrochewhy can't you disable these component through zcml anymore?19:21
ignaswell - if you have 1 single utility that initializes the application, then you must move group creation for example into that utility19:22
ignasso you could override it19:22
ignasso no more event subscriber that creates groups, yes?19:23
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ignasand what if someone wants to have custom courses/crouse container? he moves stuff to the same utility and removes the course init subscriber19:24
jfrochethere is still event19:24
ignasoh, and what event does ?19:24
jfrochecall the right method in the init utility19:24
ignasoh, that way19:24
ignasi misunderstood you19:24
ignasso it's one utility per module way19:25
ignasmaybe we should name them :)19:25
ignasand use multi utility query19:25
ignasname='schooltool.groups' when registering19:25
ignasor overriding19:25
jfrochewith IInitUtility ?19:25
ignaswith provideUtility19:26
ignasa global named utility with a name schooltool.groups19:26
ignasgetUtilitiesFor - for querying19:26
jfrocheoh i see19:27
Ninnoi need help with italina traslation of schooltool 200619:28
jfrocheNinno: hello,what's your problem ?19:29
ignasok, got to go, bye19:29
Ninnobye ignas19:29
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Ninnoi need to translate to italian language19:30
Ninnothe schooltool 2006 alpha219:30
Ninnoist possible19:30
jfrocheNinno: did you looked at rosetta ?19:31
Ninnobut the transalte is not complete19:32
Ninnoand i'have very difficulte to compile19:32
Ninnothe italian language19:32
jfrocheyou mean some strings aren't in the schooltool.pot ?19:33
Ninnosome strings are in english19:34
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Ninnois previewed the escape of the package precompiled for edubuntu?19:35
jfrochewhat do you mean ?19:36
NinnoI have collaborated with rosette for the translation. but I do not know as to compile the rows. there is a guide?19:36
Ninnosorry for my english19:37
Ninnothey are not much practical one of linux. I have installed precaricato Edubuntu with schooltool, and is fantastic. The functions of schooltool 2006 interested me. It will be available as modernization for edubuntu?19:38
jfrocheNinno: translations are po files that you compile with msgfmt19:46
Ninnoi try19:47
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