IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2007-02-02

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Bhaskarth1a:what is going new on schooltool??07:52
th1aBhaskar:  I've been focusing on things going on in my local school this week.08:21
Bhaskarth1a: i think you are going to deploy very soon08:22
th1aI am going to deploy what?08:23
Bhaskarth1a: schooltool08:23
Bhaskarth1a: in your school..??08:23
th1aI've had a long series of false starts.08:24
Bhaskarth1a: false start?08:26
th1aRunning into problems I can't fix.08:26
Bhaskarth1a: ya08:27
Bhaskarth1a: so lots of work have remaining , to fix bugs, so that for release stable version08:28
th1aThere is lots to do.08:28
Bhaskarth1a: so developers are mostly involving schooltool in 1st priority then schoolbell ..08:31
FujitsuIsn't Schoolbell now completely deprecated and dead?08:32
th1aYes, SchoolBell is pretty much dead.08:32
Bhaskarth1a: so we have to finish schooltool first08:33
th1aBhaskar: There are no plans to return to SchoolBell, although in theory an interested developer could create a SchoolBell release from the SchoolTool source tree.08:34
Bhaskarth1a: ok08:34
Bhaskarth1a: in which file data are stored?08:38
Bhaskarth1a: i mena if we add new person or any data coz no table , persistent data08:40
Bhaskarth1a:http://localhost:7080/attendancepanel.html and http://localhost:7080/@@attendancepanel.html are same why?08:56
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