IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2007-02-01

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Bhaskarth1a: there is bug in schoolbell06:38
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LumiereBhaskar: post a bug report to the tracker?07:26
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ignasjinty: ayt?17:55
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jintyignas: yep17:55
ignascoul you look at my last checkin 6629 please17:56
ignasmaybe you'll have any ideas on how to improve it ...17:56
ignasthank you17:56
aelknerth1a: are you there?17:57
th1aaelkner: Busy.17:57
jintyignas: short a way of turning off the extra features in the config file/ui, i think that's about the best17:59
ignasyou mean - have the same site.zcml for both core schooltool and lyceum, but add some way to turn off things through configuration file?18:00
jintyI presume you put all the stuff in separate files so as to not conflict on merges18:01
jintyor, rather not turn things on18:01
jintyi.e. a lyceum config file that turns less things on than a schooltool one18:01
jintyremember the config file is for sysadmins18:02
ignastricky :/18:02
jintywhile the zcml is for application developers18:02
ignasconfig file will have to know what zcml files to include and what files to skip ...18:02
ignassort of generate the site.zcml while parsing the configuration18:03
jintyperhaps you couls reference zcml files in the config file, never thought of that...18:03
ignasand then use the generated file18:03
ignasthe order get's tricky18:03
jintyI would have had each extension extend the format of the config file18:03
jintykinda like apache18:03
jintyloading the proxy module does nothing18:04
jintybut allows you to add proxy re-write rules into the config file18:04
* jinty loves apache2's configuration18:04
jintyespecially on debian18:04
* ignas thinks that it is a nice example of how stuff can be done18:05
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* mgedmin sighs thinking about apache2ctl reload and lack of such for zope 318:05
* jinty now wonders what apache2ctl is ....18:05
mgedminthe thing that /etc/init.d/apache2 reload invokes18:06
mgedminuh, actually that's apache2ctl graceful18:06
jintyso kinda like zopectl, except orders of magnitude better18:06
mgedminwell, I don't know about orders of magnitude18:07
mgedminconfig reloading without restarting is very nice18:07
mgedminbut it doesn't have zopectl debug18:07
jintyat least zopectl on zope2 has some very interesting behavior18:07
jintyespecially when the user that invokes it varies18:08
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* ignas got lyceum src/schooltool identical to src/schooltool that is in trunk19:37
jintyignas: can you help me confirm my sanity?19:45
jintyfrom decimal import Decimal19:45
jinty>>> 1172837167.27 > Decimal("1172837136.0800")19:45
ignas1172837167 > Decimal("1172837136") -> True19:47
ignas1172837167.2 > Decimal("1172837136") -> False19:47
ignas1172837167.2 > Decimal("1")19:48
mgedminlooks like Python is comparing object addresses in memory19:49
* jinty thinks decimals don't compare well to floats19:49
mgedminor something19:49
jintyhmm, guess I'd better report it19:49
mgedminno, apparently not19:50
ignasmgedmin: nah, it works fine for ints19:50
jintyI've been looking at that line of code for 2 days19:50
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ignasconversion of floats to Decimal is not supported19:51
jintybut then it should bloody well error19:52
ignasand the code returns NotImplemented19:52
ignasfrom __cmp__19:52
* jinty is checking python2.519:52
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