IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2007-01-16

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Bhaskarthla: good morning05:16
DeathOmengood day05:20
Bhaskarthla: i find the other mail form Jeffrey Elkner  about zope training, but this time is unsuitable in kathmandu so i will learn from
Bhaskarthla: i think all training materials should be posted there by teachers of this training05:28
Bhaskarthla: can we meet any developer of schooltool in Kathmandu, Nepal05:45
th1aBhaskar: Perhaps we can get someone to Kathmandu in 2008.06:51
Bhaskarthla: well come to you in kathmandu, Madan Puraskar Pustakalaya (MPP)06:52
Bhaskarthla: we want to invite your team in kathmandu06:52
Bhaskarthla:OR you can invite us in your country06:54
Bhaskarthla: can i meet  Jeffrey Elkner in IRC ?07:23
th1aBhaskar: jelkner is here on occasion.07:29
th1aBhaskar: Well, we don't have any money budgeted to come this year.07:29
Bhaskarthla: can shuttleworth foundation manage us to provide training there??07:30
th1aBhaskar: We've really got to spend our money finishing the application this year.07:31
Bhaskarthla: well07:32
Bhaskarthla: i think you will purpose to shuttleworth foundation a certain money for training and skill development by which you can produce more developers on schooltool07:34
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Bhaskarthla: we are going to deploy school at the end of Jan 2007, but still problem in localization, how can we proceed??09:03
Bhaskarthla: if we can not get in success in localization, i think some sort of effect for who those involving in localization of schooltool09:05
Bhaskarthla: so pls solve all the problems, together09:06
Bhaskarthla: if we not success in localized schooltool, our project will dissolved09:09
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jfrochejinty: hello! i am finishing the roundup migration, i have to set roundup read only11:36
jfrochecould you help me with it11:36
jintysure, just have to figure out how...11:39
jintyjfroche, any pointers?11:39
jfrochei am looking11:39
jfrochei am exporting bugs with my script but i get Permission denied: '/var/lib/roundup/trackers/schooltool/db/lock'11:40
jfrocheas roundup is already running11:41
jintyso we need to shut it down, right?11:41
jintyhmm, the initscript doesn't seem to work11:42
jintyso I'm gonna "killalll roundup-server'11:43
jintyok, that worked11:43
jintyjfroche: wait before you export, I'd like to make a backup11:44
jfrocheuhm /var/lib/roundup/trackers/schooltool/db/lock is still there11:44
jfrochejinty: just read the db, not writing into it11:44
jfrochebut right in case of11:44
Bhaskarjinty: talk to ignas11:45
Bhaskarignas: about localization of schooltool11:46
jintyignas: Bhaskar is desperately wanting to know the status of the non-translatable menu items bug11:46
ignasi know how to solve it, but had no time to do it yet11:47
jintyand very much want's it to be higher on your priorities list or his project is in danger11:47
jintyBy the end of January, I believe11:48
ignasok, i'll look at it11:49
jintyok, jfroche, you should be able to do your export now11:56
jfrochefile = open(path, 'w')11:57
jfrocheIOError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/var/lib/roundup/trackers/schooltool/db/lock'11:57
jfrochejust need to be able to create the lock file11:57
jintyjfroche, ok, you're now in the roundup group, try again11:58
jfrochejinty: export done11:59
jfrochetrying to find a way to set it read only12:00
jfrocheignas: hello, you told me somebody in pov knows about roundup ?12:01
ignashmm, vidas is most up to date12:01
ignasbut he's not in the office yet12:01
jintyWe could just change apache to redirect to launchpad12:01
jintyhrmph, but that would breal all old links12:01
jfrochejinty no redirect could work12:02
jfrocheas i created nickname for bugs all issues have a corresponding name in launchpad12:02
jintysounds great12:03
jintywhen will the stuff be available in launchpad?12:03
jfrocheex: =>
jinty12 -> 112 ???12:05
jfrocheas soon as James Henstridge will import the xml export12:05
jfrocheuhm no12:06
jfrocheex: =>
jfrochebut i need to get the confirmation of the url from James12:06
jintyok, as soon as you know, ping me12:06
jintyI'll look a bit into roundup12:07
* jinty finds the security settings for roundup12:08
jintyjfroche: Ok, roundup should be read-only now12:13
jfrochejinty: wuhu12:13
jfrochejinty: for info where do you set that ?12:14
jintyin the file in the tracker12:14
jintyI just commented out all Edit/Create grants in the tracker12:14
jintyIt's not bulletproof, but seems to work12:14
jintywe still should set up those re-directs though. And the first bug in launchpad should probably be the fixing of the schooltool error view.12:18
jfrochejinty: mail sent to james, you are in cc12:46
jfrocheignas: dateformatter has to be in skin12:58
ignasi think so12:59
jfrocheso i just get rid of the interface in the adapter lookup12:59
ignascan't really remember now13:00
ignascould you be more specific ?13:00
jfrocheyou reviewed commit 652213:01
jfrocheand told me i should create a stub interface13:01
jfroche(in the test)13:02
jfrocheso that app doesnt depend on skin13:02
ignasnot a stub interface13:02
ignasbut a stub view13:02
ignasand view lookup does not need an interface anyway13:03
ignasyou just query a named multi adapter on request and object13:03
jfrochea stub view, but i am testing the view there13:04
ignasno not the view, view should be tested in skin, in the test for dayTitle you are testing whether the right View is being looked up13:06
ignasthe right one is the one that got registered13:06
ignasso if you register Boo you test if Boo was looked up (test for the lookup)13:06
ignasnot test for the View itself13:07
jfrocheno i need to register the view to be able to call the CalendarViewBase.dayTitle13:08
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ignasyes you have to register a view, but not necessarily the real DateFormatterFullView13:10
ignasyou can just do "zope.component.provideAdapter(TestDateFormatterView, [date, IRequest], Interface , 'fullDate')"13:10
jfrochebut DateFormatterFullView is needed by CalendarViewBase.dayTitle to ouput the correct date format13:10
ignasunit test for the lookup13:11
ignasCalendarViewBase needs a view on a date with a name "fullDate"13:11
ignasnot DateFormatterFullView spcifically13:11
ignasso you are testing if it looks up the right view13:12
ignasthe TestDateFormatterView, in your case13:12
ignasfunctional tests will test if it looks up the view registered in skin13:12
jfrochei write the Stub in the functional test file or elsewhere ?13:12
ignasand unit tests in skin will ensure that DateFormatterFullView renders it right13:13
ignasthe test file13:13
jfrocheignas: new tests framework runs faster ? needs 215 s to run all ftests here13:31
ignashmm, you are doing something wrong probably13:31
ignasas functional tests got a lot lot slower :)13:31
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jfrocheignas: should i get rid of the user date preference ?13:54
ignasi think so, yes13:55
jfrocheignas: can i merge merge my branch with trunk ?15:23
ignasyou don't need IStubInterface15:24
jfrocheusing Interface is enough ?15:24
jfrochei was wondering, but found it more explicit15:25
ignasno need15:25
ignasa view is registered for Interface15:25
jfrocheyup changing15:25
ignasand in LocaleLookupMixin15:25
ignasyou would be better off with a property request15:26
ignasthat raises NotImplementedError in read15:26
ignasinstead of hasattr15:26
ignasand no need to check for hasattr twise15:27
ignashmm, ok, property might not work now that i think about it ...15:27
jfrochenice way, i ll try it15:28
ignasno, the property will not work :/ just do a hasattr, but do it only once in the begining of the method15:31
ignasas it raises an exception if request is not there15:31
ignasno need to check for it after the first if15:31
jfrochefirst one check if request is there, second one check if there is a locale defined15:35
ignasoh, sorry, my mistake15:41
jfrocheignas: in my branch i am in rev 6517, can i try a merge -r 6517:6573 or it's a bit too dangerous ?15:44
ignasno i think you can try that15:46
ignasyou don't have that many changes in you branch anyway15:46
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jfrocheignas: shooltool depends on libicu36 now, should i add it to the readme ?16:41
ignaslibicu-dev i think17:01
ignasyes, add it to the readme17:01
jfrocheignas: i had to do apt-get install libicu36 'cause i got ImportError: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory17:07
ignashmm, i see, then you need both libicu-dev and libicu17:08
ignaswell, now you have an egg with ubuntu pyo file17:08
ignasbut the egg was made by me17:08
ignasand is a temporary band aid17:08
jfrochewe use debian17:09
jfrochehad to link to
ignasprobably because it came precompiled17:10
jfrocheignas: can't get it working, i get  ImportError: /usr/lib/schooltool-jacqmain/eggs/zope.ucol-1.0.2-py2.4-linux-i686.egg/zope/ucol/ undefined symbol: ucol_strcoll_3_417:28
ignashow to make an egg without it's binary part ?17:29
jfrocheshould i remove 36 and compile/install 34 ?17:29
ignasi should make a new egg17:30
ignaswithout binaries17:30
ignastied to some version of icu17:30
jfrochesorry to give you more work17:30
ignasno, not a problem, better you than some poor user ;)17:30
ignaswho can't understand what's wrong :)17:31
jfrochewilling to learn how to create eggs, good docs somewhere ?17:31
jfrocheoops have get back home, speak about it tomorrow. have a nice end of day17:32
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wdickerswhen I try to check out cando, the make freezes18:28
wdickersInstalled /home/wdickers/c2/cando/SchoolTool/src18:28
wdickersProcessing dependencies for schooltool==SVN18:28
wdickersSearching for zope.html>=0.0.118:28
wdickersBest match: zope.html 0.0.118:28
ignasand then freezes ?18:29
ignastry wget on
wdickerswould I need sudo privelidges?18:29
ignasit seems that US has problems with pov servers18:30
wdickersseems to be downloading18:30
ignasschooltool checkouts seemed to freeze when schooltool repository was on pov servers18:30
wdickers the building is still attempting to download it18:33
ignasand still can't ?18:33
ignasi just wanted to check if you can download the file18:33
ignasif you can download it then i really don't know why the egg installer can't18:34
wdickersyes, I downloaded the file. Though I had to restart because it froze at 50%18:34
wdickersbut the second time it worked18:34
ignaswell, you'll have to try make run a few times then too i guess :/18:35
ignasbecause it probably get's stuck as well :/18:35
wdickersso weird18:36
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mgedminI think ignas needs to be able to publish files (such as eggs) on source.schooltool.org18:42
jintyignas: ^ ?18:49
ignashmm, might be a good idea18:49
jintyignas: is FTP ok? or must it be HTTP?18:50
ignasthough all the eggs are a kind of bad aid, to not use 3xsvn checkouts and to fix a bug in the original egg18:50
ignashmm, ftp might be filtered at jfroche's school18:50
ignass/bad aid/band aid/18:51
jintyignas: you're now part of the release group, you might want to create a directory at /home/ftp/pub/schooltool/ for the eggs. They'll pop up on
jintybut I agree that this should be more for special circumstances. We should try use the mainstream ways when we can18:55
ignasindeed, but it is kind of difficult to make someone else to make a release ...18:56
mgedminignas: did you try kidnapping?18:59
ignaskidnapping one of the Zope3 mafia?18:59
ignasyou know what they'd do to me?19:00
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* ignas updated the url for eggs on trunk19:16
ignasjfroche: i still don't know how to package an egg without precompiled binary .so file ...19:17
jfrochearg anybody on zope3-dev ?19:18
jfrochewho is Mr Egg on zope3 ?19:18
ignasno idea19:19
ignasthe egg was packaged by J1im originally19:19
ignasi guess he should know what was the exact workflow19:19
ignasjfroche: yay, now you should be able to install schooltool on debian19:40
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jfrocheignas: changed something ?20:02
ignasyes, repackaged as source distributions instead of binary20:03
jfrocheshould i remove previous version ?20:03
jfrocheignas: :( ImportError: /usr/lib/schooltool-jacqmain/eggs/zope.ucol-1.0.2-py2.4-linux-i686.egg/zope/ucol/ undefined symbol: ucol_strcoll_3_420:07
ignasemm have you svn uped changes from trunk ?20:08
* ignas has modified the url you get eggs from20:08
jfrocheignas:  uhm i dont get it, i removed eggs folder, ran make but dont get eggs back, missing something ?20:16
ignaswhat does it say?20:16
jfrocheit checks for eggs folder20:18
jfroche[jfroche@blade2]/usr/lib/schooltool-jacqmain -> ls eggs                                                                                                19:4020:18
jfrocheeasy-install.pth  schooltool.egg-link  site.pyc20:18
jfrochemissing the eggs20:18
ignaswhat make run says ?20:20
jfrocheignas: oops i have wrong version of setup.eggs.py20:21
jfroche(i am in the middle of my merge)20:21
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jfrocheignas: working for me! thanks, schooltool just depends on libicu36-dev now20:34
ignaslibicu-dev to be precise20:36
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ignasyay :) i have nearly ripped off^W^W isolated demographics module from the rest of schooltool21:20
jfrochewow nice21:21
ignassoon you'll only have to override addPerson/editPerson views + override PersonFactoryUtility and voila - a school specific person21:21
ignasyou will still be able to just copy demographics package or edit it in your branch if you want something more complex21:22
jfrochehow will tests pass ?21:23
ignasas you'll have the option of using demographics with schooltool to get all the tabbed views etc.21:23
ignasdemographics ftesting.zcml includes timetabling (everything depends on it :/) and schooltool.demographics21:23
jfrocheis there code about these test layers somewhere ?21:23
ignaswell, they are in trunk21:24
ignasso you can look it up21:24
ignaswe have a lot of layers now21:25
jfrochea ZCMLLayer is a layer so21:27
ignaslook at schooltool/help/ftests.py21:29
ignasand schooltool/help/ftesting.zcml21:29
ignasfor an example21:29
ignasonly help functional tests depend on now21:29
* ignas is doing the same with demographics21:30
ignasi'll have to repackage schoolbell if i'll have the time after i'm done with demographics21:31
ignasok, g2g home now :)21:31
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Lumierei all22:42
Lumiereerr hi22:42
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