IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2007-01-15

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Bhaskarthla: hi08:33
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Bhaskarthla: have schooltool-2006-beta1 released?08:34
Bhaskarthla: you are so busy?08:55
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jfrocheignas: hello. I am by the school in bxl. Seems that their firewall filter data on port 22, any idea on how to bypass this ?15:55
ignasyou could try talking to their administrators15:56
ignasor firing up sshd on some other port15:56
jfrochealready waiting for an answer from the admin15:57
jfrochewill try with 44315:58
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* th1a shuffles some papers around.16:29
th1aHi ignas, jfroche, jinty.16:29
th1aI'm typing from my brand new office... right across the hall from my old office, which will soon be a nursery.16:31
th1aIn a few weeks, it seems.16:31
th1aSo not congrats yet.16:31
ignascongrats for the new office you are typing from :)16:32
th1aSo it seems like we've got lots of infrastructure improvements going on.16:32
th1aignas: Thanks.  I managed to fix two shorts in my stereo system at the same time.  It is like having a new stereo, too.16:33
th1aWhat are the advantages of using the Zope test runner now?16:33
th1ajfroche: Are you available?16:34
jfrochehello th1a16:34
jfrochei am in LEJ16:34
jfrochegot a csv16:34
th1ajfroche: Excellent.16:34
jfrochejust managed to bypass their firewall16:35
jfrochefor ssh connection16:35
th1aYes, that's often part of working in a school ;-)16:35
jfrochejust got a csv with all the students16:36
jfrochelooking at Person16:36
ignasnow that we have new testing framework i have began working on lyceum specific personb16:36
ignaswhich will be an example for other person extensions16:36
ignasif I will succeed we might probably get rid of the mandatory demographics person integration16:36
ignastests can have layers16:36
ignaswhich means that various tests can have their own ZCML16:36
ignasthus we can isolate timetabling tests, sample data tests, help tests etc. from main app tests16:37
ignasonly including calendaring, resources etc. in app tests16:37
ignasat the same time - i can have functional tests for lyceum functionality16:37
ignaswithout affecting schooltool core tests in any way16:37
th1aYes, I take the blame for letting demographics become a failed experiment.16:37
th1aignas: Sounds good.16:38
ignaswell, who could have thought that we needed to begin using Zope3 test runner back then, as this would have made demographics implementation a lot different ...16:39
ignasas bhaskar has nearly completed schooltool translation, i will look at translation issues more deeply16:39
ignasapparently navigation menu gets translated16:39
ignasat least in part16:39
ignasbut I will still move strings to python code16:40
ignasso that extraction code would grab all of the items16:40
th1aSo buried in there are some examples of how to make it work?16:40
th1aignas: Do you have an appt. for a visa for PyCon?16:42
ignasi have gathered nearly all the papers, will go pay 100$ tomorow and then call the embasy16:42
ignaswill let you know as soon as i'll know when they will let me talk to the Consul16:43
th1aignas: Good.  I'd hate to have you miss it.16:44
ignasI'd hate it more :)16:44
ignas*missing it :)16:45
th1aYour chance to visit Texas.16:45
jfrocheignas: the new testing framework is on trunk or on your branch ?16:45
ignasand branch16:46
ignasjfroche: you have a lot of merging to do :)16:46
jfrocheooh yes16:46
th1aignas: I'll be happy when we have the translation issues straightened out.16:47
th1aignas: Anything else you want to bring up?16:48
ignashmm, you should yell at me for my activity reports being late16:48
ignasas soon as you notice that16:48
th1aOK.  I'll try to notice.16:49
th1ajfroche: What have you been up to?16:49
jfrochefinal bug fixed for roundup export16:50
jfrocheas u can see on
th1aSo that should happen for real this week?16:50
jfrochethey look pretty goot16:50
jfrochei just have to set roundup read only16:51
th1aPretty bugs.16:51
jfroche& do the final export16:51
jfrocheon friday i came by the school16:52
th1aThen start closing a bunch of these that aren't relevant.16:52
jfrochei ll have a desk right next to the guy managing their actual system16:52
th1ajfroche: Excellent.16:52
jfrochegreat guy16:53
th1aThat's what we want.16:53
jfrochereally interested16:53
jfrochebut french only16:53
jfrochetheir actual system is acutally quite good for exporting16:53
th1aThat sort of comes with the territory, I'd think.16:53
jfrocheyep :)16:54
th1ajfroche: Are you making any progress toward a plan for the next nine months?16:55
jfrocheyep i have to write it and send it to you16:55
th1aOK.  Please do.16:55
th1ajfroche: What are your goals for this week?16:56
jfrochemerge with trunk and understand how to have our on Person without breaking tests16:57
ignastell me when your merhing is done16:57
ignasand please clean up your date localization work :)16:57
ignasso i could just merge it to trunk16:58
jfrocheignas: ok, ll tell you16:58
mgedminhere's a little script that could help with merging:
jfrochemgedmin: thanks !17:00
th1ajfroche: It sounds like you've got plenty to keep you busy now.17:00
jfrocheoh yes17:00
th1aOK then.  Lets talk PyCon a bit more then.17:01
th1aI booked a hotel room and registered jfroche and I.17:01
jfrochegreat thanks17:02
th1ajfroche: Did you book your flight?17:02
jfrocheth1a: you didnt get my mail about it ?17:02
th1aI think I did.17:03
th1aYou did book it, right?17:03
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jfrochei have tickets at home17:03
th1aOK.  Good.17:04
jfrochevisa i coming next week17:04
th1aWe're going to have to start discussing with the CanDo guys what we want to focus on.17:05
th1aWhat the goals are.17:05
th1aWe should be joined by these guys working on LDAP, which will be both good and slightly distracting.17:05
th1aAlso, it looks like the eggification of Zope3 will be happening, or at least progressing at the same time, which is also of great interest to us.17:06
th1aBut this will be the main time we get you two together with the CanDo guys.17:07
th1a(except pcardune will be at EuroPython)17:07
th1aSo we should probably focus on bits where collaboration between the two teams is important.17:08
th1aSo think about that.17:08
th1aignas: How far along are we in the epic svn/bzr migration?17:09
th1aHalf way?17:09
ignasseems so17:09
ignaswe have a bzr repository, but I must work on the workflow17:10
ignashave as in we can create one out of svn any time we need17:10
th1aWhat's remaining to do?17:12
ignasstraingten out checkout emails17:13
ignasand release/deployment process17:14
ignasbzr uses very different mindset from svn17:14
th1aOK.  Makes sense.17:14
th1aThat's pretty much all I've got.17:15
th1aI'm going to count on you guys moving forward with little direction from me in the next month or so.17:15
th1aI'm going to be a bit distracted, I think.17:15
th1aNot that you haven't been doing a good job already of taking responsibility for your sites.17:16
th1aJust a little extra warning.17:17
th1aAnything else to discuss?17:17
ignashmm, lyceum asked for one more feature17:18
ignasthey want a confirmation on calendar event deletion17:18
ignasat least for timetables17:18
th1aLike, email confirmation?17:18
ignasjust a view with a button - Yes i want to17:19
th1aOh.  Good.17:19
ignaslet me look at logs17:20
ignasyes seems like it17:21
ignasi still have to find a way to manage grade sections17:21
ignasas they are needed in all the views not just tables17:21
ignasattendance for example should not have to be rewritten17:22
ignasjust to support different persons17:22
th1aWhat's a "grade section" again?17:23
ignasa person is in17:23
ignaswhen 3 classes are attending the same section17:23
th1aSo levels don't work for this?17:24
ignasno, not really17:24
ignasyou want to see students grouped by class17:24
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ignasin the attendance view and section views17:25
ignaslevels do not give us the distinction between 1a 1b 1c ...17:25
th1aOh, right.17:25
th1aThis would be a good thing to discuss at PyCon, if you haven't figured it out by then.17:26
th1aThese complex structural questions are easier to understand face to face.17:26
th1aWell, we should wrap this up.17:27
ignasat the moment - they are not complex structural17:27
ignasbut as soon as we'll be doing the schoolyear switch17:27
ignasthey will become very difficult and complex17:27
th1aYes, the end of year stuff is hard.17:27
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th1aOK.  Have a great week everyone!17:28
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:28
ignashave a productive week :)17:28
jfrocheyou 217:29
* jfroche is moving at home as he seems to be only one left in the school, see you17:30
th1ajfroche: Bye.17:30
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