IRC log of #schooltool for Sunday, 2007-01-07

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Bhaskarthla:how are you?05:33
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Bhaskarthla:i change the template from 2006 schooltool to:
Bhaskarthla: and update translation, but not success to translate in nepali,07:55
Bhaskarthla: i am sending ne.po and pls check out these08:02
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Bhaskarthla:please check my mail, i have send08:15
Bhaskarthla: i have talked with sutherland also, can you manage training for Localization and Customization of schooltool08:36
Bhaskarthla: we have to deploy at least one project in nepal in this year08:38
Bhaskarthla: why are you not talking with me today??08:45
th1aI was watching a movie.08:45
th1aAlso, it is th1a, not thla.08:46
th1aI'll see if we can get your po file to work.08:46
Bhaskarthla: well i think you will check my po file, i am also trying here08:50
Bhaskarthla: which movie , you  are watching09:03
Bhaskarthla: how can i merge two po files into single one09:26
BhaskarAiste:how can i merge two po files into single one09:33
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whaddoneldar: Hello. I'm sorry I'm late.21:49
whaddonWhat work do you think I can do for CanDo?21:54
eldarWell, we're going to do some work on quizes21:55
eldarlogin to as eldar21:56
eldari'll pm you the password21:56
eldaronce you're in21:57
eldartype in screen -x21:57
eldardo you know what quiz does and how it works right now?21:59
eldarlogin as manager and go to schooltool->curriculum22:04
eldarmake a new doctest quiz, and name it whatever you want22:05
eldarnow try playing with verify solution22:07
eldarok basically22:09
eldarwhat we have right now is just one doctest22:10
eldarthe way jeff wants it22:10
eldaris to have a set of a doctests in a quiz22:10
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