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Bhaskarwho know schooltool localization?09:19
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ddaaThere's a guy whose nick is "Bhaskar" who keeps asking people (in the middle of the CET night) if they know schooltool.15:15
ddaaapparently he's interested in localization, but it's hard to tell because he seems not to speak a lot of english15:15
mgedminI got an email from him15:16
mgedminand I think he sent an email to the mailing list15:16
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ddaagreat, yesterday night I suggested that he post to the mailing list15:16
ddaaI'm happy that he understood that much15:17
ddaayay, svn2bzr with merge guessing just completed on the old schooltool dump15:18
ddaauploading the code and the data now15:18
ignasthank you :)15:19
ddaaIt also runs like 5x faster, uses less disk space, less RAM and produces much smaller repositories15:20
ddaathe only problem is that it's quite possible that some regress got through, because there's no good test suite15:21
* ignas is using bzr visualize on the trunk + bzr annotate/log on some files that were in schoolbell and now are in schooltool15:23
ddaanot uplodaded now15:23
ddaathe code just ran to completion15:24
ddaajust sharing theh excitement15:24
ignasi know, i am just telling you what i am using as a testcase15:24
ignasmanual, not very reliable, but still gives an idea :)15:24
ignassrc/schooltool/calendar/ or src/schooltool/calendar/ have revisions since the beginning of 2005 in svn15:25
ignasand make for interesting samples :)15:26
ignasMakefile is quite old too15:28
ddaaI'm lacking sleep today, and need to prepare for a week-end away from home.15:29
ddaaso I should not do any more hacking this week15:29
ddaabut I'm very interested in your feedback15:29
ignaswill do some testing :)15:30
ignasahhh :) good development practices is in there since r8 :)15:33
ddaamh... ha yeah there's a bug left in the way the branch-nick is generated15:34
ddaawill be easy fix though, a few minutes15:34
ddaaremind me about it next week15:35
ddaastuff uploaded
ddaanote that run-svn2bzr-st has been updated too15:36
ignasthank you :) downloading the st.bzr-615:40
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ignasjinty: are you there ?17:58
jintyignas: yep18:00
ignasmaybe you have some time to look at the
ignaschanges to the Makefile18:01
ignasas that might make it more difficult for you to package things18:01
jintyyes, I noticed you doing that, but you didn't put it in trunk18:02
ignaszope.html, zope.file and zope.mimetype are not packaged as eggs18:02
ignasso i had to do this18:02
jintybut the makefile stuff should be done via eggs eventually18:02
ignasyes as soon as someone will package these packages as eggs18:03
ignasi'll fix it18:03
jintyyeah, I'll probably have to eggify/package them as eggs when the time comes18:03
ignaswith ddaa making such a wonderful job of converting schooltool repository to bzr18:03
ignasthe switch might come sooner rather than later18:03
jintywhat I'm more worried about is if someone will support these packages in the long term18:04
ignaswell they are in zope corp repository, so they are being worked on18:04
jintyyes, we should spend a little time to get a testing bzr repository up on schooltool.org18:05
ignasyou wouldn't mind if i merged fckeditor patch into trunk?18:06
* jinty knows of lots of things in the zope repository not being worked on, wfmc for example18:06
ignaswell wfmc is a very specific thing18:07
ignasvery domain specific18:07
ignasand you must drink a lot of kool aid to grok that stuff18:07
jintyyeah, but my point is that we need to be careful of the dependencies we allow...18:07
jintynot that I'm trying to do your job...18:08
ignasi understand your point ...18:08
ignascando has fckeditor in their repository18:08
jintywhich was the fckeditor patch?18:09
jintyI'm confused, I where's the source of fckeditor?18:10
ignasit's in zope.html18:11
ignasfrom zope.html.field import HtmlFragment18:11
ignasas it might get fixed a bit by gintas or alga i want to keep it as an svn dependency18:12
jintyhmpf, looks nice then, I wonder if it'll work under Zope2 + Five18:12
jintybut yeah, merge the patch18:12
ignasyou should see the bzr visualise output on the trunk/schooltool checkout from
ignaspure beauty18:13
jintyBut we will have to back out the makefile part when we release and move towards eggs18:14
ignasbetter than anything i would have expected at least :)18:14
ignasjinty: gladly, as soon as someone will package these components as eggs18:14
jintypoint noted;)18:14
jintybut what's the next step with bzr, are you satisfied with the migration?18:15
jintyShould I look into setting up a bzr repository on yet?18:15
ignasi think there are some minor fixes to be added, but all in all now i am sure that we will migrate to bzr18:17
ignasas it preserves all the history since rev1 and is pretty much losseless18:18
jintycool, ok, I'll start investigating how to sysadmin a bzr repository18:19
ignasthanks :)18:19
ignasi don't want to make it too much work for you18:20
ignasi think it will make my job easier, but bzr is not something schooltool can't live without18:21
jintyadd to that that the cando people want it and it'll make life politically easier and you have a number of good reasons18:22
jintybesides, for my sysadmin stuff, I'm paid18:23
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m8ramhi, I don't know Python or Zope but I would like to learn more about this projects setup.  e.g. what database is used?  Is the data model documented somewhere?20:26
th1am8ram: SchoolTool uses the Zope Object Database.20:53
th1aIt is an object database rather than a relational database.20:53
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ignasth1a: sent you the draft of my 3 quarter plan22:00
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