IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2006-12-28

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Bhaskarthla, hello05:40
Bhaskarthla, do u know schooltool05:47
BhaskarAiste, hello05:47
joerg_it's 5 o'clock in the night here...05:48
joerg_and 6 o*clock in lithuania :)05:48
joerg_what do you expect?05:48
Bhaskarjoerge, do u know scholltool05:48
joerg_an answer? :D05:48
joerg_no, I know nothing...05:48
BhaskarSchooltool ,localization05:48
joerg_I just joined this channel to ask something about the lithuanian railways :D05:49
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Bhaskarwho know about localization schooltool05:49
Bhaskarthla, u know about schooltool05:51
Bhaskarthla, what is the procedure to localize schooltool05:51
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Bhaskarthla, are u there?05:58
joerg_go to your bed...06:01
joerg_sleep a few hours...06:01
joerg_and then return!06:01
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Bhaskarthla, k cha08:43
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Bhaskarignas, do u know schooltool09:59
ignasBhaskar: yes09:59
Bhaskarignas, i mean localization work of schooltool09:59
ignastranslating schooltool from english to nepalese ?09:59
Bhaskarignas: where r u from?10:00
Bhaskarignas, in nepali i want to translate10:00
Bhaskarignas: in Lithuania this schooltool is implemented in school for pilot project?10:01
Bhaskarignas, can u give me idea about localization of schooltool?10:02
ignasi can see you did some translation using launchpad rosetta10:02
ignasi can't give you an idea10:02
ignasbut i can answer some questions10:02
Bhaskarignas: i translate some string in Nepali but can't success for whole10:03
Bhaskarignas: u know which organization is invilving for schooltool in urs country?10:05
ignasnot that there is any organisation10:05
ignasif you can think of the company i am working for as an organisation then PoV would be it ...10:06
Bhaskarignas: where they trial for schooltool in urs country10:07
ignasone school agreed to work with us and help us make schooltool better10:08
Bhaskarignas: u work on development of software10:10
Bhaskarignas: i am involving in Nepal for school tool localization and customization10:10
ignasso, anything i can help you ?10:11
Bhaskarignas, ofcourse u can help me10:11
Bhaskarignas: schooltool and schoolbell can run simultaneously how?10:12
ignasyou install schooltool, install schoolbell, run schooltool, run schoobell ...10:13
Bhaskarignas: both run at a time seems problem10:13
ignascould you provide more details?10:14
ignasoperating system10:14
ignasthe way you have installed schoolbell/scchooltool10:15
Bhaskarignas: in Ubantu Dapper10:15
ignasso on ubuntu dapper schooltool and schoolbell don't run well at the same time?10:17
Bhaskarignas: ya10:17
Bhaskarignas: which OS u used?10:17
ignasUbuntu Edgy10:18
Bhaskarignas: any problem with Edgy10:18
ignasand there is no schooltool and schoolbell on edgy10:18
ignasbecause the project is focusing on schooltool at the moment10:18
Bhaskarignas: how u work?10:19
ignasand we didn't release the newest version10:19
ignasi am using the development version10:19
Bhaskarignas: in which part u work on schooltool?10:19
Bhaskarignas: i mean customization or translation or ....10:20
ignascustomization, functionality, features, bugs ...10:20
ignasnot doing much translation10:21
ignasbut did some things with localization10:21
Bhaskarignas: well10:21
Bhaskarignas: you use python?10:23
Bhaskarignas: in functionality, what are u doing?10:27
Bhaskarignas: urs office website?10:27
ignasschooltool gradebook, attendance, calendating, timetabling10:27
ignasanything they need10:28
Bhaskarignas: urs office website?10:29 ?10:29 ?10:31
ignasLT not IT10:31
Bhaskarignas: can u upload your updates on schooltool in web?10:32
ignasthey are on web10:32
ignasyou should read about development server10:33
Bhaskarignas: development server???10:34
Bhaskarignas: i know about this10:35
ignasif you will set up this10:35
ignasyou will have all the newest features10:36
Bhaskarignas: well10:36
Bhaskarignas: about database file ,tell me10:37
BhaskarAiste: share urs experience on schooltool10:37
Bhaskarignas: tell me about database in schooltool10:40
ignaswhat precisely ?10:41
Bhaskarignas: in which location the database is there in schooltool10:42
ignasin development checkout - schooltool-skel/var10:42
ignasin ubuntu somewhere in /var/10:42
Bhaskarignas: database in which ? i mean zope?10:45
Bhaskarignas: if i want to modify database what is the procedure?10:47
ignaswhat do you want to do to it?10:47
Bhaskarignas: i want to add some features that is fitted in Nepalise demand on school10:48
ignaslike what?10:48
Bhaskarignas: information of schoolmanagement commitee, school logo etc10:51
ignasyou can't do this without knowing python or Zope10:52
Bhaskarignas: i know little python and zope10:52
ignasyou should learn more10:53
Bhaskarignas: what kind of demand are there in urs country for schooltool10:53
ignasdemand? as in requirements?10:53
Bhaskarignas: for learning Zope and python , how can i start?10:53
ignasgoogle for tutorials on both10:54
ignasand you want info on Zope310:54
Bhaskarignas: besides the feature of schooltool, what are the specific requirement in urs country's school10:55
Bhaskarignas: tell me about Zope? in brief10:55
ignasBhaskar: that's like asking to tell me about molecular dynamics in brief10:56
Bhaskarignas: no no10:56
ignasi know that you are curious about hings but i don't really have the time to explain you everything10:57
ignasand telling you about ZODB, Zope3, schooltool, lyceum requirements would take too much time10:57
ignasand you can find all the information in
ignasor the schooltool mailing list10:57
ignasor schooltool, zope, python websites yourself10:58
Bhaskarignas: in the context of schooltool , in which depth i need Zope?10:58
ignasat least basics10:59
ignasthe Zope3 tutorial up to making a small content object10:59
ignasto know what are views what is zcml10:59
Bhaskarignas: in schooltool database are kept in Zope object...?11:01
ignasread about Zope311:01
Bhaskarignas: ok11:01
Bhaskarignas: but tell about structure of DB in schooltool.....?11:02
ignaswe are using ZODB - it is an object oriented database written in python11:06
Bhaskarignas: i should learn ZODB also ,ya11:07
ignasnot really, Zope3 tutorial covers all you will need11:07
Bhaskarignas:who (any urs friend) involving in localization os schooltool in urs office?11:08
ignasinvolved ?11:09
Bhaskarignas: i need help for localization11:09
Bhaskarignas: tell me him mailing add11:10
ignaswhat kind of help do you need?11:10
Bhaskari need help via mail for supporting in localization11:11
Bhaskarignas: there is training in urs office?11:11
ignasthere is none11:12
ignasso what precisely help do you need?11:12
ignasno one can help you if you will not ask questions ...11:12
Bhaskarignas: well11:12
ignasand what do you mean by the word "localization" ?11:13
Bhaskarignas: urs office can arrange training to us for schooltool?11:13
Bhaskarignas: localization means customization, translation etc11:14
Bhaskarignas:msgid "Last ${weekday}"11:14
Bhaskarmsgstr "अन्तिम $ { weekday }"11:14
ignastranslation - use rosetta11:15
Bhaskarignas: in msgstr in {} the string is in english or i can change weekday in nepali i am in confuse??11:16
ignasno you leave it in english11:16
Bhaskarignas: i have translate in nepali but in right side of schooltool page i can't success to convert in nepali11:18
ignasyou are translating schooltool the application, not schooltool the website11:19
ignasthese two are different things11:19
Bhaskarignas:what is the problem?11:19
Bhaskarignas: i am translating schooltool application11:19
Bhaskarignas not website now11:20
Bhaskarignas: there is relation on schooltool with schoolBell?11:21
Bhaskarignas, if i convert schooltool in nepali , i must also for schoolbell for well conversion in nepali ,  ya?11:23
Bhaskarignas: simultaneously11:23
ignasif only you would read all the information in the mailing list archives and ask questions then :/11:24
ignasas the new version of schooltool will be released only in a year or so, you should probably wait for the packaged release11:25
ignasbecause i am afraid you don't have enough technical knowledge to work with the develppment version11:25
ignasand the current schooltool/schoolbell are not maintained anymore11:25
Bhaskarignas: i am new one for this tool, so u and like u friend should cooperate for me , ya11:26
ignassorry, but all of the people working on schooltool are very very busy11:27
ignasand we can only help you by answering specific questions11:27
ignastelling you where to find the information11:27
ignasnot teaching you everything there is to k now about programming, python, zope3, translation, schooltool ...11:27
Bhaskarignas: i think so11:28
ignasand asking everyone by mail, or on IRC will not help you with it ...11:28
ignasall the information is already there11:28
ignasyou just have to read it all11:28
Bhaskarignas: ok11:29
Bhaskarcoz we are in same area, so we can share problem regarding schooltool, be very specific , ok11:31
ignassame area?11:32
Bhaskarignas: i mean similar kind of work, eg schooltool11:33
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ignasjfroche: hi11:59
jfrochehello ignas12:00
jfrocheeverything fine there ?12:00
ignasshould i commit the timetable changes to trunk12:01
ignasor to lyceum branch ?12:01
ignasproblem is - they are not 100% stable, because section resource booking is no well defined yet12:02
ignasbut still12:02
ignasif you need them12:02
ignasit would make more sense to have them on trunk12:02
jfrochebetter put them on trunk so that i can report you some bug that i have in here12:13
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ignasxmas announcment: svn+ssh://
ignashacky unstable, but kind of working repository that has all the school stuff disabled13:22
ignasno backwards compatibility, no polish13:22
ignasand no passing tests :)13:22
ignas~1 hour of work13:22
jintythrow it to the lists;)13:22
jintyor was that lions13:23
ignaswould have been less, but demographics stuff is eeky poo ;)13:23
* ignas wrote an email to the list, so it's unofficial now ;)13:32
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ignasjfroche: i have commited the refactoring14:27
ignasso you can try it out14:27
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ignasany of the cando people ?19:51
ignasjinty: ayt?20:11
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