IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2006-12-19

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aelknerHey Will18:01
aelknerAre we reading the new spec today, section 4?18:01
wdickersthe 2.0?18:02
aelknerRight.  Section 4 of that spec seems a lot clearer.18:03
wdickerssure, let me bring it up18:04
wdickersokay got it. which section should we start with?18:09
aelknerI was looking at section 4.18:09
wdickersI mean what part of section 4, the beginning?18:11
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aelknerYeh.  Just read the whole section and let me know what you think.18:12
jelkneraelkner: hey bro!18:13
aelknerHey jelkner: what are you up to?18:14
jelkneri'm registering for pycon18:14
jelkneru r flying from dc, yes?18:14
aelknerWill and I are reading the version 2.0 of the ZIS spec becuase apparently it's easier to follow.18:14
jelknerwhat about you're flight arrangements?18:15
jelkneri need to know now18:15
aelknerremember I said I'd travel with you.  I can stay at your place the night before.18:16
jelkneraelkner: that's what i thought18:18
jelknerbut now that it is real, i wanted to confirm18:18
aelknerwdickers: it looks simple enough until it get to SIF_Provision.  Are you there yet?18:18
aelknerjelkner: what's the outgoing flight time?18:19
jelkneri'll let you know later18:19
jelknergotta go...18:19
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wdickersI'm there. But it doesn't seem to be necessary, we can jus use SIF_Provide18:25
aelknerTrue for now, but did you notice how it says plans are there to remove the other elements?18:27
wdickersyeah, but for now we should just stick to the 1.5 implementation. We can always upgrade after we finish18:30
aelknerHowever, in Tom's absense, I'm going to assume that he will not support SIF_Provision for now, so I think you're right about that.18:30
aelknerSo let's skip that section.18:30
aelknerThe next one is SIF_Event which sure is complicated enough.18:30
wdickersyeah, that's the one that was giving us trouble18:31
aelknerAlso, SIF_Request seems to be to get data from another agent.18:33
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aelknerwdickers: do you have any time tonight to work on this?18:34
wdickersyes, I will be on about 9 or so and I'll look at the spec in the car (I'm gonna be in it for about two hours)18:34
aelknerI'll call you around then, ok?18:37
wdickersthat's fine. I'll see you around then18:38
aelknerDon't forget to have your cell phone on.18:38
wdickersI won't18:39
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