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wdickersGood evening aelkner02:00
aelknerFeeling much better tonight.02:00
wdickersGlad to hear it02:01
wdickersAnd sorry about all my references to saturday, I forgot the meeting was next saturday02:01
aelknerNo prob.02:01
aelknerDid you read Tom's email?02:01
aelknerI'm not crazy about it.  It seems more complicated than it needs to be.02:03
wdickersI was wondering. If the 'hook' in schooltool must alert the cron job to wake up the agent, why couldn't we pass the student data or whatever to the cron job as an argument?02:04
aelknerOk.  So you know, cron jobs are unix-level things.02:04
aelknerThe are set up by the admin.02:04
aelknerThey start processes by a schedule.02:05
aelknerSo I could say "start this process (with these args) every ten minutes"02:05
aelknerWhat that means is that it is not hooked up with anything else (which is nice).02:05
aelknerWhat Tom suggests is that the agent wakes up every ten minutes (via the cron job) and does its thing.02:06
aelknerIs that clear?02:06
wdickersah, yes it is clear. Then the hook in schooltool has nothing to do with the cron job02:07
aelknerBTW, I have no porb with using cron jobs for now.  They don't complicate things.02:07
aelknerMy problem is with all of this message passing.  It doesn't need to be so complicated.02:08
aelknerWouldn't it be nicer if the agent did all of the work with xml messages, and schooltool itself did none.02:08
aelknerIt's called encapsulation.02:10
wdickersyes, but how do we store the schooltool information in the ZODB?02:10
aelknerSchoolTool is built on a zodb.02:11
aelknerDo you mean what form?02:11
wdickersI mean how can we store the queued messages for the agent, changes to schooltool02:11
aelknerThis is where I believe the agent is responsible.02:11
aelknerSchooltool just needs a way to tell the agent that something needs to be shared, say a new student.02:12
aelknerThe agent can find the student in the db and build the messages for the ZIS.02:12
aelknerThis is how I would do it.02:13
wdickersright. so schooltool will just say "Bob/studentID has been added". And how is that message to be delivered to the agent?02:13
aelknerGood question.02:13
aelknerWE need to think about the hooking mechanism.02:14
aelknerThere are two things to consider:02:14
aelkner1) How do we hook in schooltool, ie, how do we do a piece of work when a user hits the add button.02:15
aelkner2) Where do we put the message you so aptly describe above?  "chesty" off the root would work.02:15
aelknerSo if the agent finds an empty chesty folder, there's nothing to do.02:16
aelknerPart 1) is where we would really need to understand schooltool.02:16
aelknerUnfortunately, I don't yet.02:16
aelknerBut, we can get there with time.02:16
wdickersWell the first part seems easy enough. When the user adds a person, they click a button, that button calls a python method in the view class that does all the dirty work of adding the student with the proper information. All we have to do is add some code in that method02:17
wdickersBut I'll go check the schooltool source code to make sure that's how it works02:17
aelknerObviously you have more experience with this than I.  That will be handy.02:17
aelknerBe right back.02:21
aelknerI'm back.02:26
aelknerWhere are you looking currently?02:26
wdickersWell I finally managed to check out a cando instance, which has schooltool in it. Remind me to ask Jeff to install bzr on maddog02:27
aelknerSend him an email now.  He'll get around to it.02:28
aelknerWhen you are ready, help me find where in the source tree you would look.02:29
aelknerThere's so much there that I can't understand yet.02:29
aelknerDoes ~/cando/SchoolTool/src/schooltool/person seem like the right dir?02:31
aelknerconfigure.zcml for starters?02:31
wdickersyeah, but I'm not sure if the add page is actually specified in this package02:32
aelknerThis is where I get confused real quick.  First of all there now docs to tell one what does what in this file.02:34
aelknerI guess if you're fluent in zope3, you don't em maybe?02:35
aelknerneed then, I meant to say02:36
wdickersI found it. In SchoolTool/src/schooltool/demographics/browser/personform.py02:36
aelknerneed them.02:36
aelknerI stink at typing.02:36
aelknerI'm going there.02:36
wdickerswait, I don't think that's it either. Jeez, I may have to find it later02:38
aelknerI need to study schooltool badly.02:45
aelknerNow that I'm moved, I will have more time to do so.02:45
aelknerLet me ask you something:02:45
aelknerHow long has it been since you first laid eyes on schooltool's source?02:46
wdickersHmm, I'd have to say about 5 months. Though I definitely haven't been working through it for much of that time02:46
aelknerWhat percentage of it do you feel you understand?02:47
wdickersI'm pretty comfortable with it if I turn my focus on understanding. Why do you ask?02:50
aelknerJust trying to get a feel for the learning curve.02:50
aelknerCould I reach you by phone presently?02:53
wdickersyes, 703 969 5580  just hold on one moment02:53
aelknerIs that your house or cell?02:54
wdickersokay, you can call now02:56
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