IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2006-11-21

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ignasth1a: ayt?17:58
th1aignas: Hi.18:05
ignasth1a: you have mentioned that i might be going to PyCon, and as my coleagues are going to USA some time soon, they are going through all that US Visa retrieval procedure18:06
ignasand i just thought that it might be a good idea to start working on Visa sooner18:06
ignasrather than later18:07
th1aOK.  Do you need a letter?18:07
ignasfrankly i don't know what i will need :/18:07
ignasnever did that before18:07
ignashmm, i know i'll need to know the exact dates18:07
ignasas for other things Albertas is the expert (he visited Zope corp recently), and he's in UK at the moment18:08
ignasjust wanted to check with you if it's not too early to be worried about it18:09
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aelknerthla: did you get my note?18:22
th1aignas:  OK.  I'll work on figuring out when I'll want you here.18:22
th1aaelkner:  Yes... looking at it now.18:23
th1aaelkner: If you just want to write comments in the code, I can give you commit access.18:24
aelknerWell, I need to do more than that soon.18:24
aelknerCan we talk about ZisBase?18:24
aelknerI think we should have a class that is used by both server and agents for message building/parsing.18:25
aelknerWe shouldn't be coding redundantly here as that leads to sloppyness in the code.18:26
aelknerBoth agents and the server need to build/parse the same messages.18:26
aelknerI don't see why we can't continue using the same class structure you have.18:26
aelknerI figure our agant classes could derive from the same class that the ZisHandler derives from.18:27
aelknerThat will require that ZisBase is able to be used that way.18:28
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mt_hi all.  anybody out there?18:28
mt_I just installed schooltool from the repos in ubuntu 6.10, and when I add content I get the ever-so-helpful message "A System Error Occurred".  Also, I can;t seem to find the devmode switch in schooltool.conf, and when I added it manually schooltool wouldn't start.18:30
mt_hi ignas18:30
ignasi'd guess18:32
aelknerTom: your thoughts?18:32
mt_ignas: Thanks for the suggestion.  Sorry to be a pain, but is this packaged anywhere for easy installation?18:38
wdickersWell my time's up. I'll see you later aelkner18:39
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aelknerSee you wdickers.18:39
ignasmt_: what this?18:39
jelknerth1a: tom, do we have a wiki available for schooltool?18:39
th1aUh... not really.  Integrating a wiki into a Plone site just sows confusion.18:39
ignasmt_: i don't know, you could ask in #zope3-dev about the progress of this bug18:40
mt_oh ok.  thanks18:40
jelknerhmm... a wiki is what i'm used to using for organizing efforts like this18:40
ignasjelkner: you could look at the trac instance of schooltool18:40
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aelknerthla: I'm still waiting...18:42
jelknerignas: searching for "schooltool" at trac turns up empty18:42
th1aaelkner: Oh, sorry...18:42
ignas ?18:43
jelkneri want to setup a wiki to keep trac of the modules we are working on, who is assigned to each one, the progress of the work, etc18:43
jelkneroh, hold on...18:43
th1aaelkner: That's fine with me.18:44
ignasjelkner: i guess you could get a log in if you need one18:44
ignasjelkner: anonymous editing is turned of because of spam issues18:44
jelknerignas: how easy is it to add users?18:45
aelknerthla: when would you be available to pair with me on tinyzis?18:45
ignasjelkner: very very NOT easy18:45
jelknercould i be given that ability?18:45
jelknerthen it is not a good solution for what i'm trying to do18:45
jelkneri want all the developers to be able to update the site easily18:46
th1ajelkner: Perhaps you should just set up a wiki on one of your servers?18:46
jelknerth1a: sure18:46
jelkneri was planning on that if you didn't have a different preference18:46
jelkneri wanted to check in first18:46
jelkneri'll take care of it.18:47
th1aWe've just found mixing our main site and a wiki to be unsuccessful.18:47
th1aaelkner: You mean coming up here?18:47
aelknerEventually, that would be nice, but for now I thought we could also do some on-line.18:47
aelknerBut not on #schooltool, something more focused.18:48
aelknergmail chat?18:48
aelknerEven better.18:48
aelknerWhat do we need to do to set that up?18:49
th1aI can do that sort of thing whenever, more or less.18:49
th1aI think we need a server.18:49
aelknerWell we need to make appointments with each other.18:49
aelknerIt helps to be able to set the time aside and to prepare for working together.18:49
jelkneraelkner: we have gobby18:49
jelkneron maddog18:49
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aelknerI was thinking that too.18:50
aelknerBut TOm might have something else in mind.18:50
th1aNo, maddog is fine.18:50
th1ahi Lumiere18:50
aelknerLet's start by talking about commit access18:50
jelkneri asked Lumiere to join us to help figure this out18:50
th1aFigure what out?18:51
aelknerI have done the svn co to my maddog account.18:51
jelknereach week we will have a meeting (1 pm on Monday)18:51
jelknerth1a: i want a web site that gives us a summary of what everyone is doing18:51
jelknerwhich modules are being worked on, who is working on what18:51
jelknerhow things are going18:52
th1aOh, sorry, I'm getting my *elkners confused.18:52
jelknera wiki is ideal for that18:52
Lumierej for the insane teacher18:52
jelknerindeed ;-)18:52
th1ajelkner: Is this another vote of no confidence in LaunchPad?18:52
jelknernot at all18:53
jelknerlaunchpad is great for bug tracking, feature specs, etc18:53
jelknerbut it doesn't provide a single page overview of what is going on18:53
aelknerelkners in stereo.  You know Tom enjoys that.18:53
jelkneror maybe i just don't know how to use it well enough18:53
jelknerthat's why i'm asking here before doing anything18:54
th1aNo, I was just curious.18:56
th1aaelkner: OK, you should have commit access.18:57
th1aCheck your inbox.18:57
aelknerThanks thla.18:59
aelknerI agree with the passoword.19:00
aelknerJeff and I are working on setting up sobby on maddog.19:00
aelknerApparently sobby is the server compnent of gobby.19:01
jelknerbefore i ask here, let me follow the web link in the warning19:02
jelknerLumiere: sobby is the gobby server19:02
jelknerdo you know about gobby?19:02
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jelknerok, i'm stuck19:04
jelknerjinty: are you here?19:05
jelkneri can't start sobby19:05
jintyjelkner: ype19:05
jelknerjelkner@maddog:~$ sobby19:05
jelknerGenerating RSA key pair...19:05
jelknerOpening session...19:05
jelkner*** WARNING *** The programme 'sobby' uses the HOWL compatiblity layer of Avahi.19:05
jelkner*** WARNING *** Please fix your application to use the native API of Avahi!19:05
jelkner*** WARNING *** For more information see <>19:05
jelknersw_discovery_init() failed.19:05
jelknerthe warnings, apparently, are not the problem19:05
jelknerbut that last failure is19:05
* jinty has no clue what gobby sobby or avahi are...19:06
jelknerok, thanks anyway19:06
th1aAvhi is zeroconf/rendezvous stuff.19:07
th1aaka bonjour.19:07
jelkneraelkner: are you on
aelkneryes.  why?19:14
jelkneris gobby installed?19:15
jelknernever mind, i'm installing it now19:15
aelknerI'm looged in, and it doesn't appear in the internet menu.19:16
jelknercheck now19:16
jelknerunder internet19:16
jelkneraelkner: well?19:17
aelknerSorry, I was away.19:18
aelknerIt's there now.19:18
jelknerstart it19:18
aelknerHowl initialization failed.19:19
jelkneryes, ignor that19:19
jelknerthen click "Create Session"19:19
jelknerthe default19:19
jelknerleave that alone19:19
jelknerpassword banana19:19
jelknerport was 6522, yes?19:20
jelknerdarn, i think i'm hitting fire wall issues19:21
jelkneri can't connect19:21
aelknerI see.19:21
jelknernever mind, we have the router there blocking ports19:21
jelkneri'll look into that tonight19:22
aelknerShall I configure it?19:22
jelknerif you can19:22
aelknerJust tell me how.19:22
jelkneri need to look at the documentation19:22
jelknerbetter when i get there19:22
jelknerlet me try here again19:22
aelknerwhat does brb mean?19:23
aelknerbe right back.19:23
aelknerStepping away to get some grub.  Be back in five.19:25
jelknerth1a: ok tom, looking at launch pad confirms what i thought19:30
jelkneri think launchpad is the way to go for bug and feature tracking19:30
jelknerbut it doesn't replace the need for a wiki19:30
jelknerwe need a wiki for the "big picture" view of what is going on19:30
th1ajelkner: OK.  I was just wondering.19:31
jelknerso the question is: can you add a zwiki to the schooltool zope instance, or should jason set up a wiki elseware and we point to it?19:31
aelknerI'm back.19:32
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th1aJust put it somewhere else.19:34
th1aAdding zwiki just confuses everyone.19:34
jelknerth1a: will do19:34
jelkneralthough i'm not sure why folks are confused?19:35
th1ajelkner :How do you decide what is a plone doc and what is a wiki page?20:28
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Lumiereth1a: the wiki would be a completely separate siteroot of zope?21:58
Lumierefor like dev.schooltool.org21:58
Lumiereand then you link to it if you want to, or just leave it be21:58
Lumiereand tell developers about it21:59
jelknerexactly.  there would not even need to be *any* reference to it from the main schooltool site22:00
LumiereI have to go file paperwork22:00
LumiereI'll be back later22:00
jelknerand i have to go home22:00
jelknersee you later...22:00
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