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lisppaste5ignas pasted "A sample snippet of code to check whether default colorization is the right one" at
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ignasanyone with rights to change the topic of the channel ?13:01
jfrocheignas: booked your flight ?13:07
jfroche(hello ;))13:07
ignasnot yet i think13:07
jfrocheforgot to write it down yesterday 28 => 1 ?13:08
ignasNov 28th evening to Dec 1st evening13:09
jfrocheah great13:10
ignasjfroche: there is no plane Dec1 evening so it's either Dec 1 morning or Dec 214:25
ignaswhich way is better ?14:25
jfrochethe way you prefer14:30
jfrochesame for me14:30
ignasi'd go for the Dec 2 then, so we'd have 3 days for work14:31
jfrochesend me your plane shedule per mail14:33
ignasas soon as i will have it :)14:34
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jfrocheignas: do you know why login/password of the first user isn't asked when you create a schooltool instance like in zope2 & zope 3 ?15:56
ignasjfroche: because features don't exist by default :)15:57
ignasthough i think there was some parameter you could pass to ./schooltool-server.py15:57
ignasso it would ask you for an admin password15:57
jfrochedo you know if there is some UML diagram somewhere ?15:59
ignasUML ?15:59
ignasfor a Zope3 application?16:00
ignaswould like to see one16:00
jfrocheshould be part of the doc16:03
ignasjfroche: what i wanted to say is that a simple UML would not be of any actual use16:04
jfrochesee clearer the global schema of the app16:04
ignasin zope 3 relationships between components are on the function level, adapters, subscribers, viewlets16:04
ignasand they do not transfer to UML straightforwardly16:05
jfrocheright but people are creating standard for Z3 code generation from UML16:05
ignasand if you want to see the object hierarchy of the application i can suggest you using zodbbrowser, or introspector from the devmode16:05
jfrocheguess they have some way to transfer16:05
ignaswhat i am trying to tell you is that UML diagram will not be of any use to you with the current architecture of the application16:07
ignasmost class hierarchies are very flat16:07
jfrochethings like
ignasuntil now, no programmers working on schooltool, considered things like this useful, so, sorry there aren't any UML diagrams16:09
ignasif they help you, you can try reading the code and creating them while learning16:09
ignasso they would help these after tou16:09
jfrocheyes i ll keep this idea in mind16:11
ignasas for such documentation16:11
ignasthere is the APIdoc thing16:11
ignasit can list all the adapters for an interface16:11
ignasand it is always up to date16:11
ignaskeeping it in graphics format is not very feasible16:11
jfrochei am looking after apidoc16:12
ignasa lot of Zope3 developers use TAGS, id-utils, code, their memory instead of UML though16:13
jfrocheok just need to learn all these16:15
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ignaslisppaste5: url17:01
lisppaste5To use the lisppaste bot, visit and enter your paste.17:01
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jfrocheignas: does the init.d scripts for schooltool are available on svn ?18:27
ignasdon't know, maybe18:28
ignasjust that i am not sure they will work with an svn checkout18:28
jfrochewhat do you think to be the best way to run in daemon ?18:30
jfrocherunning start-stop-daemon ?18:31
ignasi am not sure really18:32
ignasi am using detachtty at the moment18:32
ignasjust that i am not very good at deployment part18:33
jfrochetook the one in
jfrochell try18:33
ignasmanaging servers, packaging things, monitoring uptime, etc seem difficult for me18:33
ignashmm, what if schooltool is not in your /usr/bin ?18:34
* ignas is running schooltool on a server without having root on it18:35
jfrochei am changing the script to take the schooltool-server from the checkout18:36
ignasmail it to the mailing list if you'll get it working reliably18:37
lisppaste5ignas pasted "At the moment i am using this" at
ignasdetachtty is apt-getable on dapper and edgy18:39
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jintyignas, jfroche: there is an easily modifiable startup script in the packages.
jintybut you have to be really careful that the name of the binary is not more than 15 charachters19:14
jfrochejinty: thanks, that's the one i am editing19:15
jintyActually we should make makeinstance not create schooltool-server but schooltool19:15
jintyyou might also be interested in the logrotate script19:16
jfrochei ll svn the script19:35
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